52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

06/52 Neon

neon self portrait (1)I am really enjoying my 52 Weeks Project, at the very least it will make an amazing catalog of my hair. Every girl needs that right? A reminder of all the horrible things she’s done to her hair. This btw is the most neon my hair has looked. I mentioned before my co-worker said I looked like a highlighter pen and I just love that comparison. This week was a really casual week and I felt I needed a casual self-portrait to go along with it. I think this photo trips me out a little because my eyes are so grey (love my colored contacts). This might be the last you see of this hair combo as well, already have a new color lined up for the yellow half.


“Something’s got a hole in my head
And I didn’t know
Yeah, and when you come on
(And you)
Come on

And it brings a new type of grace
And it keep coming back for more
And it leaves me with a shimmering face
And it keep coming back for more

Neon, when you come and go”

The Knife “Neon”


My Hair Adventures for 2013 – Part 2

hair adventure

My Hair Adventure

Last week I did Part 1 of my hair retrospective for the last year and today I am continuing on with Part II starting off with the month of July!


07 July (6)July started off with me dying my super blond hair with just a hint of pink, I really wanted to test and see how pale I could get it. The color is Special Effects Cupcake pink.

07 July (10)I added in a bit more dye very soon after testing out the color and decided to leave my grown out bangs blond around my face.

07 July (4)Right before I left for Vancouver I dyed my hair again with Special Effects Cupcake pink but left it in for much longer so it’d be super bright and saturated pink instead of pale.

07 July (5)My bridesmaid’s do was amazing, totally had to share. I love all the curls and the braid with the blond and the pink interchanging looked super cute.


08 AugustAugust was the same color of pink but I filled in the blond and had the great idea of adding Punk Atlantic Blue to the tips of my hair (hard to see in this photo). I loved it but the blue faded every week because I wanted it to be super pale so I basically put it in my hair 10minutes before I was going to shower so in 1 shampoo it would wash out.


09 September (5)Still rocking the pale pink hair and again added in the light blue tips. Special Effect dye lasts a super long time and even though it fades the color is always enjoyable to the end I find.

09 September (6)The blue tips fade really quickly so I didn’t redo them again later in the month but my hair just turned into the most amazing coral color on it’s own and it was really beautiful.


10 October (11)Started October with my even paler pink hair which hadn’t been redone since the first week of August.

10 October (9)As much as I was loving the pale pink hair I really needed to do my roots and anytime I bleach my roots I feel tempted to change up my hair color. I was really curious to see how my organic strawberry blond dye would look with the super faded pink. So I did it and it turned out rather strange looking as even though it’s rather light it stands out a lot beside the pale pink. This color only lasted a weeked. The roots are Herbatint Orange and Manic Panic Wildfire for the tips.

10 October (4)Bangs! I gave myself bangs for the first time since I didn’t really think wanting my bangs back required a hair dresser – it’s a good first attempt and I think I will actually be cutting them again but I want to get the proper scissors first. I also dyed my hair almost completely with the Herbatint Orange leaving only a same line between the strawberyy blond and the red so it looks like a gradient.

10 October (5)Halloween! I just had to share again because I really wish I had this hair forever. I’ve never had extensions or a weave so its fun to play around with wigs and temporary have hair you could never have.


11 November (8)November was a continuation from the end of October except the strawberry blond faded like it does. I actually love the faded color more than the starting off color, I’ve dyed my hair this color in the Fall for the last 3 years and just love it. I was dying by the end to dye it but beside retouching the red I left it because I was waiting for my delivery of Special Effects.


12 December (2)And now for something completely different! My orange and pink hair dye (my camera hates really saturated red colors and the pink is very redish in tone). I am in love, I was waiting to buy more Special Effects and Napalm Orange and Atomic Pink live up their names! I added more of the Atomic Pink more towards Christmas and below is basically what it currently looks like.

12 December

I hope you like the journey through what I put my poor hair through! I already have in mind 3 colors for next year and hope to install some synthetic dreads. My other predictions for the next year are more half and half hair as that style is still my go to choice. If you curious to see what I end up doing check on Sunday’s for Self Portrait Sundays as I usually post a hair update once a month.


My Hair Adventures for 2013 – Part 1

hairMy Hair Adventure

Over the last 12 months I’ve had my hair an array of various colors so I thought for the end of the year I would do a self-portrait retrospective on my hair. It’ll also helps me next year when I try and remember the colors I liked and ones that I badly wanted but in the end didn’t really love. The photos will be in order starting from January all the way to now and I am trying to mix it up and show you photos that I previously didn’t use so some of these will be hella casual. I’ll also be sharing what I liked or disliked about each look as well, this week I am doing January to June and next week will the last 6 months of the year.

January:01 January (1)

I started off the year with an experiment to see what it would look like to have half and half hair because I have never done it before. I didn’t want to go too crazy at first so I decided to use two different shades of purple hair. The colors are Punky Purple and Punky Plum and both of them are disappointing which I already knew when I put them in but I had been given half full bottles of them for free (Punky’s purple colors are always wierdly pink). I really loved the half and half look even though the two shades were almost impossible to tell apart.

