A Simple Saturday

this week in photos (7)A few photos from a walk me and Victor did together a few weekend’s ago after I finished work. We decided to head to the Olympic Stadium and check out Parc Exalto as it was their grand opening. Parc Exalto is an ‘urban acrobatic park’, I was quiet excited to see what that meant. It’s more or less an obstacle course in the air but pretty neat. We didn’t try it out because it was raining lightly and also because they weren’t doing anything special for the grand opening which was a little disappointing. We did get to climb into hammocks and chill out and have some fun though. We also went out for supper afterwards closer to home in the Plateau (which is where all the building and flower photos are from).
A nice chill Saturday, happy it’s summer.

this week in photos (6)this week in photos (9)this week in photos (8)this week in photos (10) this week in photos (11)pie-x (2)pie-x (4)this week in photos (14)pie-x this week in photos (15)this week in photos (19)this week in photos (17)this week in photos (20)this week in photos (16) flowersflowers (2)things that make me smile (3) this week in photos (23) this week in photos (24)this week in photos (25)


Plateau Flowers

plateau flowers (14)plateau flowers (20)plateau flowers (19) plateau flowers (18) plateau flowers (13) plateau flowers (8)plateau flowers (11)plateau flowers (23)plateau flowers (7) plateau flowers (6) plateau flowers (5) plateau flowers (4) plateau flowers (1)This week all the posts have been so colourful and vibrant I want to keep it up so I thought I’d share some flower photos. I take too many photos of flowers when I go for walks around Montreal, it can be so addicting especially if I see any bees. These were taken during a walk around Plateau in 2012 with my amazing friend Arturo who I miss so much (he is back in Mexico now after being in Montreal for 5 years). I am a really random photographer, sometimes I wonder if that’s a problem – I mean instead of honing my “vision” or creating a mystic or conceptual identity to my photography…I just take photos of everything and anything. I am very envious of photographers who can hone that part of themselves and only create or share photographs that belong to a certain theme. I hate rigidness and not being able to share with people all parts of myself however I feel like perhaps I should. Anyways kind of weird tangent for this post about flower photos, lol.

plateau flowers (24)


Winter Walk

bokeh lightsMontreal looks so wonderful under a good layer of snow. I hope it snows again soon because right now downtown just looks dirty and depressing in the dim winter lighting. I find it a lot more magical when there is at least a few inches of snow to crunch under my feet and go for a good winter walk (even if I have to walk super slow to avoid all the ice so I don’t slip and hit my head). I think Quebec as a Province looks its best in the winter. But anyways enough rambling aside, I really enjoy these photos from me and Victor’s walk a few weeks ago to our favourite Jewish diner. The sun was just starting to set towards the end and the snow with the vieux buildings and the street lights just really work nicely together. I am hoping to get into a forest and take some proper winter photos soon but in the meantime while I figure out how to get to a forest enjoy my urban splendor.

portrait bokeh lightsportraitbokeh lightswinter walk (8) winter walk (10)winter walk (40)winter walk (18) portrait winter walk (19) winter walk (20) portraitwinter walk (25)bokeh lights winter walk (24)winter walk (27)winter walk (28)Oh and it was also the day we said goodbye to our Christmas tree. I don’t know when Christmas trees are suppose to be taken down but we threw ours away in the first week of January and I am still seeing them when I walk around.

christmas tree



Snow Time with Ising Pucky

isingpucky075 (993x1024)Last year in March there was one last snow storm that covered everything in snow before spring officially started.  Snow storms happen to be my favourite weather. There is nothing like being cozy at home and watching the world get covered in whiteness. It creates a bit of silent and stillness that you just don’t have living in the city any other time. These were taken the day during the big snow fall from my window that faced the street and from the sidewalk in front of my house. I stood outside holding a towel over top of the camera and the tripod the whole time I was taking photos to protect them from getting wet. I probably look quiet the sight to the lady walking down the street. I love black and white film photography when it’s snowy because the contrast works perfectly. I am hoping when I run out of 120 film to pick up a different brand as I notice the film is very grainy and I don’t think it’s my home developing techniques but perhaps. This is the last black and white film I had the chance of developing since I ran out of chemicals. I did buy some over the Christmas period and I actually just went recently on a bit of walk with the Ising Pucky so I should have shots from this year to share next month!  This weekend I will have more about my Ising Pucky camera so look out!

ising pucky (6) ising pucky (15)ising pucky (9)ising pucky (17)ising pucky (12)


Vintage Tuesday

More Kodak Dualflex II shots this week, thought I’d share some of my black and white snow photos taken at the same time as last weeks photos. The weather has definetly gotten better here, I’m so glad!  One of the greatest things about older vintage cameras is the ability to do multiple exposure so I decided to try doing it with the viewfinder and the shots turned out really fun. 

kodak dualflex, citizen erased, citizen erased photographykodak dualflex, citizen erased, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex, citizen erased, citizen erased photographykodak dualflex, citizen erased, citizen erased photography

kodakdualflex (10)kodakdualflex (9)
kodakdualflex (8)kodakdualflex (5)kodakdualflex (1)kodakdualflex (2)
Hope you enjoyed these shots. I had a lot of fun testing out the Kodak Dualflex camera and really hope to soon take photos using film with it instead. I have researched how to make 120 film fit and be like 620 film so the next step is just to do it :) If you have a 620 film camera too and are looking to convert 120 film to fit it, I suggest these two turtorials: here, and here.
If you’ve tried it yourself let me know how it goes and the results, I’d love to see.


Self-Portrait Sunday

citizen erased, citizen erased photography
Happy Saint-Patricks Day from Citizen Erased Photography.
Today’s self-portrait is back when I had green and yellow from the summer of last year. Last year I actually had all green last year on St-Patrick’s Day.