Pick of the Week: Skullery

skullery (8)Pick of the Week: Skullery

This week’s pick if faux taxidermy shop Scullery which sells necklaces and skull pieces cast out of resin. I have been following this shop for probably 4 years and just never bought a piece even after almost 2 years of having the same crow skull necklace in my basket. However I recently started following Scullery on Instagram and fell in love with what they’ve been doing recently with using multi-colored resin, glitter, even glow in the dark pieces and maybe soon color changing resin skulls. I was blown away by the newest unnatural skulls and was waiting on baited breath for the release of the pieces so I could find one to call my own. It arrived yesterday and I’m so in love with it, I didn’t even realize from the pictures online that my piece had glitter in it and it honestly looks and feels like a real skull to me and thankfully is not one. One thing I will mention is that even though they have an Etsy store it’s really only for their more tradition realistic pieces. If you like the unnatural skulls like my necklace you will want to check out their main website under Special Editions and follow them on Instagram because certain pieces are auctioned off and special additions are put up in bulk runs and usually the only updates are provided through Instagram. I actually missed the release of the past bundle of skulls by a few days (after waiting around 2 months for it). I still found a few pieces left that I could choose from and I was more than happy with my choice. However their skulls and crystals are limited and get bought the day of in droves so if you really want a certain piece I think it’s worth waiting around for. I can’t wait to see what else they do and am always excited to see what crystals they sell as well. I just adore my piece and if you are into taxidermy or bird skulls or know someone who is, I couldn’t recommend a better store worth checking out!

skullery (7)skullery (1)skullery (5)


Pick of the Week: Ree Artwork

Pick of the Week: Ree Artwork

This week’s artist is illustrator Ree from Venezuela and Florida who sells prints and originals. She posts videos as well on Youtube of her work and process which I enjoy since she uses Copic markers which I am trying to learn techniques for. Her gorgeous style really attracted me to her work and I just had to pick something up s0 I bought an original of a mermaid and a few prints that I adore. I’m really happy with her work and always looking forward to see what she does next.  You can check out her blog, and her store for more of her work.

Rees Artwork (4) Rees Artwork (5) Rees Artwork (2) Rees Artwork (3)


Pick of the Week: Valérie Bastille

Valérie BastillePick of the Week: Valérie Bastille

This week I’m sharing artist Valérie Bastille also known as Naylemonstre from Montreal. I adore her style and think she does really unique compositions within her work. Her work reminds me a bit of the Sky Doll and other comic bases artists which I love. I’ve shared her work before but had a few more pieces that I thought I’d share like her coloring book Quolia, and my personal favourites the stickers which she customizes. You can check out her website here and her store.

Valérie Bastille (5) Valérie Bastille (4) Valérie Bastille (1) Valérie Bastille (3) Valérie Bastille (2)


Pick of the Week: Lindsay Campbell

This week’s pick is Lindsay Campbell/Pound Puppy and her wonderful stickers that are just pure joy. Rather than blather on about them I thought I’d just show them one by one as they are all very unique and beautiful. I wish she’d make more prints of her works especially if on good quality Giclée paper, it’d be heavenly but I’ll take what I can. She does sell originals and other things quiet often through her Facebook page if you’re interested, and her store as well. Now onto some of my favourite stickers in my collection.

lindssay campbell stickers (2) lindssay campbell stickers (3) lindssay campbell stickers (4) lindssay campbell stickers (5) lindssay campbell stickers (6) lindssay campbell stickers (7) lindssay campbell stickers (8) lindssay campbell stickers (9) lindssay campbell stickers (10) lindssay campbell stickers (11) lindssay campbell stickers (12) lindssay campbell stickers (13) lindssay campbell stickers (14) lindssay campbell stickers (15) lindssay campbell stickers (16) lindssay campbell stickers (17)


Pick of the Week: Lisy Corner

lisy corner (1)Pick of the Week: Lisy Corner

This week’s pick is the illustrator Lisy Corner who sells postcards, paper dolls, prints and more on her shop. She is one of those stores who I’ve followed for a long time on Etsy and never bought from before until now. When I saw that she started to make zines I was intrigued and finally picked up a few of her postcards and her Lolita fashion zine “The Tiny Lolita Handbook”. I love the paper doll style illustrations and the colors. My only disappointment was these are more mini prints than postcards as there is absolutely nothing on the back to make them a postcard but they are on good quality paper so I can’t complain too much. The zine is also pretty cute. You can check out her Etsy shop for more of her work.

a closer look at the postcards:

lisy corner (2) lisy corner (3) lisy corner (4) lisy corner (5) lisy corner (6)Lastly her Lolita fashion zine.