January / February:
01 January (2)02 Febuary

I wish that was my hair! Hahaha I bought a wig in January that is my dream hair color – lavender. For February after it started to fade I just added in more purple so it’s not that different from January’s look. This is my Valentines outfit with slightly curled hair.


03 March (6)I decided to keep the paler purple color in because it had faded to such a nice color and bleached the other half. After bleaching sometimes I don’t dye it right away, so I had blond and purple for a week.

03 March (10)03 March (9)
Purple and turquoise!!! 3rd month in a row with half and half and half hair color, this time though one of my all time favourite hair colors Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise. I love these two colors together, I think they look so amazing together and I really want to do this color in the future. It looked so pretty when parted and my roots turned into this lovely purple blue color.


04 April (5)My purple and turquoise hair was starting to fade a lot in April although this shot it’s still quiet bright. I love this photo though since in February I bought a punch of different balls for my piercings and really started to play around with them and change them constantly. I love having them match the color of my hair.

04 April (2)So in the middle of April I was dying to change my hair color as the purple was really faded so I decided again to only bleach one color out and keep it the same style. This time I added in green to go with the turquoise.  The color is Manic Panic Electric Lizard. Can you tell I love half and half hair color? It’s really fun, although I really want to do it when I have proper bangs as my side part really don’t do it justice.


05 May (3)My first time trying to do a barrel roll hair style like rockabilly girls wear. I loved it, and apperently completely forgot about it because I haven’t done it since. I love how the color just changes in the barrel roll from green to blue. Both of these colors look much better after they’ve mellowed out.

05 May (13)I had this hair color for the whole month as I did it at the end of April. This is just a shot of it curled and later on in the month when it had faded quiet a bit.


06 JuneStarted off the month with my super faded blue and green half and half hair and lots of roots. I was sad to see it go though because both colors fade to such a nice color but it was amazing while it lasted.

06 June (3)I knew that I wanted my hair to be super pale pale pink for the summer and for my friend’s wedding so I had to bleach out all of the color. Bleaching out all the color is hard job when you have various shades of dye in it because there is always an undertone that refuses to go (I usually never completely strip the color out and instead just put the new color in). So this was my first complete head bleach and you’ll notice it has plenty of green leftover but I kept it this color for awhile to let my poor hair recover.

06 June (7)

This was taken after I had bleached my hair again to remove all the leftover dye. Haha I woke up the day after I had curled my hair with this mess and just loved how it looked so I took a photo. I kept my hair blond like this for the rest of June. Victor is always happy to see me with my natural hair color (although I haven’t been this blond since I was in elementary school my hair is naturally light blond) but I hate it. It’s just so boring and I can really only mange a week or two of blond but I just have to put in some color.

That’s it for January to June, see you next Sunday for July to December! :)


Prince Edward Island Addition

self portrait   For today’s Self Portrait Sunday I wanted to share some photos from my summer trip to Prince Edward Island. I didn’t take too many but the last morning we were there while I was standing in the ocean enjoying a quiet moment by myself I took a few. I grew up by the Pacific Ocean and use to spend pretty much a month solid of the summer on the beach every day for hours so I always feel more myself when I am near the ocean or in it. I didn’t want my hair to be wet all day so I didn’t swim (which was too bad) but I had a lot of fun. Of course only after I took a few photos did I realize I had soot all over my face from cooking breakfast on the campfire – hahaha. Oh the beauty of camping!

self portrait (3) self portraitAnd one from the night before when we went to the beach to watch the sunset. It was really magical and I did a mini photo-shoot with Zara and Victor that I cannot wait to show you guys. Have a great Sunday!


Self Portrait Sunday

self portrait citizen erased photography

A little late today on the Self-Portrait Sunday! I toke these photos only a few hours ago while on an adventure to find train tracks with Victor. I wanted to take new photos because I changed my hair this week again!  Yes, the blond hair is gone…it lasted a few weeks which is usually as much as I can tolerate before I get bored. I did have it for over 3 weeks however as I wanted to give my hair a rest before bleaching it and to get a really nice pale pink I wanted to make sure I had it as close to white as possible. I kept the part that frames me face blond as I got it very close to being white and I like not having my entire hair one color. My favourite thing to do with my new hair is look through it at the sun. I tried to take pictures of it but it never catches the light the same way my eyes see it, a problem any person with colored hair knows. I am going to be in a dear friend’s wedding party in just over a week and thought the pale pink would look good with the purple bridesmaid dress that I’ll be wearing and more subdued than my usual dark multicolored hair. Pale pink is great for the summer and I am in love with it! Next week it’ll be back to my artsy self-portraits for a few weeks as I am going to be outta town so What I Wore will be on hiatus until I get back.

self portrait citizen erased photography (3) self portrait citizen erased photography (4) Jumping photos are so fun for summer!self portrait citizen erased photography (2)