Featured Artist: Natalie Foss

natalie foss

Featured Artist: Natalie Foss

Featured Artist this week is Norwegian illustrator Natalie Foss. Her work is predominantly portrait drawings made with colored pencils. The color pallet of choice for her illustrations is cool blue and yellow with minimal/occasional alternate color. One of my favourite things about her portraits is the limited color spectrum as it really creates continuality between each of her subjects.  As well the shading on each of her subject is exquisite and just highlights the mood of the illustration. I also appreciate the modernity of her work yet the recognizable posturing of her subjects.  Really feeling her work recently and it will be amazing to see what she creates next. Below is a selection of her drawings and links on where to find her.

Natalie Foss (website)
Society6 (prints)
Facebook (updates)
Tumblr (blog)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Natalie Foss.

Zine of the Month: Bablien

I debated whether or not to make Bablien the zine of the month for March. Not because it isn’t awesome (because it is) but mostly because it’s not available anymore. Bablien was a zine put together by Catface and Brett Manning with the tag line “a collection of alien babe artworks” that came out in December of last year. Each artist that contributed was given 10 copies that they could sell and I was lucky enough to grab one up before they sold out. I mostly bought it for Victor as he is obsessed with aliens so I was really surprised by how much I loved it. There were nods to X-Files (a few too many), Star Trek and the great comic Saga and each artist brought a unique perspective to the alien babe. My favourites were by Brett Manning, Natali Martinez, and Madelen & Natalie Floss. Other artist featured Wishcandy, L0ll3, Electra Sinclair, Donya Todd and more. It doesn’t appear they will reprint it either which is a shame but it’s such a great zine I couldn’t resist sharing it, and perhaps they will reprint it in the future or put a 2nd edition.

Bablien by Various Artists

I’ll link you to Brett Manning’s tumblr as she has quiet a few comics that you can pick up.