Fête des Neiges

fete des neiges (4)Fête des Neiges happened at the beginning of February which was forever ago but I kept putting off sorting through my massive folder of photos. I honestly didn’t even think these would still be relevant this late in March but yup there is still a few feet of snow on the ground and its -10 in Montreal. It’s a fun festival and there was a lot of things to do…most of them are for little kids but me and Victor still enjoyed going to have a walk around. Thought I’d share our fun weekend day freezing our ass off and celebrating snow!

fete des neiges (2)fete des neiges (3)fete des neiges (1)
I loved this snowman and his awesome feathers.

fete des neiges (6)The first thing we headed to when we arrived was the temporary skating rink.

fete des neiges (5)fete des neiges (9)fete des neiges (13) fete des neiges (12)fete des neiges (7)fete des neiges (10)Victor doesn’t skate so I only went around a few times so he wasn’t too bored. I keep telling him he needs to buy skates and learn but no luck this year.
fete des neiges (14)fete des neiges (17)fete des neiges (34) fete des neiges (18) fete des neiges (22)A few of the other activities they had.

fete des neiges (21) fete des neiges (24)fete des neiges (23) fete des neiges (26) fete des neiges (27)fete des neiges (33)fete des neiges (31) fete des neiges (30)fete des neiges (32)I loved the ice house they made that looked like Legos.

fete des neiges (28)fete des neiges (29)I manged to convince Victor to watch the guy making ice sculptures with a chainsaw.

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Fall portrait

victor (18)So many photos from November I haven’t even shared yet…I cannot help but reminiscence about the colorful leaves on the ground, right now it’s just grey outside for days on end. I cannot wait until snow reaches as far as my eyes can see. I love that feeling like you are in a snow globe – all snuggly and warm surrounded by snow. I keep seeing photos of people in the woods during winter and feeling pangs in my stomach because I would love that so much. Some days being a transit girl for life just bums me out. When you live in a city you really need a car to escape it. The photos today are of Victor taken a few weeks ago at the bottom of Mont-Royal. His birthday is next week on December 10th and he is turning 32! So this is my birthday post of sorts to him looking all cute in the leaves.
victor (6)victor (7) victor (5) victor (13)victor (11)victor (12) victor (19)victor (24)victor (20)victor (23)victor (21)
I love the last photo of his silly face. I always take a photo of us together when we do things because I print them off and create a little book at the end of the year for our anniversary.

victor (25)I loved my outfit so I made Victor take photos of me and then I decided to do the can-can.

victor (15) victor (16)



Orchard Portraits

portraits (8)portraits (9)Last month Zara, Victor and me went to pick apples and I made them do a silly photo shoot with me so while we were there so today I thought I’d share my orchard portraits with you guys. It was an interesting day for photography with the light levels changing every 5minutes with the sun going behind the clouds and then shinning bright so you’ll notice the light changing frequently between the shots. I love the photos though and they both were very good sports at me snapping away. I love the ones of Zara in the trees on the ladder pretending to pick apples. I find all the ones were the sun is shining through the trees to be quiet dreamy, I can only imagine how beautiful the orchard is early in the morning when the dew is still on the grass the fog is slowly coming down the valley. I should like to live near an orchard when I am older. I’ve always wanted to leave near a farm but always been a city girl too so I don’t know how long I could do it for. It was a fun day and I cannot wait to go next year!

portraits (7)portraits (3)portraits (4)portraits (5)portraits (1)portraits (10)portraits (16)portraits (14)portraits (15) portraits (17)portraits (24)
I love this one of Victor eatting the apple, don’t know if he’ll agree with me. :)

portraits (25)portraits (21)portraits (28) portraits (29) portraits (30)portraits (32)Zara decided she was jealous of Victor’s pockets and wanted to pretend she had her own. I love it, her reaction to her modeling is below.

portraits (33) portraits (34) portraits (35)portraits (36)
Hope you liked the silly portraits I took of Victor and Zara at the orchard when we went to picking apples a few weeks ago. I thought I’d leave you with my fav of the bunch….

portraits (19)


Pick Your Own Apple Adventure

In the middle of October I had a chance to go apple picking with Victor and Zara. It’s becoming one of my must do activities for Autumn and we had a lot of fun. It feels like so long ago even though it was just a few weekends ago though, the weather changed so much. It was an interesting day for photography as it was really cloudy but sunny. I had to adjust for the shifting light non-stop. It felt so great though being out in the fresh air and away from the big city. It was really different experience from last year because we went in late October so a lot of the orchard was already out of season. We still manage to eat so many apples and collected a lot to take home (I think all of our stomachs hurt a little towards the end). I didn’t help too much with the picking because I was having fun taking photos with 3 separate cameras, a little crazy I admit but it was so nice to be away from the city. I have to say that I wouldn’t have been much help anyways because most of the trees only had apples on the top branches. I think out of all the apples I picked, I had to jump to reach most of them. Lol. I really wish I had a car myself so I could escape the city more but I’ll take what I can get!

montreal apple orchard (29)Before we even headed to the orchard I saw the petting farm and squealed in joy at the goats.

montreal apple orchard (5) montreal apple orchard (6)montreal apple orchard (3)
The white one was super sweet and let me rub his nose for awhile.

montreal apple orchard (2)There was a horse and donkey near them to!

montreal apple orchard (7) montreal apple orchard (8)After the petting area we headed to the orchard and picked a few apples before hopping on the tractor ride to go the main part of the orchard.

montreal apple orchard (14)montreal apple orchard (11)montreal apple orchard (10)montreal apple orchard (12)
We arrived at the ideal spot in the orchard where they had all the ladders set up and started picking.

  montreal apple orchard (16)montreal apple orchard (15) montreal apple orchard (18) montreal apple orchard (21)This was me the whole time, holding a Polaroid in my hand waiting for it dry while taking one handed photos with my Nikon. lol

montreal apple orchard (28)We wandered off from the area where everyone was and found a bunch of really amazing apples, totally forget the name but they were really good. I love green apples the most so finding these made my day.

montreal apple orchard (13) montreal apple orchard (22) montreal apple orchard (24)montreal apple orchard (25) montreal apple orchard (26)Apples, apples galore!

