Zine of the Month: Simon Fortin

This month’s zine pick is Burbles by Montreal artist Simon Fortin. Burbles is a 30 paged illustrative zine containing the character Burbles in a variety of cute and adorable costumes. I love this zine so much and Fortin’s work is always very colorful and playful and this is face meltingly cute. One of my favourite zines I picked up in the last year. If you want to pick up the zine for yourself check out Fortin’s store here  and for more artwork check out  Tumblr. Below I’ve included a look at the zine and one of the stickers packs (Sailor Moon!).

Burbles by Simon Fortin


Featured Artist: Chisato Tatsumi

chisato tatsumi
Featured Artist: Chisato Tatsumi

Featured artist this week is Japanese artist Chisato Tatsumi. Tatsumi makes magic girl inspired drawings that use a mixture of styles. There isn’t very much information about Tatsumi available that I could find but regardless I really wanted to share their work because I love the combination of elements and portraiture. It reminds me of Sailor Moon Crystal and other magic girl animations when the character’s transform. As well the highly saturated color of each drawing has a very visceral effect. I’d say it’s better to go the website to view these in full resolution as there is just so much detail that it lends itself to be seen on the larger scale. However I have included a few of my favourites below and links to where you can find Tatsumi’s work.

Chisato Tatsumi (website)
Tumblr (updates and links to shows and items)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Chisato Tatsumi.


Pick of the Week: Mikomi Art and Accessories

Mikomi Art sailor moon stickers (4)Pick of the Week: Mikomi Art and Accessories

This week’s pick is Mikomi Art and Accessories which specializes in anime stickers, prints and pins. I found out about her shop at the end of Spring when I was watching a lot of the new revised Sailor Moon animation and decided to check out Etsy to see what they had in terms of fan art. When I was looking I fell in love with these Sailor Moon stickers and thought they were some of best interpretations on there of Naoko Takeuchi‘s original work. So I couldn’t resist picking up each set she had and let’s just say I am beyond delighted with them. Not only did they arrived quickly and in great packaging but they are very good quality and the colors just pop. The price for them was also reasonable and she carries them a variety of different sizes as which I liked. You check out her store here and below is a closer look at all the sticker designs.

Mikomi Art sailor moon stickers (1) Mikomi Art sailor moon stickers (2)

a few of my favourites:


Things That Make Me Smile

things that make me smile (7)What better way to start a Things That Make Me Smile post than our new bikes. Seriously in love with my early birthday present.

things that make me smile (1)My air plant is flowering, so pretty.

things that make me smile (10) things that make me smile (11)Going plant shopping, and these goth fucking flowers.
(more flowers photos from Atwater Marche here)

things that make me smile (13) things that make me smile (14)The succulents that we picked out. I don’t have a good track record with succulents so I hope these don’t end up making me sad. lol.

things that make me smile (15)Butter randomly makes the best unimpressed face.

things that make me smilethings that make me smile (2)Me and Victor wanted to go on farther bike rides so randomly one day we headed to Lachine which is on the south side of Montreal island and biked around the edge. It took us about 3 hours as we stopped a lot and got lost. The weather was poor that day so I didn’t take many photos but I loved these two.

things that make me smile (10)First day at the lake! The water was really cold but that didn’t stop us from spending all our time there swimming.

things that make me smile (20)things that make me smile (1)things that make me smile (2)things that make me smile (6)
Random things I bought in June.

things that make me smile (4)Including these Sailor Moon file folders.

things that make me smile (3) things that make me smile (2)After waiting 3 months my gemstone beads finally arrived and I couldn’t be more delighted. Made so many bracelets already and I haven’t even used half of them.

things that make me smile (9)Mural Festival happened earlier in the month and I was mostly disappointed by it this year. However I did find these amazing stickers from Sandra Chevrier.

things that make me smile (5) things that make me smile (6)Sunsets and Sunrises, made even better when Victor or Butter joins me in watching them.

things that make me smile (17)things that make me smile (19)Finishing a package of origami paper always makes me smile but this rainbow pack of 200 only took 1 week so I was extra delighted. Also my front window setup right now is on point.

things that make me smile (12) Found a baby bird hiding behind flowers while out on a walk.

things that make me smile (10)During the months of June to August every first Friday of the month they have a food cart night at the Olympic Stadium. Some our favourites for going in June was the Polish sausage on a stick (sooo good) and Polish fruit drink.

things that make me smile (11)Homemade epsom bath salts that smell like french vanilla, perfect for tired feet from too much walking.

things that make me smile (1) things that make me smile (8)things that make me smile (9) things that make me smile (4)A bunch of random photos from various walks around the Plateau and other areas of Montreal. That elephant statue by the way is $200 – and I really want it even though who would spend that kind of money on a disco ball elephant? Also the ice cream in the last photo is Korean and suppose to be a shark, it’s really really good so if you can find I highly recommend it.

things that make me smile (8)Lets end this very long Things That Make Me Smile with a self-portrait of myself after dying the tips of my hair purple (the camera tells lies, this is way more purple in person). Being bright and colorful always makes me smile.