Pick of the Week: Inkkas Shoes

inkkas (9) Pick of the Week: Inkka Shoes

This week I wanted to feature an amazing store that I’ve been obsessed with for years, Inkka Shoes. I first discovered them while researching Peru, and fell in love with their use of traditional and authentic textiles. Originally the store only sold shoes made in Peru however they have expanded and now include Guatemala, Mexico, and Ethiopia. Making handmade shoes in the origin country with authentic materials is not revolutionary but it makes Inkka shoes stand apart as a shoe company from what you typically find in stores. I personally love the Peruvian patterns, and they also plant a tree every time a shoe is bought plus the fair trade elements of the brand, it’s hard not to love. The shoes are on the higher price point but compared to Converse, I think the price is reasonable for what you get. This summer was the first time me and Victor decided to buy a pair to check them out, we settled on Cotton Candy high tops as the pattern Victor wanted was out of stock (this happens a lot as they do limited runs of shoes and discontinue older shoe styles).  One thing I noticed right off the bat was Inkka shoes just aren’t made for me – now maybe in the future they will have a different style but I have extremely wide feet and a high arch so the shoes just didn’t fit right (most shoes don’t, I usually wear one size up to accommodate this but still have trouble). Normally me and Victor can wear almost the same size of shoes so they fit him perfectly. And he loves them, so much in fact he has actually bought two more in the newer styles, the Bluebird low tops and the Desert Nomad High top. They’ve become his favourite shoes to wear and he loves the way they look, but more than that he loves how comfy they are. He highly recommends these shoes. One thing to note as the style of shoes are evolving is you want to be very careful about what size you pick and refer to their size guide as we didn’t pay attention and bought the same size for all 3 of the shoes thinking it was fine and found out the Bluebird low top didn’t fit (I failed to notice that they advise you to go a complete size down for those particular ones). The sizing can be tricky, and that is probably the only negative I can think of.  As for their delivery, the shipping is quick and both times the shoes were sent from New Jersey so they arrived within a week. The customer service is also very good, they are prompt to reply to any questions and it’s easy to exchange or return a pair of shoes like we did with the low tops.  If you are worried about the cost, their website frequently has sales or free shipping and the last two years they have done crowd founding on Kickstarter for newer styles of shoes and heavily discount the older stock. You can check out their current Kickstarter here and their website!

A closer look at the shoes:

inkkas (5)
(these came with hot pink laces but he switched to a purple laces instead)inkkas (2) inkkas (4)inkkas (1)inkkas (7)inkkas (3)inkkas (8)How can you not love this amazing textile?


Pick of the Week: Defective Pudding

defective pudding (5)Pick of the Week: Defective Pudding

This week’s pick is artist Defective Pudding, a call out to Halloween which has past but is not forgotten (may it lives on in our hearts year around). She offers a lot on her store from original illustrations, prints, zines, brooches and more. I found out about her through Dark Town Sally’s Instagram and fell in love. What really drew me into her work was the spectacular illustrations she was doing for Inktober, so much detail and atmosphere, they feel like stills from a classic cartoon. The three originals I ended up purchasing are beyond perfect and I am just so enamoured with them. I may have also bought one of each of her zines (although I think I’m missing one which I don’t know how I missed that). My favourite out of the lot is Tuffet which is darling and reminds me of ‘The Gashlycrumb Tinies’ by Edward Gorey. All the zines are well executed and the quality of them is superb (I complain about paper quality too much on my blog so just know I approve). She was also super cute and sent along with all her Halloween orders a bunch of trick or treat bags, such a great surprise. I am going to get good use out of my sticky bug slinger she gave me, lol. Below I have a ton of photos of what I picked so you can have a closer look and you can check out more of her artwork on Instagram!

