Multiple Exposure: Vancouver Sunset

vancouver sunset (1)For some reasons these Vancouver sunset multiple exposure photographs remind me of the song “To the Moon and Back” by Savage Garden. They were taken last Summer during one of the many sunsets I managed to watch from my dear friend Nicole’s balcony of downtown. It’s interesting to see the progress of color as the sun gets further down. I haven’t seen any really great sunsets yet this year but here’s hoping…

vancouver sunset (2)vancouver sunset (7)vancouver sunset (10) vancouver sunset (11)vancouver sunset (5) vancouver sunset (14)vancouver sunset (13) vancouver sunset (19)vancouver sunset (18)Two different none double exposure shots so you can what the sunset really looked like The one below would have been such an amazing shot with the birds except they aren’t in focus. The last one you can really see the scale of how far away I was. vancouver sunset (15) vancouver sunset (12)


Multiple Exposure: Lost

Sometimes you are lost, and I mean actually lost not existentially lost and you come upon the greatest thing. This weeks’ multiple exposure is from a trip a few years ago when we stopped for gas and directions and unlike my fellow passengers who were so focused on getting home I noticed the sky from the parking lot and stopped and stared (and took a few photographs).

mulitple exposure lost sky (6)mulitple exposure lost sky (9)mulitple exposure lost sky (7)mulitple exposure lost sky (10)mulitple exposure lost sky (12)mulitple exposure lost sky (8)mulitple exposure lost sky (11)


Just a Cloud

just a cloud (2) just a cloud (11)just a cloud (10) just a cloud (8) just a cloud (9)just a cloud (4)just a cloud (6)spring wavesjust a cloud (12)just a cloud (14) just a cloud (1) just a cloud (15)I know I am writting this at the bottom but scroll to the top and start playing “Cloud” by Fischerspooner and go from the top down again and enjoy the gentle sky photography lull you into the amazing “just a cloud” chorus.


Multiple Exposure: Dome

multiple exposure dome (1)Today’s multiple exposure are of the Montreal Biosphère located in Montreal on Ile Saint Helen. Taken during one of me and Victor’s summer bike trips as we were riding from Ile Notre Dame back across Jean-Drapeau parc to our house.The sun was just starting to set so it’s not quiet a sunset just yet but I thought I’d try and capture the clouds behind the Bioshphere.

multiple exposure dome (3)multiple exposure dome (2) multiple exposure dome (4)A look of what the Montreal Biosphère looks like without use of multiple exposure techniques.


Multiple Exposure: Crescent Moon

multiple exposure crescent moonMy crescent moon multiple exposures are actually from the same sunset I showed you photos of last week here, except a bit later on after the sun had set.  Taken of Lake Ontario during a camping trip in late September. The sky enamored me so much that night I just had to capture the reflection of the silhouetted trees on the water and the extra bright moon. We pasted this particular shot while in the car and I insisted on getting out and taking photos telling them to go ahead. It was nice just sitting there alone watching the moon.

multiple exposure crescent moon (4) multiple exposure crescent moon (3) multiple exposure crescent moon (1) multiple exposure crescent moon (2)


Double Exposure Wednesday: Statue

double exposure vieux montreal (2)double exposure vieux montreal (1)double exposure vieux montreal (4)Today’s double exposures were taken a while back in early spring when me and Victor walked around our favourite area of Vieux-Montreal close to the docks. I am not sure how long this metal ironworks statue has been in place beside the silos since this was the first time we had adventures around the building (photos here). Sitting just outside the fence line on the edge of the small peninsula I think the statue vastly improves the cityscape behind and I just had to capture the sculpture from a few different angles.

double exposure vieux montreal (3)


Double Exposure: Burnaby Sunset

double exposure sunset (2)All the double exposure photographs I am showing were taken during one night of my trip to Vancouver from the brilliant view my friend Nicole has of downtown Vancouver. For at least half of my trip the sky was being blocked out by smoke caused by nearby forest fires so it was really lovely when it cleared up for several reasons including that I could enjoy watching the sun go down from the comfort of her porch. I had never forgotten the amazing sunsets Vancouver has but it was a different experience entirely to view them like this. When I lived there, usually I’d watch them while whizzing past on the Skytrain a random evening. I felt spoiled by the end of the trip. Enjoy the changing skies and hues of the sunset over the period of an hour one night in Burnaby.

double exposure sunset (3)double exposure sunset (6)double exposure sunsetdouble exposure sunset (1)double exposure sunset (5)


Double Exposures: Sunsets on the Side

double exposure sunset montreal (1) double exposure sunset montreal (5)Lately I’ve been taking a lot of silhouette style double exposures at dusk and the results are really something else. I love the surreal landscapes I can create just using my camera not to mention how heavenly this sunset was.  I shot a lot of this style while I was on vacation in BC so the next few double exposures posts will have be more of this overall theme.

double exposure sunset montreal (4)double exposure sunset montreal (2) double exposure sunset montreal (8)