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Prince Edward Island with Disderi

disderi robot camera (11)For this week’s Lomography Wednesday we take a look back at my summer adventure to Prince Edward Island with the help of the Disderi Robot Camera. These were taken over the course of the 3 day trip out and about the island. I loved that we kept seeing tractors going down the highway on our way to places so you’ll notice a few tractors in the shots. There is also a few taken in the capital of PEI, Charlottetown at the harbor and some of the graveyard that we passed by a few times on our way back to the campsite. The last few were taken in New Brunswick on our first day driving for 14 hours. A nice mental break for Autumn as currently it’s starting to switch to winter and it’s not at all nice outside anymore. It was a really fun trip. I am hoping to get a review up of the Robot camera soon as I have plenty of shots and really think it’s one of my best toy cameras, so look out for that in November.

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365 Challenge: August

August means I’ve reached the half-way point of my 365 Challenge. I am really excited to have made it this far and love getting the chance to share a part of my day with you guys. It can be tough especially on days when I work because I am stuck in a call center for most of the day.  Or when it rains – which in Montreal has been a lot and with Fall here that will not be changing anytime soon. It’s been great being able to capture all those summer moments that seem to pass by so quickly. I’ve been looking back over July and August the last few days and just marvelling at all the things I managed to do this summer and the things I forgot to do (swim in a pool). It was a great month all in all. I think next month I want to try doing more self-portraits!  If you want to check out the previous round-ups: March, April , May, June and July or my Tumblr!

Top 5:

365 (149) (1024x678)149 Butter being super cute in the morning

365 (154) (1024x678)154 Getting ready to scan Polaroids from Vancouver

365 (160) (1024x678)160 Microshot of my Fishnet Stocking plant

365 (166) (1024x678)167 Went to a Pick-Your-Own Bluebbery farm

365 (171) (1024x678)172 Victor in Prince Edward Island at sunset on the beach facing the Atlantic Ocean


Day 2 in Prince Edward Island: Charlottetown and Graveyards

graveyardToday is a continuation of last week’s adventure in Prince Edward Island, starting with our second day there. It was our only full day there and we managed to drive all over the island and see lots of local life. Since I have the tendency to take so many photos Day 2 will be broke up over the next 2 weeks. I am excited to show how beautiful the island is and today’s post has some shots of their capital Charlottetown and the countryside.

Prince Edward Island (10)The start of the day was breakfast on the fire pit with me and Victor’s tent and the ocean in the background.  It was freezing cold until dawn when it became insanely hot so none of us got a very good sleep.

Prince Edward Island (4)It was amazing waking up right in front of the Atlantic ocean, on Vancouver Island where I grew up we have a few campgrounds that are right on the Pacific ocean too and they were always my favourite.

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Instant Crush: Ising Pucky 1

isingpucky026, ising puckyisingpucky020, ising puckyisingpucky029
A sneak peak at some of the Ising Pucky 1 photos I from Vancouver. I’ve never used the Ising before on portrait shots and it appears the focus is just not ideal for portraits at all (lesson learned).  There is two fixed focus distances for the camera and I used the lowest which I thought would be far enough for most portrait shots. I think I will try one more time with more range on the subject but I am happy just using this amazing camera for landscape if I have to. I think the next test to do with this camera is colored film. Despite the lack of focus on the subject’s faces I still cannot help but love these shots.
Thanks so much to my models: Lisa Michelle, Ana Droid and Jessica!

isingpucky035, ising puckyisingpucky055, ising puckyisingpucky057, ising pucky

*if you wanna see more photos taken with the Ising Pucky (here or here)


I hear the humming of hopes so close to me…

citizen erased photography (6)

I love doing portrait photography, whether its really simple stripped down to grandiose fashion photography. I convinced my co-worker Jenny to allow me to take some photos of her last week and she even agreed to let me style her. I thought Jenny would look good with retro almost rockabilly styled hair, so I have her a barrel roll with her bangs and curls and just really gentle make-up to enhance her natural beauty. She looks great, its a little different from my usual photography but I had fun! Hope you like.

citizen erased photography (3)citizen erased photography (5)citizen erased photographyjennyI just had to include this outtake, a guy walking past let Jenny pet and pose with his gaint dog. So adorable.

citizen erased photography (7)


Vintage Tuesday

polaroid (10), citizen erased, citizen erased photographypolaroid (1), citizen erased, citizen erased photographypolaroid (7), citizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photography polaroid (9), citizen erased, citizen erased photographypolaroid (5), citizen erased, citizen erased photography

It’s starting to be a bit like Spring here in Montreal. Spent Sunday walking around with my Polaroid Colorpack in our neighborhood. It was really nice and we went to a mini-fundraiser as well as our old house to visit our roomie (cos I accidental shipped my new yoga mat there, oops). I’m getting more and more use to my land camera, its fun waiting to get home to see the results. Its always a surprise. The blurry photos of Butter are my favourite, she couldn’t stay still for anything. She’s getting really comfortable with the deck and even walked across what I like to call the pirate ship plank. The neighbor’s have an indoor cat and I think there is a little bit of a love connection happen. :) So excited to spend the summer taking photos and going for walks on the weekend. Hope you are having a great week!

polaroid (16), citizen erased, citizen erased photography