Pick of the Week: Mod Lacquer

mod laquer (5)Pick of the Week: Mod Lacquer

I had to make one of my picks this month nail polish as it’s one of my summer essentials, so today’s pick is Mod Lacquer a store dedicated to just that! One of the reasons I decided to pick up nail polish from them over all the nail polish stores on Etsy is because they offer sample sizes which are perfect if you like to have a lot of choice or if you simply want to try a shade out. Buying nail polish on Etsy also is one of those things that make me very nervous since I’m the girl at the store who always tests it first so the smaller sizes are perfect for me because I know I’m not going to waste money and end up with a big bottle of nail polish I will never want to use. Overall each polish lasted a long time and the glitter had good coverage. My one note is that the ones with shaped glitter are super hard to remove; you have to practically scratch the glitter off instead of just using polish removal. I would definitely buy again from these guys though and I love all the variance of polish they over from unique glitter to holographic. I picked 5 different shades and thought I’d give my thoughts on each below with a picture of it on my nails as well…

Technicolor noise: My fav out of the 5– this is a clear base with neon sparkles so you can wear it over any shade of color but I love it with black – it’s awesome. I’ve worn it tons and the neon just pops. I also managed to lose this guy somewhere in my house so no photo but in their business card above you can see it.

mod lacquer
Sideshow Review
: I do love the combo of the blue with the pop of yellow but I find that the blue is too clear even after three coats . I wear it with a light shade of blue underneath to help with this issue.

mod lacquer (1)
Lavender Festival:
This does not have the same issue as Sideshow Review, the base color of light purple covers the nail well and it’s really cute.

mod lacquer
Breaking Mod:
I loved this polish because it looks like mermaid scales. I wish it was a clear polish however, it’s like the other blue and it goes on the nail too light even after 3 coats. It would probably be fine on fake nails but I’m wearing it with a metalic blue behind it.

mod lacquer (2)
Hairy Fairy
: Great for when you want to bling up your nails, it’s super reflective which is hard to see in my photo. Again works great on top of any darker polish. I’m wearing it with 2 coats but  a little less cluttered with 1 coat.

a few other favourite polishs from their shop:


Pick of the Week: Rudy’s Candy

rudyscandy (2)Pick of the Week: Rudy’s Candy

Rudy’s Candy Shop is an Etsy store run by artist Rudy Fig based out of Minneapolis. Her shop included stickers, postcards, toys and other items featuring her illustrations with the occasional original painting. Her work has a certain whimsical nature that I really enjoy and I always have a soft spot of doll inspired work with big eyes. I picked up this lovely lollipop sticker and some adorable nail decals from her this summer. And she kindly gave me one of her wonderful postcards as well (I covet her new ones so much). I’ve tried the decals and although they are tricky (like most decals for me) the end results are amazing and having them on my fingers makes me feel like I am lost in a story tale. I’ve put photos below showing off more of what I grabbed, but if you want to check out more about Rudy, she has a website: here!

rudyscandy (3)rudyscandyrudyscandy (2)rudyscandy

A few of picks from her shop:


Pick of the Week: Revlon “Moon Candy”

moon candy (3)Pick of the Week: Moon Candy

I am in Vancouver this week so I thought I’d do something fun and summery. Today my pick is my favourite nail polish, Moon Candy by Revlon. I always have nail polish on and have a pretty random collection of polish. Ever since picking up my first color of Moon Candy I’ve been obsessed. I really want to collect every one of them and am happy to see that they are easier to pick up than they were in the winter, for now I have 3 colors.  This line comes with a base coat of solid color and a holographic glitter top coat respectively. I am not a big fan of the base coat colors as they are very dark and most of the ones I have a pretty much look black unless you are in sunlight but it really does bring out the glitter top coat (and the great thing is you can use on any of your solid nail polish). The polish lasts a long time and I enjoy the holographic glitter more than regular glitter or sparkle nail polish and the look is definitely one of the newest trends in nail polish. If you haven’t tried, I highly suggest and they are easy to find at most drugstores (I picked mine up and Jean Coutu and Pharmaprix)

moon candy (4)moon candy (5)