Featured Artist: Kate Clark

kateclarkFeatured Artist: Kate Clark

This week’s featured artist is sculptor Kate Clark from Brooklyn, New York. She takes sculpture and taxidermy to a new level by blending the human form and the form of wild animals together through sculpting. The body of her sculptures stay true to classic taxidermy and the original animal but she stitches and sculpts hides together to form human faces on her subjects. There is a very raw visceral reaction to her work and it draws the viewer in and makes them ask questions. Her work is haunting. The first impression I had viewing them was the juxtaposition of the animal and the human like heads but after a moment the facial elements seem to blend in seamlessly into the body of the animal and they become one entity. Where her work is most successful is this blending and believability, you can see the emotions on the face and it stays true to the body position and spirit of the animal. Below I have links of where to find out more about her and some of her most successful pieces.

Kate Clark Studio(website)
Instagram (updates)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Kate Clark.


Double Exposure Wednesday: Statue

double exposure vieux montreal (2)double exposure vieux montreal (1)double exposure vieux montreal (4)Today’s double exposures were taken a while back in early spring when me and Victor walked around our favourite area of Vieux-Montreal close to the docks. I am not sure how long this metal ironworks statue has been in place beside the silos since this was the first time we had adventures around the building (photos here). Sitting just outside the fence line on the edge of the small peninsula I think the statue vastly improves the cityscape behind and I just had to capture the sculpture from a few different angles.

double exposure vieux montreal (3)


Featured Artist: Erika Sanada

erika sanada
Featured Artist: Erika Sanada

This week’s Featured Artist is sculpture Erika Sanada, who creates wonderful and mesmerizingly creatures out of her imagination. Although they appear from afar to be regular sculptures of animals like a household dog, the more you look, the more you may see an extra body part or another animal conjoined to it or escaping it (much like in the movie Alien). Speaking of movies, she says one of her main inspirations is from her childhood when she would escape her surrounds by watching them, and supernatural animations. A world where the reality is common place to be filled with horrifying and deformed creatures. She also uses her sculptures as a way of overcoming the anxieties she suffers from by depicting a dark side of the world. Both inspirations I can feel a lot of people can relate to in some way.  I love them at least and think her sculptures are exquisite and executed with a high leave of skill. Not to mention the detailing of various colors on different creatures makes them pop in a way you almost forget how dark they are. If you want to find out more about her check the links below and I’ve included a few photos of her sculptures as well.

Erika Sanada (website)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Erika Sanada.


Double Exposure: Mont-Royal

Today I felt like sharing some of my less recent double exposure from back in November when me and Victor went on a walk to Mont-Royal. One of our goals this spring and summer is to go for walks every weekend and I was remind of one of my favourite places to walk to. I will have to go back when the weather is a bit warmer to attend Tam-Tams and perhaps to go to the massive graveyard that’s on the opposite side of the hill. They even had a gaint pond you can rent paddle boats at but it’s pretty small. I don’t think we even went to Tams-Tams once last year which was a shame because laying on a blanket with the sun on your face is really unbeatable way to spend Sunday afternoons.

I also have these as postcards: here!

double exposure mont royal (6) double exposure mont royal (11) double exposure mont royal (8) double exposure mont royal (18) double exposure mont royal (23) double exposure mont royal (36) double exposure mont royal (29) double exposure mont royal (33) double exposure mont royal (26) double exposure mont royal (34) double exposure mont royal (24) double exposure mont royal (27)


Featured Artist: Creatures From El

creatures from elFeatured Artist: Creatures From El

Ellen Jewett from Ontario, Canada is the mastermind sculpture behind Creatures with El. Her mixed media sculptures of fantasy and realistic creatures are both eerie and beautiful. I fell in love with her work when I stumbled upon it on Etsy and boy do I wish I could afford one of my own. Her additions to the creatures are so whimsical, it’s like a creature from a Tolkien book or other fantasy books come to life without at all appearing to be reminiscent of mythical creatures we are commonly use to seeing (although the Cheshire cat one is one of my personal favs).  Her haunting creatures are really helped by the fact she has a degree in Biological Anthropology as the foundations of her fantasy creatures always seem grounded in reality and you can tell she loves the animal form. I love how detailed her sculptures are and all the little touches. There is so much to look at that even after a 3rd viewing you will likely find something new you didn’t notice before. Which I think is an element of great artwork. Could you imagine seeing one of her creatures in your town square instead one of those LOVE sculptures? I would fill my whole backyard with them and keep them as guardians if I could! Check out her work below and there is links at the bottom of where to find her!

Creatures from El (website)
DeviantArt (prints and updates)
Etsy (custom sculptures)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted Ellen  Jewett