Double Exposure: Prince Edward Island

pei double exposure (2)pei double exposure (1)pei double exposure (4)pei double exposure (3)pei double exposure (8)pei double exposure (15)pei double exposure (16)pei double exposure (9)pei double exposure (13)pei double exposure (12)It’s been almost a year since I went on a trip to Prince Edward Island and somehow I never shared these cool multiple/ double exposures with you. I wish I was going back again this year, it was so nice! Me and Victor went by car with my friend Zara to go camping for a few days last August. Both me and Victor fell in love and have decided at some point when we are financially able we’d love to go there every summer and just spend a few months enjoy the air and ocean. It was so beautiful. Most of these double exposures are taken at one of many graveyards we passed along the road and at the north tip of PEI (the lighthouse and ocean shots). Hope to go back soon!

pei double exposure (6)


Prince Edward Island with Disderi

disderi robot camera (11)For this week’s Lomography Wednesday we take a look back at my summer adventure to Prince Edward Island with the help of the Disderi Robot Camera. These were taken over the course of the 3 day trip out and about the island. I loved that we kept seeing tractors going down the highway on our way to places so you’ll notice a few tractors in the shots. There is also a few taken in the capital of PEI, Charlottetown at the harbor and some of the graveyard that we passed by a few times on our way back to the campsite. The last few were taken in New Brunswick on our first day driving for 14 hours. A nice mental break for Autumn as currently it’s starting to switch to winter and it’s not at all nice outside anymore. It was a really fun trip. I am hoping to get a review up of the Robot camera soon as I have plenty of shots and really think it’s one of my best toy cameras, so look out for that in November.

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Prince Edward Island in Polaroids

Polaroid003 (1024x807)

My Polaroid Colorpack is turning into my go-to camera now a days, it is just so gratifying when you get the distance accurately and the shot comes out perfect and crisp. The colors it comes up with are really wonderful too. Even the shots that don’t quiet turn out and a little fuzzy and out of focus still make me smile. I am really excited to convert my other land camera soon so I can try it out and compare. It’s so nice having an instant camera I am finding, I actually ran out of all my film on this trip and cannot wait to get some more. Last moments of Prince Edward Island from swimming in the ocean with Victor to checking out Charlottetown, finding a lighthouse and hanging out at the campsite. Enjoy.

Polaroid015 (1024x804) Polaroid006 (1024x809)Polaroid007 (1024x808)Polaroid014 (1024x797)Polaroid010 (1024x809) Polaroid011 (1024x801) Polaroid001 (1024x807) Polaroid017 (1024x808)


Prince Edward Island Day 3: Horses, Saying Goodbye and New Brunswick.

Today marks the last day I’ll be sharing my photos from Prince Edward Island. This is from our last few hours in PEI to our long and tedious drive home through New Brunswick. It was such an amazing trip and it was great to finally see 2 provinces in Canada that I had never been too. At some point on our trip we reached a turn off for Nova Scotia (another province and if we had time we could have drove 20minutes just to say we had been there. Haha. All in all it was really fun and probably the best moment of the summer for me as I love a good road trip. The tree near our house is starting to turn orange so I am all excited again for the start of Fall – I will have plenty of non-summer adventures to show you too coming in October. If you missed the previous weeks about PEI, my little round up is here starting with Day 1, Day 2 part I & part II, the first half of Day 3, and the special photo shoot of Zara. So let’s get started, last week we end with the north tip of PEI and headed down the coast again towards the bridge and we found….

Prince Edward Island (71)Horses!!! Zara stopped the car so we could check them out.

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Prince Edward Island Day 3: Camping and the North Point

I am getting so close to the end of my Prince Edward Island series, today I am sharing the beginning of Day 3. It was such a crazy trip since we basically drove almost all of Day 1 and Day 3 as well. We did stick around in PEI for a bit longer then we anticipated because I don’t think neither me, Zara or Victor wanted to leave. So we chilled out in the morning and did our own things before checking out of the campsite and getting into the car to checking out the north point mid-morning. There were so many photos to go through so it’s another 2 partier so look out for it next week. There will be a double post next week because I realize it’s been all about PEI this month and maybe you’re a little bored of it so don’t worry next week is the second half and little something something extra. I have work still midnight tonight and am not looking forward to it so wish me luck and I hope you are ready for Friday because I have some amazing baby photos of Butter to share with you.

Camping and cuddles! I woke up to watch the sunset – its was underwhelming and since I had to crawl over Victor to reach my camera I just went back to bed. whamp whamp.

Seriously, the view from the tent was amazing. I spent an hour with the side door of our tent open and just watched the sun and the ocean – it was so relaxing.

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Zara in Wonderland: Prince Edward Island

prince edward island (35)

Zara in Wonderland is a series of portraits of my friend Zara as the model. This addition was shot in Prince Edward Island on a beach and wharf we found exploring. She is standing as the sunsets in front of the Atlantic Ocean. We always end up on the most random adventures together and love exploring new places together. For more of my Zara in Wonderland series, check out the previous sets here, here, here, and here!

prince edward island (34) prince edward island (45)prince edward island (36)prince edward island (33) prince edward island (44)prince edward island (32)


Prince Edward Island Day 2: Lighthouse and Sunsets

More photos from my amazing adventure to Prince Edward Island. We are taking off right after the end of the last weeks Day 2 (if you haven’t checked it out click here). We start our journey in New Glasgow, PEI and head to find a lighthouse and found so much more, check it out below.

prince edward island (1) prince edward island (2)These were shot in New Glasgow right behind the restaurant we went to for supper. It was a really pretty region and I love the river coming in from the ocean that winds around the town.

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Prince Edward Island Addition

self portrait   For today’s Self Portrait Sunday I wanted to share some photos from my summer trip to Prince Edward Island. I didn’t take too many but the last morning we were there while I was standing in the ocean enjoying a quiet moment by myself I took a few. I grew up by the Pacific Ocean and use to spend pretty much a month solid of the summer on the beach every day for hours so I always feel more myself when I am near the ocean or in it. I didn’t want my hair to be wet all day so I didn’t swim (which was too bad) but I had a lot of fun. Of course only after I took a few photos did I realize I had soot all over my face from cooking breakfast on the campfire – hahaha. Oh the beauty of camping!

self portrait (3) self portraitAnd one from the night before when we went to the beach to watch the sunset. It was really magical and I did a mini photo-shoot with Zara and Victor that I cannot wait to show you guys. Have a great Sunday!


365 Challenge: August

August means I’ve reached the half-way point of my 365 Challenge. I am really excited to have made it this far and love getting the chance to share a part of my day with you guys. It can be tough especially on days when I work because I am stuck in a call center for most of the day.  Or when it rains – which in Montreal has been a lot and with Fall here that will not be changing anytime soon. It’s been great being able to capture all those summer moments that seem to pass by so quickly. I’ve been looking back over July and August the last few days and just marvelling at all the things I managed to do this summer and the things I forgot to do (swim in a pool). It was a great month all in all. I think next month I want to try doing more self-portraits!  If you want to check out the previous round-ups: March, April , May, June and July or my Tumblr!

Top 5:

365 (149) (1024x678)149 Butter being super cute in the morning

365 (154) (1024x678)154 Getting ready to scan Polaroids from Vancouver

365 (160) (1024x678)160 Microshot of my Fishnet Stocking plant

365 (166) (1024x678)167 Went to a Pick-Your-Own Bluebbery farm

365 (171) (1024x678)172 Victor in Prince Edward Island at sunset on the beach facing the Atlantic Ocean


Day 2 in Prince Edward Island: Charlottetown and Graveyards

graveyardToday is a continuation of last week’s adventure in Prince Edward Island, starting with our second day there. It was our only full day there and we managed to drive all over the island and see lots of local life. Since I have the tendency to take so many photos Day 2 will be broke up over the next 2 weeks. I am excited to show how beautiful the island is and today’s post has some shots of their capital Charlottetown and the countryside.

Prince Edward Island (10)The start of the day was breakfast on the fire pit with me and Victor’s tent and the ocean in the background.  It was freezing cold until dawn when it became insanely hot so none of us got a very good sleep.

Prince Edward Island (4)It was amazing waking up right in front of the Atlantic ocean, on Vancouver Island where I grew up we have a few campgrounds that are right on the Pacific ocean too and they were always my favourite.

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