Zine of the Month: They Come At Night

They Come at Night is an illustration zine by artist Deth P. Sun of his frequently used cat character whose name remains a mystery.  The 20 paged zine is a pure illustrative story of the adventurer and the things that come out at night. I love this zine and have a few others of Deth’s and enjoy them all equally.  He always has a high quality to his work and it shows in this beautiful zine. The larger format works well with the illustrations and story is cohesive and flows nicely along. His minimal style of illustrations looks great in zine format and it is worth checking any one of his current zines.  Below is a closer look at They Come at Night which you can buy hereand if you’re curious about other things he offered I’ve done a review, here as well.

They Come At Night


Pick of the Week: The Sirens of San Francisco

the sirens of san francisco(2)
Review: The Sirens of San Francisco

The Sirens of San Francisco is an indie comic put out by illustrator Jacquelin de Leon of California. The 36 page comic revolves around the Sirens of San Francisco gang that includes 4 female members and their battle against a rival gang The Scorpions. While I love the illustrations and the character design of the comic and enjoy the female empowerment message, the story is the weakest element. There is no real lead in to who the Sirens are or why exactly The Scorpions are their rivals except that they are douchebags. Maybe I missed something in the story or it’d be explained more in future comics but prior to receiving the comic I enjoyed the idea of the Sirens a lot more than I do now. If I had to put my thumb on why I’d say the violence in the comic was the turn off even though I get why it’s in there. All in all though I’m still interested to see what else Jacquelin de Leon does in the future and any future comics she puts out. I preordered my copy so I also received an amazing back patch of the Sirens logo which I love and the comic itself was made with a lot of thought. It’s a really good quality comic and illustations are great however the story isn’t for everyone. You can find more information about the comic here.

A quick look at the comic:

[media url=”tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQeSBgXor4g”]

and the back patch:
the sirens of san francisco(1)


Pick of the Week: Mikomi Art and Accessories

Mikomi Art sailor moon stickers (4)Pick of the Week: Mikomi Art and Accessories

This week’s pick is Mikomi Art and Accessories which specializes in anime stickers, prints and pins. I found out about her shop at the end of Spring when I was watching a lot of the new revised Sailor Moon animation and decided to check out Etsy to see what they had in terms of fan art. When I was looking I fell in love with these Sailor Moon stickers and thought they were some of best interpretations on there of Naoko Takeuchi‘s original work. So I couldn’t resist picking up each set she had and let’s just say I am beyond delighted with them. Not only did they arrived quickly and in great packaging but they are very good quality and the colors just pop. The price for them was also reasonable and she carries them a variety of different sizes as which I liked. You check out her store here and below is a closer look at all the sticker designs.

Mikomi Art sailor moon stickers (1) Mikomi Art sailor moon stickers (2)

a few of my favourites:


Review: Gil Elvgren All His Glamorous American Pin-Ups

Gil ElvgrenGil Elvgren: All His Glamorous American Pin-Ups

Gil Elvgren: All His Glamorous American Pin-Ups is a 240 paged 9x12in hardcover book that documents some of the best in pin-up illustrations from the twentieth century. I actually picked up this book not being too familiar with Gil Elvgren himself but just interested in getting an illustration book of pin-ups. I’m really glad I did because not only was Gil Elvgren on the forefront of the pin-up & advertising illustrations period but his work within it was exceptional and he is without a doubt one of the masters of the American Pin-Up era. The book includes a 33 page essay by Charles G. Martignette about Elvgren that is very well written and gives a lot of context to era and other artists at the time. As for the artwork featured in this book it includes his illustrations of pin-ups and mostly does not include any of his photography or advertisement work that didn’t contain pin-ups besides a few. There are a total of 534 illustrations featured in this book, each including the name and date of each piece. While it certainly leaves nothing out I would have preferred that the book was organized differently. Though it still beautifully styled and easy to see each illustration it suffers from being very overcrowded and often having too much going on the in places. I much prefer the pages that feature a solid white background over the ones they choose to add color blocking to. However over all I understand the want to show and feature all his work so it’s easy to overlook the design choices. I honestly love this book and haven’t even given it enough time because there is simply just so much to see. Even though I was not familiar with him prior to buying the book, I was definitely familiar with his work just from seeing it in passing and I’m sure most people recognize classic pin-ups of his so it is a great book if you are interested in pin-up illustrations. I am much happier with this book that I think I would have been buying a pin-up genre book instead. Most genre type books are far too plenty so it’s hard to find one that is of good quality and I think this book even though it only of one artist of the period it really encapsulates what it was all about. I highly recommended if like me you are just dipping your toes into pin-up artwork or a hard-core fan, and if you want to have a sneak peak there is a look below.