Zine of the Month: Starchild Stela

Starchild Stela is a local Montreal artist who does illustrations, paintings, and street art amongst other things. She also happens to make a huge amount of zines including one of my all-time favourites in my collection called Destroy Rape Culture. I decided to feature it today because the zine as you can imagine is all about bringing power back and positive messages. She showcases the message of empowerment with the use of Sailor Moon (one of my favourite animes) and catchy slogans. It’s a great collaboration between the two as Sailor Moon has always been about female empowerment and I am sure a lot of us 90s kids found the manga and animation an inspiration. The zine features illustrations of all the Sailor Scouts and a few of the villains from the series within its 20 black and white pages. I love her twist on Takeushi’s style and can’t recommend this zine enough. If you wish to pick it up or check out any of her other zines you can find it at her distro or her main store. Fair warning, it sells out pretty quickly but she has been keeping it restocked at the moment (and also in sticker form). Sneak peak below if you are interested.

Destroy Rape Culture


Things That Make Me Smile

Although it isn’t May any longer I had so many photos that I didn’t have a chance to share so today is going to be May’s Things That Make Me Smile. So sorry about all the uncertainty with posts the last month, there was a security issue that happened mid-month and to ensure there was no issues I had to take the site down. Still working to get it fully back up so you may notice things changing for the next week but I’m trying to finish it as soon as possible. There will be another smile post next week too, so if you like my silly personal photos you are in luck. Hope you enjoy!

things that make me smile things that make me smilethings that make me smile (3)Biking down to the Clock tower and watching the sunset, especially if there is a picnic involved.
This gif I made of one of my mtlcranes in Vieux-Montreal.

things that make me smile mutek (2)things that make me smile mutekMutek weekend here in Montreal. Even better when you can dance with your shoes off in the grass while Dewalta and Mike Shannon play a great set.

things that make me smile things that make me smile (3)Brand new bikes!!! For an early birthday present Victor bought me a new hybrid bike and I am in love. He also picked one up for himself so we could ride in style together. So much better than the ancient 2nd hand bikes we’ve had for the past 2 years.

things that make me smile (2)Also these light up alien heads that I bought Victor to go with his bike.

things that make me smile (4) things that make me smileHandsome men and this frog which looks cute and mysterious at the same time.

things that make me smile (2)My homemade vanilla extract (I did a post about making it here). Still letting it ruminate for a bit longer before using but it’s getting so dark now.

things that make me smile (4)Speaking of alcohol, I love sparkling cider and randomly picked this brand up one day from a local depanneur and fell in love. It’s so good, and tastes exactly like the other Quebec sparkling cider I love by Lafrance. This one comes in mini bottles instead of a big bottle though so it’s perfect picnics. I like to call it poor person champagne.

things that make me smile (1)Puffy stickers :)  I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any more stickers until I whittled away some of my vast collection….but I couldn’t resist.

things that make me smile (2)My best thrift store haul of the year. The Hello Kitty phone was only $4! I really need to spend more time thrifting this summer.

things that make me smile (3)How could I resist these Sailor Moon stickers? (bought from Etsy)

things that make me smile (5)Dino stamps? Such a nerd. Honestly though these are the best.

things that make me smile (1)I am a sucker for pastel origami paper. I’ve been hard at work on my 3,000 crane project. Just reaching over 2,000 this past month after starting in February. I wanted to have it finished by end of June but now I am aiming more for end of July, early August. Let you know more about it closer to the date.

things that make me smile (5)I’ll end today’s post with a sunset, appropriate I thought to say the least. What better to make me smile than a bike ride and picnic ending with a beautiful view and the sound of running water? All I need for heaven on early.


June Treasures

june treasures 4

June’s treasures are almost all 90s inspired which is exactly what I’ve been feeling lately. My favourite has to be the hand painted My Little Pony platforms (she makes Sailor Moon ones as well) and the Tooth and Eye leggings. I just started watching the new Sailor Moon remake a month ago and really want to get more figurines and other goodies so I’ve been looking on Etsy and Storenvy for fan made stuff. I’m also still saving up money for my trip in July so have to resist but can’t wait until I have my disposable income back. Also sorry about the last 2 weeks of no posts, had to spend some time working on the back end of the website as having security issues but should be good to go for the remainder of June.


Things That Make Me Smile

I miss sharing my more day to day photography so this month’s ‘Things That Make Me Smile’ reflects that and is crammed full of photos from the last month. I’ve also been having an amazing end to my summer and had the chance to hang out and explore so many days in September so it’s hard to pick and not to share everything. Hoping this weekend to do one more road trip and go to Prince Edward County to swim in Lake Ontario and go camping (it will be amazing if it happens).  It’s just been a great month. Anyways here are all the things that have made me smile in the past month…

things that make me smileJames Jean postcards are the best, seriously, the colors on the Memu set are another level.

things that make me smile (2)Everything about this photo, from my bike to the reflection of the setting sun on the train tracks.

things that make me smile (15)things that make me smile (6)I never consider myself a girly girly but my love of Sailor Moon and My Little Ponies from childhood has always been my weakness. Bought some Generation One MLPs and a Sailor Moon figurine set (fakes as I’m cheap) for my shelves.

things that make me smile things that make me smileExploring the Canada Malting Silos with friends (will share more from this day soon)

things that make me smile (1) My new hanging terrarium that I picked up for super cheap at the Pop Montreal craft fair.

things that make me smile (9) things that make me smile (14)Found amazing paper kaleidoscope cameras.

things that make me smileVictor’s plant is growing, I love how pale the new leaves are compared to the rest of the plant.

things that make me smile (3)things that make me smile (4)Butter’s birthday!

things that make me smile (13) Continue reading %s