Pick of the Week: Lisy Corner

lisy corner (1)Pick of the Week: Lisy Corner

This week’s pick is the illustrator Lisy Corner who sells postcards, paper dolls, prints and more on her shop. She is one of those stores who I’ve followed for a long time on Etsy and never bought from before until now. When I saw that she started to make zines I was intrigued and finally picked up a few of her postcards and her Lolita fashion zine “The Tiny Lolita Handbook”. I love the paper doll style illustrations and the colors. My only disappointment was these are more mini prints than postcards as there is absolutely nothing on the back to make them a postcard but they are on good quality paper so I can’t complain too much. The zine is also pretty cute. You can check out her Etsy shop for more of her work.

a closer look at the postcards:

lisy corner (2) lisy corner (3) lisy corner (4) lisy corner (5) lisy corner (6)Lastly her Lolita fashion zine.


Pick of the Week: Kaoru Hasegawa

Pick of the Week: Kaoru Hasegawa

Today’s pick is the artist Kaoru Hasegawa from Japan who sells postcards, pins, prints and originals of her work. I have (had as she put out new ones recently) all of her postcard packs because I absolutely love her work and I can never decide which one to get in a larger print. The postcards are a unique square shape and 4×4 so they are a great size for mini prints which is how I’ve decided to use most of mine. In terms of using them for postcards the backside is pretty plain but very similar to how I’ve seen other postcards from Japan (the format is slightly different from North American postcards – shot of the backside below in case you interested). The only downside I can really say about them is the paper is a shiny finish which makes them difficult to write on them and they look a bit cheaper without a nice matt finish (but that could just be me). I love them though and her work is amazing – I can’t wait to get the new postcards and hopefully decided on a print to buy as well. I can’t recommend enough. She has four stores currently, Society6Storenvy, Etsy, and one for original prints  (store is in Japanese), and you can check out more of her artwork on her Tumblr!

A look at all the postcards:

Kaoru Hasegawa (1)

A few of my favs items from her various shops:


Things That Make Me Smile

This month’s things that make me smile is slightly Valentine’s Day themed just a tad as I went a little crazy with my snail mail. I was going to share a bunch of photos from my Toronto trip that happened last weekend but I realized I had so many they really deserved a post of their own. It goes without saying almost everything in Toronto makes me smile…except not sleeping – I never get a lot of sleep when I’m there. Again like last year I don’t really have plans for Valentine’s, it’s just one of those non-holidays but I do enjoy convincing Victor to buy me Lindor chocolate (he is on his usual health food kick so it’s like pulling teeth to get him to contribute to my sugar addiction). I love getting him a card though and sending postcards to friends covered in as many pink hearts as I can find. As always you can always share what you made you smile this month in the comments.

things that make me smile (1)Kaoru Hasegawa artwork. I have a bunch of her postcards that I need to figure out how to frame, they’ve been sitting on a shelf for a year now.

things that make me smile (3)The crazy amount of Valentine’s Day stickers I was able to get.

things that make me smile (5)things that make me smile (4)Sending snail mail to friends filled with stickers and love.

things that make me smile (9)Butter being amazed by what ever she can see from our 3rd story front window. Try and spot the mini rainbows.

52 Weeks of self-portrait (1)things that make me smileMy new hair color, it keeps changing shades and I love them all. Pale hair in winter fills me with joy.

things that make me smile (2)Getting a copy of the limited zine Bablien (this will be the featured zine next month, I love it so much however it’s too bad that it’s not going to be reprinted).

things that make me smile (1)My origami paper case filled to the brim with so many different patterns of paper. I am starting to make 2,000 cranes for future mtlcranes as well as another project I’m keeping huss huss right now.

things that make me smile (2)All my Instax film that I picked up this month from Japan. Twin Star, Hello Kitty and My Melody instax film is so cute, and I already shot two of them so you can see the patterns in an upcoming Lomography Wednesday post.

things that make me smile (3)My new boots! Victor bought me these as a late Christmas present and I love them. I wasn’t sold on the yellow laces to start but they have grown on me.

things that make me smile (11) Continue reading %s


Pick of the Week: Hugs and Misses Postcards

hugs and missesThis week’s pick is the awesome postcard set called Hugs and Misses (30 Postcards of Awkward Romance) by Wilhelm Staehle. Staehle is known for his Silhouette Masterpiece Theater, which is the name of his site where every Wednesday he features an etched carving. All the Hugs and Misses postcards feature one unique etching into a wonderful painting with a comical, witty, and often crude joke that plays into the silhouette etching.  Each postcard is the standard 4×6 size and features a full color matt front and a standard backing with a custom stamp icon (each is unique and reflects the front). They are vibrant and each etching has amazing details and the paintings are beautiful. The jokes range various types of humour so there is definitely room to amuse everyone, for myself I found a few a bit boring but overall I really liked them. They are perfect to send in the mail or give out to friends for Valentines Day’s as well. Have a look below to get a sneak peak at some of the postcards.