Prints: defective pudding (1)defective pudding (2)Zines: defective pudding (4) defective pudding (7) defective pudding (6) All the Halloween goodies she included:defective pudding (8)

a few of my favourite items from her store:


November Treasures

november treasures (2)

My November Treasures are a bit all over the place, from a comic to stickers, mermaids to aliens, it’s kind of a cross section of various things I enjoy. My favourite shop for this month is Baku Forest Studios which makes incredible necklaces that are so detailed and interesting, very different from what you typically see on Etsy. I also love the Enid paper doll even though I am not a fan of Ghost World (I feel like I am the only person who just didn’t get into that movie). Not to mention the UFO bookends by KnobCreek Metal arts – a perfect gift for Victor for Christmas but I feel like he wouldn’t be happy if I told him how much they are. Let me know what your favourites are or any recommendations you have.


October Treasures

october treasures

I’m starting off October properly with my monthly treasures, very much alien and Halloween themed to get into the spooky season mood (although I’ve been in the Halloween mood since the beginning of September). Pretty much all the X-Files related items this month are my favourites, although the homemade embroidered pins of the famous slogans by SterreSlyme are probably the most desired. With one exception, the Mareshop gloves which I’ve featured more than once before because I can’t get over how amazing these dragon scale style gloves look. Might actually buy a pair this year, I always resist because it seems like such a luxury. Excited to start seeing the leaves change colours and get together all the elements of my costume. Hope you are having a great start to fall season and enjoyed that crazy blood moon from last week!


Pick of the Week: Exploding Kittens

exploding kittens (3)Pick of the Week: Exploding Kittens

You’ve probably heard about the card game Exploding Kittens before but in case you wanted to get a closer look at it or haven’t heard of it before I wanted to do a mini review. The basics, Exploding Kittens is a card based game created by Elan Lee, the Oatmeal and Shane Small which was launched originally on Kickstarter where I believe it was one of the highest grossing to date making just fewer than 9 million. The game is much like the card game Old Maid and War with more complex rules and based around kittens…that can explode. I kickstarted it because I love cats and thought the concept was really great even though I wasn’t a fan at all of the Oatmeal or Elan Lee. I actually never kickstarted anything before but in the first few days of its launch I kept hearing about it and thought the price range was very reasonable so I couldn’t resist. Obviously the Kickstart is over now but you can get the exact decks I have on Amazon, both US and Canada for only $25 per deck. One of the most unique things about the card game is the style and the card designs which range from NSFW to just downright silly. Whether its taco cat or rub the belly of a pig-a-corn or the Pope of nope has spoken, its super neon and crazy and I enjoy the humour although it can really depend on your personal preference. As I mentioned previously I purchased the card game without being a fan of the creators and I feel like some of the humour used in the cards it just not my thing but I still enjoy it. The decks can be bought separately however and most of the humour I wasn’t too keen on was the NSFW version of cards. The actual game mechanics themselves are really solid and when it arrived in the mail I was addicted to playing it with Victor. It’s very competitive and tense at times and the games last a good length of time (around 20minutes) so you can play a few in a row or just one quick game. I’ve mostly played this game in 2 player mode but you can play up to 5 people on one deck and 10 players if you have two so it can be a really social game. The times I’ve played it out of 2 players it was actually more fun because you don’t feel so bad about trying to get the other people to explode (or just don’t play against your significant other). I also love any game where I can be strategic and plot against the other person yet at the same time the amount of random chance in Exploding Kittens allows fun twists and turns and never feels unfair or frustrating (and I can get pretty competitive). It’s a solid game that just happens to try and lure you in cute kittens.  You can find out more about Exploding Kittens, here.

exploding kittens (6)exploding kittens (7)The regular Exploding Kittens deck comes in a cardboard box that opens with a metallic latch and enough room for two decks and an area of the rules. It also happens to meow as you open it
(I believe this is a Kickstarter only feature however)

exploding kittens (2)A look at the some regular deck cards.

exploding kittens (4)exploding kittens (5)
The NSFW deck version has it’s own stand alone box with room for cards and includes the rules.
(Catmelon is not apart of this deck, accidently had the decks in the wrong boxes)

exploding kittens (9)exploding kittens (8)A look at the NSFW cards, which I have to say are the ones I’m not a huge fan of.

exploding kittens (10)The rules with explanations about what each card does, very straight forward and easy to understand. I mostly included this photo because it includes my own cat Butter’s tail as she decided to join me.