52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

09/52 Mutek

self-portraitToday’s photo brought to by 3 days of dancing and very little sleep since Mutek was this week. Me and Victor had the weekend light passes so we got to go to all the evening shows and today’s Piknic Electronik. It was amazing seeing djs from all over the world and being able to enjoy and experience their music live. The best set by far was the sexy Ricardo Villalobos who played last night for almost 4 hours up until 6am and again today for 2 hours at Piknic. Best visuals go to Audion though, and best collab song was local djs Mossa andĀ Ben Nevile. Also loved Max Cooper andĀ Magic Mountain High, need to listen to them more…it was a good Mutek. My week of rain ended with the hottest day yet this Spring – just in time for Summer I guess. I probably shouldn’t have trusted myself to take a photo this weekend – I barely managed to take this one (:p). But here we are, I tried to get one of me and Villalobos but it just wasn’t meant to be. Hope you had an amazing weekend! Excited to sleep in the next few days!


Ricardo Villalobos

piknic electronik

Here is another one of my watching Villalobos play his 2nd set at Piknic Electronik this afternoon, you can see the stage in my sunglass’s reflection. Also my new hair color! It is an ompre effect. Cotton candy pink into a darker neon pink on one side and then lime green/yellow to turquoise on the other. Loving it but forgot to change my piercings to match. Have a better photo of my hair on Friday if you are curious to what it looks like.