Things That Make Me Smile

Every month when I get ready to put together my “Things That Make Me Smile” post I get really excited to look through all my photos from the month. I choose them from just random photos I shot as well as little bits and bobs I take photos of because they are amazing and I want to share them with you. It always a lot of fun reliving moments of my month.

things that make me smile (1)Owning incredible photography that is over 100 years old.

things that make me smile (12)The colors of this photo I took in Vieux-Montreal.

Lapoonder Made Hand squid necklace (2)My octopus necklace from Russia finally arrived!! It took almost 2 months but it worth the wait, it’s beautiful (post about it here)

things that make me smile (10)Snail mail from Zara who is doing a series of original drawings on postcards.

things that make me smile (4)things that make me smile (6) Also a little late, my birthday presents from my best friend, lol. She picked up origami paper for me because it’s so hard to get here and lots of little goodies and clothing. She always knows what I’ll love.

things that make me smile (11)My prism reflecting light on my living room wall.

things that make me smile (3) things that make me smile (4)My fishnet stocking plant flowered. I didn’t even know it did, was so surprised and happy when I noticed it.

things that make me smile (3)The slide necklaces I’ve been making for Christmas presents.

things that make me smile (9)This double exposure shot of Victor.

things that make me smile (5)Masters of the Universe Pop Figures went on sale and I couldn’t resist.

things that make me smile (2)Sending a postcard to my best friend for her birthday.

things that make me smile (12)Graffiti by harlequindavidson

things that make me smile (14)Butter being weird and sitting on top of our shoes in our shoe bench.

things that make me smile (7)The beautiful view from my front window.

things that make me smile (10)And to be super cheesy this guy makes me smile the most – it’s almost our 5 year anniversary.


Christmas Picks: Under $30

christmas gift list under 30 (2) christmas gift list under 30 (1)

Today I am sharing some present ideas found online for under $30 that would make a great gift for a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend or yourself (Treat yourself!) this holiday. If you want to see last week’s post with under $15 gift ideas click, here. I’m currently obsessed with all of these and hoping after I finished my Christmas shopping I can buy one of these for myself. The dragon bracelet is my fav. even though I make my own scale maille bracelets but that color is impossible to find. Hope this helps!


Happy Halloween!

Hope you are having a great Goth Christmas and celebrating it in your own way. I’m going to have a mellow Halloween as I haven’t been feel really well the last few weeks but I thought I’d share with you this year’s collection of holiday snail mail that I sent out. All of these postcards are the same as last years because they made a printing mistake on a few of them last year so they sent me 30 replace postcards that I didn’t really have much use for but to use again this year. The artwork is drawn and colored by me but I’m copying drawings made by the super talent and amazing Ally Burke (I can’t draw to save my life but I’m a pretty decent mimic so I like to give my friends fun custom drawings each year).  I found really awesome puffy and sparkling stickers to add this year too. Really fun, I think Halloween cards are the best. Hope you have a great one! Let me know how you celebrate…

things that make me smile (7) things that make me smile (6) things that make me smile (5)things that make me smile (1)halloween postcards (1)halloween postcards (2) halloween postcards (1) halloween postcards (2) Also on another note, the last two week’s I’ve been placing special Halloween cranes around Montreal for #mtlcrane . My favourite crane is below, it’s a double head crane that I made by accident months ago and fell in love with. I also decided to add a little to some of the awesome house decorations happening in the Plateau…cos cranes are scary? No? Just me…okay.

halloween mtlcrane (3) halloween mtlcrane (1) halloween mtlcrane (2)


Things That Make Me Smile

This month’s “Things That Make Me Smile” features photos from walks around Montreal I’ve been going on with Victor plus Halloween bits and bobs. I’m always excited in October, as Goth Christmas used to be the biggest deal for me. The last few years (heaven forbid I’m getting old and losing my touch) I’ve haven’t gotten too crazy to Halloween but it’s still fun.  I miss having a front door to decorate and give out candy to neighborhood kids or going to the Basement for a big party. I really should have just convinced Victor to go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show with me this year – I’ve never been before but have always wanted to go. Regardless it’s been a great month, here are the moments that really made it…

things that make me smile - CopyPicking flowers  to press! Although I think I enjoy the picking process more than the pressing process. Flowers look so amazing when they are fresh.

things that make me smile (4) things that make me smile (3)This house has some impressive vines. I love that we have vines on our balcony but I dream of the day I can own a house covered in them.

things that make me smile (2)Victor and I’s initials carved into the sidewalk outside of our house. They did construction on our street for 5 months and just finished in the beginning of October – even though they had a security guard I managed to write in the cement before it dried for all the days woken up to drills.

forest cemetery (61)This photo isn’t from October but I had to include it. This portrait of John on his tombstone was really touching.

things that make me smile (1)Maple Leaves! Even though these are the icon of Canada we don’t have many maple trees on the West Coast so living in Montreal gives me a chance to enjoy them and their amazing colors.

things that make me smile (7) things that make me smile (6)Starchild Stela had a show here in Montreal during October, it featured a wide range of her work from paintings, illustrations, to photography of her graffiti, and her newest work with silk screening and doilies. She included two photos that I took in her show (in the first picture) which was really awesome. Check her out if you haven’t already!

things that make me smile (8)things that make me smile (9)I love the flowers that are still kicking around in Fall. I find Montreal looks the most pretty as a city in October. My little unicorn container is where I put all my flowers that I need to get home safe to press.

things that make me smile (2)What’s more perfect than a walk surrounded by this?

things that make me smile (10)All the Halloween goodies I managed to find around town. I love the skull decanter & shot glasses the most.

things that make me smileMy snail mail setup with spooky postcards/cards, stickers, and stamps. These stamps are holographic and feature various ghosts apart of Canadian folklore – so awesome.

things that make me smile (1) things that make me smileThis is my anniversary present! I found this Halloween snow globe just waiting in line at Winners. I immediately picked it up and shock it so all the black sparkles went everywhere and was delighted. The best thing though – it plays music too. Probably the best anniversary present I will ever get from Victor – honestly it’s so cool. He wanted to buy me another one but when we went back a 2nd time they had all disappeared.

things that make me smile (5)The coloring on this graffiti piece is sublime.

things that make me smileMy sticker table! I spent so many hours this month getting this all together. It always rewarding when a project works out wonderfully.

things that make me smile (3)This part of pressing flowers is not as fun as picking them but I love laying them out and seeing how pretty they are.

things that make me smile (1)things that make me smile (2)Enjoying both the best strawberry cheesecake in Montreal and Mont-Royal on a warm day.

things that make me smile (4)things that make me smile (5) things that make me smile (6)We found the best street in the Plateau area of Montreal for Halloween decorations.

Well this month was cramped packed. I honestly had a lot more that I could have chosen as well. Everything about this month and Halloween make me grin from ear to ear. At work I plan on dressing up and having even more fun and I’ll also be doing a special Halloween post tomorrow.


Pick of the Week: Naoto Hattori “Twisted Surreal” Postcards

Naoto Hattori

Pick of the Week: Twister Surreal Postcards

This week’s pick is artist Naoto Hattori’s postcard book “Twisted Surreal”. Twisted Surreal is a limited edition book signed by Hattori that contains 32 postcards of her paintings. It features various paintings from her backlog mostly dated from 2005 to 2009. Overall I really enjoyed the selection of paintings and found they were very cohesive and went together well. The postcards show a variety of her artwork and include most of the major paintings that she is well known for. The postcards are an okay size for mini prints at 4 by 6inches but do have black framing around so the image is a bit smaller than that. They are printed on quality card stock (thinner than my preferred cardstock) and have a shiny texture front and matt back that is good for writing. The postcards feature a generic address and postcard stamp area, but do contain detailed information about the painting like the name, date, original size and material list.  As well there is a gas mask detail over the writing area that adds some flare to the otherwise standard back. These postcards are a wonderful way to view her work however they are pretty typical postcards and only worth the purchase if you are not a fan of her work.   For more about her artwork, check out her site and for other items beside postcard check out her main shop that features prints, originals and additional items like t-shirts, stickers and more.

a closer look at a few of the postcards:


Pick of the Week: Ally Burke

ally burke (4)Pick of the Week: Ally Burke

This week’s pick is a must for October in preparation for Halloween, artist Ally Burke of deadspiderhands. She’s been a pick twice before but I cannot resist sharing her artwork. I absolutely adore her style and I love the humor of her work. Her shop is primarily prints, stickers, postcards and originals of her twisted portrait illustrations and paintings. She even has a set of special prints, and a zine just for Halloween this year.  I was surprised looking back at my previous posts to see that I had never even shared some of my most beloved pieces of her artwork in my possession. Before I’ve shared some of her postcards and stickers, and a print from Society6 but now I also have 3 original illustrations, a painting, and I even have a commissioned portrait of Victor and me for our 3rd year anniversary. I may pick up even more originals soon as she’s done a few illustrations on dollies that look divine and I’ve been thinking I need a portrait of me and my cat as well (total crazy cat lady, right?)  The experience of working with her on the commission was wonderful and she was more than accommodating to all of my requests and feedback so I’d love to do it again. There isn’t much more I can say as clearly I’m a little entranced with her work but if you need something Halloween themed her shop is great place to look.  If you love her style  I suggest following her on Tumblr or Instagram as well because I find the illustrations of hers I like the most are usually just her everyday sketches that stay in her sketch book.  Here is a look at all the things I have in my little deadspiderhands collections.

ally burke (6)ally burke (5)ally burke (2)ally burke (7)ally burkeally burke (3)ally burke (1)

a few of my favourite items from her shop: