Adventures on a train bridge…

train bridge (2) train bridge (3) train bridge (4)train bridge (6)train bridge (5)train bridge (13)train bridge (9)train bridge (12)train bridge (8)train bridge (14)train bridge (18)train bridge (15)train bridge (21)train bridge (23)train bridge (25)train bridge (26)train bridge (28)train bridge (30)train bridge (29)train bridge (34)train bridge (31)train bridge (32)train bridge (39)train bridge (35)train bridge (37)train bridge (40)train bridge (41)train bridge (42)train bridge (44)Hung out this week with one of my good friends and I thought I’d share photos of our mini adventures. We were driving past a small town and happened upon a train bridge.  We stopped to check it out and ended up walking on it even though both of us have issues with heights and bridges (Zara almost didn’t go across but I convinced her it’d be fun). We also sat down at the half way point to dangle our legs over the edge and just enjoy the overcast sun beating down. We probably spent at least 30minutes sitting there just enjoying the river, it was really funny because people from the town kept either walking or biking past on the ‘person’ part of the bridge and staring at us….it just felt like one of those amazing summer moments. And okay, this post officially convinced me I need to buy new flats and STOP wearing my beat up ones from last year but they are so teal and have the cutest cut-outs – I love them so much. lol. What have you done this summer that felt like one of those perfect summer moments?


A Look Back At Summer: Pick Your Own Blueberries

pick your own blueberries (5)I thought since this week I was supposed to pick apples but that got cancelled that I’d share a few photos from my pick your own blueberries adventure I had with my friend Zara this summer. I really love the idea of getting fruit directly from the farm, it just seems such a wonderful relationship between the grower and me as a consumer. Up until last year I had never done it before but it was such a great experience I was excited to do more. Zara has a car which is wonderful because being a city girl and living on transit I cannot actually get myself to farms on my own. We rode out to this random farm I had found the day before online and spent a few hours under the hot sun eating and picking blueberries until we were exhausted. It was really hard work, much harder than apples that are for sure. Zara picked and ate so many, she was like a pro. I gave up after a while and just took photos of the blueberry bushes – lol. The only disappointment was they didn’t have their raspberry picking open which would have been amazing as it’s my one of my favourite summer fruits. It was really fun though, and the store they had there sold the most amazing apple juice and honey. I was so happy I picked some up because it’s just so great getting unpasteurized produce when you can. The best thing though is I ended up with so many blueberries I was able to freeze a whole bunch on the day I picked them so I have fresh local blueberries sitting in my freezer to make cupcakes or just adding to my yogurt for the next few months.  Anyways, here are the photos of our day picking blueberries.

pick your own blueberries (1)pick your own blueberries (2)pick your own blueberries (3)zara in wonderland pick your own blueberries (4) pick your own blueberries (6) pick your own blueberries (7) pick your own blueberries (8) pick your own blueberries (9)zara in wonderland close up of blueberries pick your own blueberries (14) zara in wonderlandpick your own blueberries (11)pick your own blueberries (13)  zara in wonderlandpick your own blueberries (17) pick your own blueberries (21) pick your own blueberries (22) pick your own blueberries (23) quebec farm quebec farm montreal montreal montreal montreal montreal


Day 1: Travelling to Prince Edward Island

So last weekend I got an offer from my friend Zara to go on a road trip and camp because she had wanted to go to Prince Edward Island. For those of you who don’t know Canadian geography, it’s an island/province on the east coast tip of Canada on the Atlantic Ocean just across from the province of New Brunswick. It’s roughly a 12hour drive from the Montreal. I was really excited because the farthest east in Canada I have been is Quebec City and have never been to either NB or PEI before. As well I am a huge lover of islands (I grew up on an island) and always feel so spiritually happy being near the ocean. I really wanted to show you some of my photos from the trip so I thought I’d share them over the next few Thursdays.

prince edward island (1)After a few wrong turns we made it out of Montreal and hit the road just after 7am.

prince edward island (5)First stop of the trip was this random town because Zara gave up on finding a small town bakery for breakfast.

prince edward island (4)After passing Quebec City we saw our first peak of the Atlantic Ocean and then headed inland again

prince edward island (6) prince edward island (8)And just like that the time zone changed an hour ahead and we slipped from Quebec into New Brunswick Continue reading %s


L’International des Feux Loto-Québec (Montreal Fireworks)

montreal fireworks (10), L'International des Feux Loto-Québec I am still going through my photo shoots that I did when I was in Vancouver last week, so this week I wanted to show photos taken of the Montreal fireworks. I am a huge sucker for fireworks and try and watch them whenever I can. I am a bit spoiled because I’ve lived in Vancouver and Montreal for the last 10 years, both of which have festivals for fireworks in the summer months so I can just go watch them weekly. They finished here in Montreal on the weekend and I watched with delight in the rain, I only went 3 times this year due to work schedule and general forgetfulness as well they had 3 shows while I was in Vancouver.  These were shot in July when me and Victor camped out on the bridge and had a piknic before they started. It was just wonderful and really the best view in Montreal for sure. I’ve recently been interested in bokeh type photography so you’ll notice I use this technique on the fireworks.

fireworks (32)fireworks (5), L'International des Feux Loto-Québec fireworks (26)fireworks (22)fireworks (2)fireworks (4)fireworks (15)fireworks (14)fireworks (12)fireworks (13) fireworks (30) fireworks (18) fireworks (6)fireworks (3)
I cannot help myself when it comes to fireworks so there is a few more below as well.

Continue reading %s


Lomography Wednesday

lomography holga adapter nikon (36)Quebec City: Part 2

More photos this week from Victor and my trip to Quebec City last summer taken with the Holga adapter for Nikon, if you want to check out last weeks of nature, here. This time I wanted to focus on the architecture of Quebec City. It has really lovely parts and I am a sucker for old buildings. We stayed in the middle of the vieux part of town and it was wonderful being surrounded by cobblestones roads and 100 year old buildings. The Holga effect makes it seem even more dreamy and surreal. Next week I have a lot of photos taken in Vancouver to show you guys, so look out for that!

lomography holga adapter nikon (2) lomography holga adapter nikon (4)lomography holga adapter nikon (5)lomography holga adapter nikon (7)lomography holga adapter nikon (14) lomography holga adapter nikon (24) lomography holga adapter nikon (16)lomography holga adapter nikon (13), quebec citylomography holga adapter nikon (23), quebec citylomography holga adapter nikon (1), quebec citylomography holga adapter nikon (18), quebec city lomography holga adapter nikon (33)lomography holga adapter nikon (9)


Lomography Wednesday

lomography holga adapter nikon (35), quebec cityQuebec City: Part 1

Last summer when me and Victor went by train to Quebec City for 2 days I brought along my Holga adapter for my Nikon camera. I had completely forgotten about these photos until last week when looking through old trip folders in preparation for my trip to Vancouver. I really loved the whimsical nature of these shots; it’s a very good presentation of Quebec City itself. I thought I’d show them off but I have quite a few so this week it’s more nature shots of trees and grassy hills and in two week  it will be all about the unique architecture of this beautiful city.

lomography holga adapter nikon (31)lomography holga adapter nikon (27), quebec citylomography holga adapter nikon (25)lomography holga adapter nikon (11) lomography holga adapter nikon (21) lomography holga adapter nikon (20), quebec city lomography holga adapter nikon (22), quebec city lomography holga adapter nikon (12) lomography holga adapter nikon (32)lomography holga adapter nikon (19)lomography holga adapter nikon (8), quebec citylomography holga adapter nikon (34)lomography holga adapter nikon (17)


Self-Portrait Sunday

citizen erased, citizen erased phography, dadaist photographyI love this dadaist piece from my backlog. I’ve had it hanging in my house of years, and I cannot wait to one day blow it up and have it in a gallery. This piece is very much of the definition of what I love about photography and art and what I want to bring to the world. My fluffy stuff it like my ‘everyday’ photography but this is really my passion.  As a self-portrait I think this says everything about me, I can see so much of my past in my expression. In a lot of my work my expression is very blank, I really like being a canvas for what else is happening around me. This photo employed a lot of my who I am, and I find that beautiful to see.


April in Review

citizen erased (11) copy Oh my gosh, I did not even realize it was the end of April. It must have just flown by me, I know I’ve been busy unpacking and moving but my house has been completely unpacked for weeks!  I hope your April was good. Mine has been a mixed bag but the last two weeks have just been really wonderful. Montreal is full on summer mode and seems to have skipped spring completely. I’ve been walking every weekend with Victor around our new neighborhood and that’s really been a great change. I’ve also started doing Yoga, I think I may need to do some more working out before I can handle doing a Yoga class since I’m a little ( a lot) out of shape but it is great to start something new. You may have noticed that this month there was no reviews for Vintage Tuesday or Lomography Wednesday, don’t worry those were just put on hold due to being so busy with the move and will be back in May. So far I do not have many plans for May, just painting the house and taking lots of photos :)

a few of my favourite posts from April:
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I am making a few changes to the blog for May.

  1.  I love fashion and love dressing a little crazy so I wanted to add a What I Wore post to my blog, and why not alternate with Self-Portrait Sunday? I don’t know if this will become a staple so I’m declaring May and June as a trial period, let me know if you like these types of posts, I’d love the feedback. I’m a bit nervous as my self-portraits are all from photo shoots I’ve done or just trying to document my hair color so to me this is completely different. If I look nervous in the first few, you’ll know why. :)
  2. It turns out my favourite post to make Vingtage Tuesday, is much harder to take enough photos for a weekly post with developing film and finding time in the day to convert some of these beauties to work with modern film and clean them. I’ll see how May goes but I am thinking of switching it to be bi-weekly, so if you notice the frequency go down that’s why.
  3. There will no longer be a Picture of the Week. When I first created it was to encourage myself to do more photography on a weekly basis. But in March I started my 365 project on Tumblr and it seems a little repetitive. I will still be doing my monthly updates of the 365 project on my blog once a month on Fridays however check out my Tumblr in between for daily pictures.

I know so many changes but I’ve had a long month of comtemplating and that’s what spring is all about… reorganizing. :) For right now I think Friday is going to be a day of rest for me so instead I’m going to post photos of Butter when I can so I can spend my time on Friday working on my website. Have you ever clicked on my website link? It leads to the most ugly, not even remotely started website that I’ve spent maybe a week doing in September. So….it needs my love and there needs to be more Butter photos (that’s sarcasm as I have like 60GB of Butter photos on my hard drive – no joke)


Apple-Picking with friends

My friend Tammy and her boyfriend was in town a few weeks ago and we decided to do some apple-picking near D’Oka.
It was my first time apple picking, and I had a lot of fun. And eat a lot of apples!
I made 4 apple pies, apple crumble, and apple muffins from just 1 bag of 10lbs of various apple varieties.
Which made the whole trip a really yummy endevour.
I wanted to show some of the shots of the day.
First time I was using my one of my 2 ‘new’ vintage Polariod cameras, the shots turned out great although I kept forgetting how long it takes them to dry and ruined a page of my 70’s manuel. I think it’s a good idea when taking shots on the go to leave them in the package until your home.
I heard you can scan the negative side of the film as well, however haven’t had a chance to test that.

Here are some of my favourite shots.
For more you can always check the album on my Facebook page.

citizen erased photographycitizen erased photographycitizen erasedcitizen erasedcitizen erasedcitizen erasedcitizen erased, polaroid, land cameracitizen erased