Pick of the Week: Lapoonder’s Made Hand

Lapoonder Made Hand squid necklace (5)Pick of the Week: Lapoonder’s Made Hand

This week’s pick is artist Ann Levova’s shop Lapoonder’s Made Hand that specializes in clay sculptures and jewelry. I was first introduced to her work through a friend and fell in love with her octopus designs and had to have one of my own. Her shop is hosted on what appears to be a Russian style Etsy platform and is almost entirely in Russian but that didn’t stop me (the site does show what items she has available plus the prices and shipping charges in your currency which is really the most important part). I contacted her through Flickr to see if we could arrange payment another way and she was very nice and responded quickly to any questions I had. Without delay we arranged everything and she sent the necklace to me and I am beyond happy with it. It’s such a perfect design and the necklace chain is very good quality. The octopus pendant is a great size, the Fimo clay is super light, and the details are even more amazing in person. I think this will be my favourite necklace for years to come and I hope to pick up many more designs from her as she’s really talented. I especially love her white Kahului style octopus and pale blue and pink ones as well as her more elaborate necklaces with seashells – they are all so magical. I haven’t had a chance to take photo of me wearing it yet, but here is a closer look at the design details and to see more of her work check out her Flickr.

Lapoonder Made Hand squid necklace (4)Lapoonder Made Hand squid necklace (3)

a few of my favourite items:


Pick of the Week: WormsWormsWorms Revisted

wormswormsworms   Pick of the Week: WormsWormsWorms

This week I am doing something new for pick of the week, I am revisiting a store that I’ve already done before as a kind of an update and really just because WormsWormsWorms is one of my favourite stores on Etsy to look through and see what’s new. You may notice I do a lot of artist run stores as I love surrounding my house with artwork. The last time I ordered from her, I receive more of her grotesque and beautiful stickers, as well as an original drawing. The stickers are probably the best I’ve seen on Etsy of handmade artist stickers and I never thought I’d own an original drawing from somebody who wasn’t a friend of mine (lucky me has a few pieces of artwork handing on my walls from friends with amazing talent). I have the drawing framed and sitting on my desk looking at me for inspiration while I working on my blog and plan out photography projects. Recently as well she’s started to make some necklaces and brooches using her artwork. I love stores that change and expand what they have available. I recieved a brooch and necklace yesterday so I quickly edited a photo of them in the post (I made the photo b&w but they are amazing colors).  You can check her out on tumblr.

wormswormswormsEach of her sticker sets comes with a free postcard which is such an awesome bonus.

My original art piece is on the left and she sent this mini-print with everything, such a nice surprise.

wormswormswormsthese are  glass necklaces and brooch, she gave me a free sticker with them as well :)


Here are some of my newest favourite items: