Multiple Exposure: I Lost Myself

double exposure i lost myself (2)
“I lost myself, I lost myself, you can’t see how, becuse I am just a cloud”

The original concept behind these multiple exposure was for my 52 Weeks Project last year where I took a self-portrait every week for a year. It was one of those moments where an idea just grabbed me and I spent an hour outside freezing trying to find the best angle and combination between my silhouette and a paper mask. I haven’t included the one I end up chosing in this set but you can check it out here.

double exposure i lost myselfmultiple exposure mask self portrait (4)multiple exposure mask self portrait (1)


Vintage Tuesday: Girly Thrift

girly thrift (3)When I’m thriting or at antique fairs I normally end up seeking out and buying mostly camera and photography related type items so today I thought I’d share some of my ‘girly thrift’. I know girly might be considered a stereotypical nonexclusive word but I was looking for a broad term that included all the little nick nacks I have around the house for no other reason than they are cute. Anyways, starting off are my retro kitty porcelain salt and pepper shakers and cat figure that I adore.

girly thrift (8)Hello Kitty phone that lights up bought for $1, I don’t know who uses a landline anymore but I use it as a book end.

girly thrift (6)Two vintage frames of mixed media art consisting of an oil painted background with the swans and doves  made with real feathers.

girly thrift (7)A retro Coke Cola wooden display, likely made in the 1970’s based of an older tin sign.

girly thrift (15)A retro My Little Pony missing it’s tail given as a trade.

retro my little pony (3)retro my little pony (2)Found at Puces St-Henri this last weekend, I rarely find My Litte Pony’s while at flea markets that are worth buying so I was excited. The price of $20 for all 3 was a bit much but I caved.

girly thrift (9)Vintage taxidermy keychain, I consider it my Pokemon.

girly thrift (12)Darling chocolate tin featuring a cat, unsure of year but probably after 1950s.

girly thriftA vintage Talc tin for Evening in Paris, likely 1920s era.

sailor moon (2)Not thrifted but had to include my desktop Sailor Scouts.

girly thrift (14)And lastly my grandmother’s perfume bottle, which has a delightful shape and color.

Happy Thrifting!


Multiple Exposure: Sunset Waves

Sunset waves are a series of multiple exposures taken during a summer camping trip a few years ago to Lake Ontario The sun was just starting to go down and you could see it disappearing along the water’s horizon, so I captured the sunset and waves of the lake as one.

sunset double exposures (5) sunset double exposures (3) sunset double exposures (2) sunset double exposures (4) sunset double exposures (1)
A portrait of Victor on the shore watching the sunset.


Double Exposures: Sunsets on the Side

double exposure sunset montreal (1) double exposure sunset montreal (5)Lately I’ve been taking a lot of silhouette style double exposures at dusk and the results are really something else. I love the surreal landscapes I can create just using my camera not to mention how heavenly this sunset was.  I shot a lot of this style while I was on vacation in BC so the next few double exposures posts will have be more of this overall theme.

double exposure sunset montreal (4)double exposure sunset montreal (2) double exposure sunset montreal (8)


A Walk To Silos #5 & Vieux-Port

silo 5 vieux montreal (1)Victor and I went on our first proper walk of Spring and visited Vieux-Port last weekend. I’ve taken so many photos of this area before but it’s just one of the most beautiful views you can get living in the downtown Montreal.   I love being near the harbour and having such a nice walk along the river accessible at any time. Something new, we noticed that the abandoned Silo #5 which usually has frequently patrol guards around it was mysteriously empty except a few locals that had gotten inside the fence. We decided to investigate further even though the sun was starting to set and the air was getting a bit chilly as it probably one of the few chances we will ever get. The hole in the fence was easy to find and there was an amazing metal statue constructed to one side of the building which just took my breath away (I love really rough metal statues that can almost be misconstrued as scrape). It was pretty neat just to view the underside of the lines that normally connect the factory to trains. The other side of the silos was not very interesting and the graffiti on it was pretty subpar so I didn’t take too many photos once inside the fance except of the lines. Victor also climbed up the wall of the factory and found a way to get in but because I’m still recovering and since Victor really wasn’t in the mood so we didn’t investigate further and try to get inside. Which is really too bad as I’d love to see the inside and I’m pretty sure the next time we go the security patrols will be back. I feel like climbing this summer – hopefully I get the chance. Here are my photos!

silo 5 vieux montreal (2) silo 5 vieux montreal (4) silo 5 vieux montreal (5) silo 5 vieux montreal (6) silo 5 vieux montreal (3) silo 5 vieux montreal (8) silo 5 vieux montreal (9)silo 5 vieux montreal (33)silo 5 vieux montreal (34) silo 5 vieux montreal (12)silo 5 vieux montreal (10) silo 5 vieux montreal (11) silo 5 vieux montreal (15) silo 5 vieux montreal (17) silo 5 vieux montreal (18)silo 5 vieux montreal (31)silo 5 vieux montreal (20)silo 5 montreal silo 5 vieux montreal (22)silo 5 vieux montreal (24)silo 5 vieux montreal (23)silo 5 vieux montreal (25) silo 5 vieux montreal (26) silo 5 vieux montreal (32)


Double Exposure Wednesday: We Wait for Trains that Just Aren’t Coming…

double exposure vieux montreal (7)double exposure vieux montreal (10)double exposure vieux montreal (6)double exposure vieux montreal (8)double exposure portrait silo 5double exposure vieux montreal (5)      This series of double exposure were taken on the weekend while Victor and I were exploring Silo #5 in Vieux-Montreal. We didn’t go inside the factory or silos but we did get inside the fence and had a chance to explore around them. To me the best part was going underneath the huge lines that use to connect the building to trains for transporting the grains (at least what’s what I logically assume they use to be for) so I wanted to share those photos first. I have plenty more double exposures from the front of the building as well but thought I’d share them in another post likely in mid-May as this post would have been huge so look out for that if you enjoy abandoned buildings. I’m so excited about being able to leave my house again. Recovering my concussion is going well and just maybe this summer I can get inside the Silo #5. Can you imagine the view from there?


Double Exposure: Train Museum

Double exposure toronto (3)This week’s set of double exposures are from my trip to Toronto. They were all taken on the same afternoon in downtown of Union Station, the CN Tower and the weird CN Rail Museum that was covered in snow, plus the handsome Victor (who looks like a hipster in his winter jacket). My favourite and the silliest is the one below where I was trying to make it look like a train was hitting the ‘Watch for Train’s sign…it didn’t quite work out but it makes me laugh. These were all very fun to take and made me think I should probably not be such a hermit and get out there and take photos of the beautiful snow before it melts.

Double exposure toronto (10) Double exposure toronto (6)Double exposure toronto (2)Double exposure toronto (4)Double exposure toronto (8)Double exposure toronto (9)Double exposure toronto (1) Double exposure toronto (7)(this double exposure is hard to tell as it’s just a shot of the snow and then the train, wanted to create a blizzard effect)


Tell me how does it feel when your heart grows cold…

citizen erased photography (1)My beautiful friend Lisa-Michelle’s birthday is this week, she is the best model I have had the experience of shooting so I thought I’d share some old portraits I took of her from 2007? 2008? It feels like yesterday to me even though I know it’s been a long time. I miss shooting her. I mean I get to every time I visit Vancouver which is every 2-3 years but it’s not the same. Before we use to go on adventures and just walk around Vancouver together shooting along the way. Both times I’ve shot her in the last 5 years it felt so rushed, mostly my fault since I try and cram my schedule full when I’m in town visiting.  I also haven’t gotten any more use to other people take photos of me (she’s a photographer too) so I feel like I’m letting her down with my terrible posing and permanent awkwardness.  There is always next time though, I will have a whole collection of her over the years. These to me are some of my favourite portraits, she is just the best.

Citizen Erased Photography (4)Citizen Erased Photography (5)citizen erased photography (3)citizen erased photography (2)Citizen Erased Photography (6)


Bridge Tour

bridge tours (30)bridge tours (20)bridge tours (15)bridge tours (26)bridge tours (2)bridge tours (21)bridge tours (11)Today is kind of a random post because I thought right now I’d be either camping or on my way to camping. I also really wanted to share these photos of my friend Brent looking all handsome. He was in town last month to visit and he always lets me take a million photos of him when he visits because he knows I appreciate it (he is very photogenic) so it’s a shame not to share. It rained the whole time he was here too so randomly during a burst of sun we took him to the Jacques-Cartier bridge near our house to show him the view. I don’t know if it’s much of a tourist destination but he’s been here a few times before so I guess it may have been fun? (don’t ask me, I love this bridge regardless of reason) We spotted the fisherman in the water catching fish and there were a lot of cruises and speed boats going under the bridge that day – Brent kept saying he was going to pee on one of them – could you imagine? We also debated whether La Ronda, Montreal’s theme park looked absolute shit.

bridge tours (4)bridge tours (12)bridge tours (14)bridge tours (19)bridge tours (9)
The boys also decided to test the ‘jumper’ proof fence which actually turns out is pretty hard.

bridge tours (5)
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Summer Blueberry Picking

Just like last year me and Zara headed out to Durham, Quebec to pick blueberries together and try and consume as much antioxidants as we could handle. We ended up going to the same farm as last year too, the only difference is this year we headed out at the end July instead of mid-August and it made the world of difference. Not only did we get to pick some raspberries (we arrived too late to pick from the good field sadly but we did pick some!) but we also got to pick over 9 varieties of blueberries. We didn’t really like many of the variations that much, but we at least learned the yummiest blueberry variety – Nelson! There is not much else to say as all we did was be silly, talk about inappropriate things and pick blueberries and raspberries for a few hours and then headed home. I did end up taking a lot of glamour shots of blueberries sand some instant shots that I’ve already shared (here). Our U-Pick day…

blueberry picking (41)I’ll start off with my haul of blueberries and raspberries – I had enough to fill bags and bags in the freezer and they haven’t lasted long as Victor eats so much fruit.

blueberry picking (34) blueberry picking (36) blueberry picking (37)blueberry picking The start of blueberry picking.

blueberry picking (8)blueberry picking (35)blueberry picking (32)It rained early that morning and I love taking photos of raindrops on leaves.

blueberry picking (14)blueberry picking (17)blueberry picking (18) blueberry picking (38)The start of my blueberry haul.

blueberry picking (5)blueberry picking (9)blueberry picking (3) blueberry picking (4) blueberry picking (10)blueberry picking (1)Glamour shots of blueberries!

blueberry picking (16) blueberry picking (22) blueberry picking (12)blueberry picking (31)The sun decided to come out for a little while picking too.

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