Holga Lens in the Snow

holga lens (28)holga lens (42) holga lens (25)holga lens (26) holga lens (23)holga lens (43)

During one of my walks to Parc LaFontinae (that I keep forgetting is so close to my house) I took along my holga adapter for my Nikon camera and happily snapped away at the people skating. I even did a few double exposures much like you would with a proper Holga camera. My adapter  though is such a frustration to me. These shots do have a nice lomo feel to them despite being taken on a high end DSLR but I’m sure I’m entirely soild if that’s a good thing.

holga lens (32) holga lens (37) holga lens (35) holga lens (14)the last two shots I love so much:

holga lens (30) holga lens (16)


Ice Skating

Skating (37)The one part I love the most about winters in Montreal is the ice skating. I’ve lived in Vancouver for such a long time that I forgot about how much I love to skate. It makes me feel like a kid again, although I’m not a great skater or anything. I can go fast and I feel comfortable enough to bring my camera with me but I never mastered stopping. I use to know how to skate backwards but I haven’t done that since I was in Elementary school. lol.   There are so many neat and free skating spots too around Montreal which makes it easy when you own your own skates. I picked mine up for $8 the first year I moved here from Canadian Tire, they are figure skating skates so they kill my feet because they are so narrow but I love them. Here is a few of me skating this month at the Fete des Neiges. What’s your favourite winter past-time or childhood memory about the winter?

Skating (16)Skating (29)Skating (10)


Skating at Parc La Fontaine

montreal skating (3)Skating in Montreal is one of those things that always reminds me of being a kid. It’s just one of those things as an adult you don’t really think about but it’s still super fun to do. Every year I go at least once but this year I hope I end up going a few more times which will be tough since it’s almost the end of February. I went skating a few weeks ago at the Snow Festival (photos up in two week because I took too many and have to trim them down) and it was a blast. I own my own white figure skates that I think are so pretty but they are too skinny and kill my feet. It’s a good thing though because it means when I go skating instead of doing it for hours and hours like I did as a kid, I only do it for 30minutes because my feet hurt so much. The reason that’s a good thing is because Victor sits and watches me since he doesn’t skate and I don’t want him to be bored and frozen. I’ve tried getting Victor to skate, we did it once and he was terrified and held onto me for dear life for a few laps around the ice rink we were at and then decided it wasn’t his thing. Totally understand since he didn’t grow up in Canada so skating for the first time at 30 is probably not the easiest thing to do (it is so fun though, he’s crazy). Parc Lafontaine has the BEST skating and it’s free and I’ve never been. I didn’t even remember it was turned into a skating area when the lake froze until I showed up there on Monday to take photos of the snow. I don’t have my skates right now as I borrowed them to a friend who is out of town until the weekend, but come Sunday I fully intend to do my own skating and not just take photos!

montreal skating (6)kodak jiffymontreal skating (18)(I was taking double exposures and afterwards I realized my setting wasn’t on so I ended up with a upside down photo)

montreal skating (82) montreal skating (85) montreal skating (86)montreal skating (44) kodak jiffyiceI loved the sun reflecting on the ice.

treeskodak duaflexmontreal skating (74) montreal skating (66) montreal skating (63) montreal skating (65)The sun finished setting so I headed home with all my camera, cannot wait to skate there this weekend!


Autumn Polaroids

polaroid colorpack018 (1024x815)Today’s Vintage Tuesday is Polaroid shots taken in November from a walk to Parc La Fontaine and in our back balcony. I love the first shot of the man-made lake, it’s so calm and the smearing of the ink on the side make it almost looks like a water color. I haven’t shot any film with my Colorpack in almost a month now, I’ve been trying to get my other land camera polaroid to work instead so I’ve been holding onto my film. I am actually going to do a How To for my land camera because I need to convert it from a speciality battery to AAs. However ever place I ask about buying a converter to install I just get blank faces but I haven’t resorted to buying it online yet so it’ll take some time to track it down locally. I did watch a few videos last week about making double exposures with Polaroid film. I am very curious to test it out so maybe I’ll load my Colorpack up again soon and see if I can. It’s freezing here so not the best time of the year for taking instant photos. Let me know if you’ve tried taking double exposures with Polaroid cameras and if you had any luck!

polaroid colorpack036 (1024x816)polaroid colorpack039 (1024x815) polaroid colorpack035 (1024x825)polaroid colorpack028 (1024x823)polaroid colorpack025 (1024x819)


Autumn Walk

In October I made myself a promise that I’d go on a long walk at least once a week, and so far I’ve been doing a really good job of that. It’s my favourite season but the colder tempatures and clouds usually keep me inside so it’s been nice to drag myself outside and really enjoy the falling leaves and the amazing colors. These are from a few weeks ago, I thought about smushing them all together but last weekend we went to Mont-Royal and I took a few too many photos. It’s nice just taking fun pictures and not being stressed out about making sure they are perfect – and throwing leaves at the camera. I’ve been working for the last month on some old photographs for a seriers of postcards I am getting made so it’s nice to have a break. I’ll be sprinkling a few comments along with the photos taken in Parc La Fontaine.

autumn walk (2)autumn walk (3)autumn walk (4)I sat on one of the benchs infront of the lake by myself for awhile before meeting up with Victor and just spent some time taking photos with my Kodak Dualflex (here)

Kodak Dualflex (3)autumn walk (9)     Meet up with Victor at the metro and walked back to the park marvelling at all the leaves on the ground.

autumn walk (11) autumn walk (12) autumn walk (13)Portraits of us getting ready to throw leaves about and have fun.

autumn walk (15)autumn walk (16) autumn walk (17) autumn walk (18) autumn walk (31)autumn walk (38)And now for silly gifs of me and Victor throwing leaves at the camera. These just make me smile so much!
(ps click on the image to be sent to the better quality gif)

The geese kept swooping in and out beside us.

autumn walk (21)Some stills of us throwing leaves, they are hilarious. I love throwing leaves photos even if I can never get the leaves in focus.

autumn walk (37)autumn walk (24)autumn walk (39)   Enough smiles time for serious faces, lol.

autumn walk (47)autumn walk (49)The sun started to hide so we went around the lake and headed off home.

autumn walk (54) autumn walk (55) autumn walk (57) autumn walk (59) autumn walk (61)
I also picked up some really bright red leaves to try and press at home.

autumn walk (62) autumn walk (63)

It’s so nice being 15minutesaway from a big parc when you live in a city. Next spring I think we will be spending a lot of time here. I love just walking around with Victor. This weekend we are going to investigate the side of Mont-Royal where the cemetary is so that should be fun.


Walk Around Parc LaFontaine with Kodak Dualflex

Kodak Dualflex (26)I spent a few hours yesterday enjoying myself in Parc Lafontaine with several of my cameras in tow including the Kodak Dualflex to capture some autumn leaves before they were all gone. I had been bugging Victor all weekend that we really ought to go to Mont Royal or Lafontaine but the weather was against us, yesterday though I was determined to go so I started out from my house late afternoon. I gave myself an hour to spend at the Parc by myself before meeting Victor at the metro for another walk so I could take photos. In my camera bag I had my Polaroid Colorpack, Nikon D7000, Holga and a last minute addition on a whim my Kodak Dualflex. Best of all I had one of my favourite artist K’Naan playing on my ipod.

Kodak Dualflex (62)Kodak Dualflex (47)Kodak Dualflex (5)Kodak Dualflex (11) Kodak Dualflex (46)Kodak Dualflex (50)Kodak Dualflex (54)Kodak Dualflex (96) Kodak Dualflex (92)Kodak Dualflex (82)Kodak Dualflex (94)Kodak Dualflex (91)Kodak Dualflex (81)Kodak Dualflex (79)Kodak Dualflex (74)Kodak Dualflex (68)Kodak Dualflex (70)Kodak Dualflex (67)Kodak Dualflex (65)I was freezing in my sweater but I had so much fun walking around the lake taken photos of the trees in bloom. Most of the shots I captured were using the Kodak Dualflex as a “through the viewfinder” apparatus. I really need to load up my Kodak with actual film soon but it’s so fun doing through the viewfinder photography. I’ve included some fun shots of me where you can actually see the whole Kodak Dualflex but for the rest I’ve cropped them in square format.

Kodak Dualflex (44)Kodak Dualflex (93)Kodak Dualflex (22) Kodak Dualflex (12)
After I meet up with Victor we walked around again and took silly photos of each other throwing leaves that I am making in gifs and will probably be up next week. I also took a few Polaroid shots that didn’t turn out as vivid as I had hoped with the autumn colors around us, I think the combination of cold weather and the sun going down really wasn’t ideal. Look out for those photos in the next few weeks in the meantime my viewfinder shots of the last few days of Fall.


Summer Days in Montreal

Summer in Montreal is one of the reasons I love living here so much. Me and Victor have been going on our usual walks, and since I’ve been getting weekends away from the call center we’ve been enjoying festivals together. This is a typical weekend day in Montreal during the summer for me and Victor:

summer in montreal (2)
The corner of Beaudry and St. Catherine where we live. It’s a small show from the Cirque Festival. We headed straight to our favourite patio resturant on St. Catherine for a fish burgergrumman 78
The Just for Laughes Festival was on it’s first day so most of the stuff was just being setup, however the food truckers were out in full force. Montreal until this summer had a ban on food truck’s so me and Victor were very excited to check them out. summer in montreal (16)Taco Porc Banh Misummer in montreal (18)My favourite truck, we didn’t try anythimg from here but I’ll be tempted next timesummer in montreal (21)I bought pulled porc sandwitch Continue reading %s