a closer look at the book:


June Treasures

june treasures 4

June’s treasures are almost all 90s inspired which is exactly what I’ve been feeling lately. My favourite has to be the hand painted My Little Pony platforms (she makes Sailor Moon ones as well) and the Tooth and Eye leggings. I just started watching the new Sailor Moon remake a month ago and really want to get more figurines and other goodies so I’ve been looking on Etsy and Storenvy for fan made stuff. I’m also still saving up money for my trip in July so have to resist but can’t wait until I have my disposable income back. Also sorry about the last 2 weeks of no posts, had to spend some time working on the back end of the website as having security issues but should be good to go for the remainder of June.


May Treasures

may treasures

My May Treasures list was so fun to put together but a bit painful at the same time because I can’t buy anything at the moment. I’ve been trying to save up for a trip I am planning in the summer and have had nothing to spare. Windows shopping is mostly what these posts are about anyways since I do so much when I have insomnia.  It’s good to put my hours of browsing online to some use. My favourites are the kitty planters by Pony People (who’s shop I’ve reviewed before here) and unicorn pasties by Bad Bunny Shop even though I don’t have much use for them – I just think everyone should own a pair :). Hope you are enjoying the last day of the  long week if like me you hare in Canada, otherwise I hope the start of your week is going well!


Pick of the Week: Jason Villeneuve

Pick of the Week: Jason Villeneuve

Today I wanted to share with you the work of painter Jason Villeneuve who sells a selection of his paintings through his Etsy store. Villeneuve predominantly sells abstract ocean landscapes although recently has been selling mountain landscapes as well. I’ve been missing the ocean so much over the last few months I was really drawn into picking up more of his work. He is even based out of Vancouver Island where I grew up so I imagine many of the Pacific Ocean landscapes he paints might be sights I’ve seen before. He paints a variety of locations however so his work is not just solely from there, this year he seems to have doing a lot of landscapes featuring icebergs which I’ve enjoyed as well. I have purchased twice from him before and the shipping is always very quick and well done and he is easy to communicate with if you have any questions. The price of the paintings range substantial in consideration of materials and size of each piece but I love that he offers very affordable paintings. I have one piece on actual mounted canvas, and one of canvas board but most of the ones I’ve picked up are acrylic paint on archival paper which he sells individually or in sets. I haven’t picked out where I want to hang there nor had the chance to frame them but I will show pictures of some of the paintings I have and some of their temporary locations so you can get a good idea of his work. If you love abstract landscapes definitely check his website and store!

jason villeneuve (10)jason villeneuvejason villeneuve (3) jason villeneuve (4) jason villeneuve (6)jason villeneuve (7) jason villeneuve (9)

a few of my favourite paintings from his store:


Spring / Summer Zine Guide

I did one of these zine guides back in September and wanted to share all the new zines I’ve found since then so here is my Spring/Summer zine guide. Like before I have them broken into categories so if you are only interesting in certain types it’s easy to find. All of the places to buy the zines are linked just click on the photo or the name of any you are interested in to go there.

Photography Zines

Near Final

We Live on an Island

The Ritual of Nothingness

Artist Zines


Aliens Vs. Space Cowgirl

Packaged Zines

The Last Best Place

Parcel Ghost Super

Petpocalypse & Bertha

Collective Zines

Girl Glue Issue #2

Cute Club Volume 4

Bad Zine 9

Sticker Zine

Mini Zines

Grumpy Grl

Girl Groups from the Sixties

Marie Antoinette


Pick of the Week: The Ring Lord

The Ring Lord is an online shop dedicated to providing materials needed to making scale maille and chain maille projects as well as other jewellery components. They have an American and Canadian store front so you can buy in both currencies and get affordable and fast shipping within North American. They sell a variety of types of materials for all their items and do provide custom orders. There is a lot of information on their website about the differences between materials and on their forum. You can even purchase instructions and kits for various projects if you are just starting out. I found out about them through my friend after having such a hard time finding scales that I liked at affordable prices elsewhere and it was a godsend.

First Impressions

It was very easy to purchase from them as they accept PayPal and delivery from Toronto usually only takes a few business days and has been under $10 each time I’ve ordered. My favourite thing about them is that they have an amazing selection of scales, and within the last 8 months of following the store they have introduced many new designs and colors. Which is fantastic espically considering they already have a geat selection of material types, colors, and unqiue items. One of the best scales in my opinion is their glow in the dark ones. Although they don’t have any different colors at this time the plain scales and butterfly versions are so radiant that they will even glow in the shade. I also adore most of their custom designs and my other favourite is probably the anodized titanium scales. Anodized titanium is so beautiful; it’s hard to resist spending all my money on scales. My two complaints about the store however are both about their titanium scales. The first time I heard about the store my friend sold me some of her titanium scales and I was really excited to buy my own. However I had to wait 6 months before the store restocked them and within 1 month all of the titanium scales sold out again. You can sign up to be notified by email when they do restock items and they do update their forum once and awhile with information about out of stock items and about delays. The other bad thing about their anodized titanium scales is that the technique differs each time and the quality of the coloring between packs and scales can be drastic (which I understand is expected with anodized materials however I found the ones my friend had purchased last year vastly better quality then the ones I purchased this year). Honestly though, for quality and variety I don’t think The Ring Lord can’t be beat. I haven’t been disappointed yet with any of my purchases. For none jump rings and scales I love the French hoops which I use to make hypo allergenic earrings. They also have specials on rings and scales so you can save yourself some money and even have sample packs if you are interested in getting a small quantity to test out some of their items. The only special item I’ve bought was left over scales they had from a custom order NASA made. I can literally say I have scales made out of this really cool material provided by NASA. As for the packaging, I received mine slightly different each times I’ve ordered from them, whether it was sealed packages to plastic bags. They are always individually wrapped and correctly labeled, which is very important when it comes to jump rings as you can buy a variety of thickness and sizes and don’t want to be guessing. They also include a list of all the items you purchased so when you receive them you can easily check of each to make sure you’ve received everything. Nothing fancy about the packaging however for the super low shipping prices I am very happy. I don’t have a photo of how they arrived as I’m always in a rush to unwrap everything. Not much else I can say. Check out photos below of the scales and rings I’ve purchased from them to get a look at the quality.

Here is a look at the scales and rings:things that make me smile (6)the ring lord review (3)the ring lord review (4)the ring lord review (5)the ring lord review (1)the ring lord review (6)the ring lord review (7)An example of the some of their special/etched scales and below of the glow in the dark scales.
dragon scale maille bracelets (1)dragon scale maille bracelets (2)


Pick of the Week: Kaoru Hasegawa

Pick of the Week: Kaoru Hasegawa

Today’s pick is the artist Kaoru Hasegawa from Japan who sells postcards, pins, prints and originals of her work. I have (had as she put out new ones recently) all of her postcard packs because I absolutely love her work and I can never decide which one to get in a larger print. The postcards are a unique square shape and 4×4 so they are a great size for mini prints which is how I’ve decided to use most of mine. In terms of using them for postcards the backside is pretty plain but very similar to how I’ve seen other postcards from Japan (the format is slightly different from North American postcards – shot of the backside below in case you interested). The only downside I can really say about them is the paper is a shiny finish which makes them difficult to write on them and they look a bit cheaper without a nice matt finish (but that could just be me). I love them though and her work is amazing – I can’t wait to get the new postcards and hopefully decided on a print to buy as well. I can’t recommend enough. She has four stores currently, Society6Storenvy, Etsy, and one for original prints  (store is in Japanese), and you can check out more of her artwork on her Tumblr!

A look at all the postcards:

Kaoru Hasegawa (1)

A few of my favs items from her various shops: