Pick of the Week: Skullery

skullery (8)Pick of the Week: Skullery

This week’s pick if faux taxidermy shop Scullery which sells necklaces and skull pieces cast out of resin. I have been following this shop for probably 4 years and just never bought a piece even after almost 2 years of having the same crow skull necklace in my basket. However I recently started following Scullery on Instagram and fell in love with what they’ve been doing recently with using multi-colored resin, glitter, even glow in the dark pieces and maybe soon color changing resin skulls. I was blown away by the newest unnatural skulls and was waiting on baited breath for the release of the pieces so I could find one to call my own. It arrived yesterday and I’m so in love with it, I didn’t even realize from the pictures online that my piece had glitter in it and it honestly looks and feels like a real skull to me and thankfully is not one. One thing I will mention is that even though they have an Etsy store it’s really only for their more tradition realistic pieces. If you like the unnatural skulls like my necklace you will want to check out their main website under Special Editions and follow them on Instagram because certain pieces are auctioned off and special additions are put up in bulk runs and usually the only updates are provided through Instagram. I actually missed the release of the past bundle of skulls by a few days (after waiting around 2 months for it). I still found a few pieces left that I could choose from and I was more than happy with my choice. However their skulls and crystals are limited and get bought the day of in droves so if you really want a certain piece I think it’s worth waiting around for. I can’t wait to see what else they do and am always excited to see what crystals they sell as well. I just adore my piece and if you are into taxidermy or bird skulls or know someone who is, I couldn’t recommend a better store worth checking out!

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Featured Artist: Hanna Hasse Bergström


Featured Artist: Hanna Hasse Bergström

Today’s featured artist is Swedish mixed-media artist Hanna Hasse Bergström who gives life back to skulls by painting and carving them. She says “animals and nature have always been my source of power” and hard not to see the passion and magic she puts into her work. Her details and brush strokes are delicate but her pieces embody strength and boldness, a wonderful mixture. It’s hard for me to even picture what the skulls originally looked like with flesh and bone on them as the transformation to something else entirely is so complete. I’ve always been intrigued by carved bone whether it’s a small arrow heads and native statues to the traditional carved skulls, so seeing her modern take of these traditions is exciting to me. Below is a selection her work and links on where you can find her.

Hanna Hasse Bergström (website)
Instagram (photos)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Hanna Hasse Bergström.


Things That Make Me Smile

A special Halloween themed Things That Make Me Smile.

things that make me smile (12)I’d dress Butter up but she loathes having to wear anything, I’ve tried.

things that make me smile (3) things that make me smile (4) things that make me smile (5) things that make me smile (6) things that make me smile (1)My favourite spooky artist, Ally Burke. I bought one of everything she had, almost.

things that make me smile (24) things that make me smile (23) things that make me smile (22)Halloween stamps and cards. Every year I send a bunch of cards to friends, it just what you do when you’ve moved across the country from the people you love.

things that make me smile (27)My package from Defective Pudding. *swoon*

things that make me smile (18) things that make me smile (16)A pile of Halloween stickers, one can never have enough stickers.

things that make me smile (26)My Halloween decoration have been very limited this year but I do have a few random pieces of decor on my coffee table.

things that make me smile (13) things that make me smile (14) things that make me smile (15)
The cards I found this to give to friends this year. The sparkly pumpkin ones with glitter eyes, nose and mouth are my favourites.

things that make me smile (8)My zine collection grows! I didn’t realize until putting this post together how many zines I’ve bought lately. These goodies are form Lillian Cuda.

things that make me smile (11)
My theme phone cases, I am in love. I can’t wait to make more.

things that make me smile (2)Presents A care package I sent my friends Derek and Erin, their cats turn 1 on Halloween.

things that make me smile (19)Halloween letter writing sets from Diaso.


Peterborough & Port Hope Roadtrip

In August as I’ve mentioned before I visited my friend Sarah in Peterborough and I realized last week that I still hadn’t shared any photos from the trip. So today I wanted to share photos from the second day of the road trip when we whisked Sarah away to the beach in Port Hope. I didn’t have the chance to take too many because it rained most of the day but in the spurts of dryness I ended up taking a few random shots but mostly just our cold walk on the beach. Next time I visit I want to take more of the city and actually get a photo of me and Sarah together cos apparently I forgot to do that…I don’t know how I forgot that honestly. Also there is a zoo in Peterborough! I didn’t even know this until we were about to drive home, so bummed but I have a few things on my list for our next visit so that’ll be fun. Its wonderful that she lives kind of close to Montreal, I light up anytime I get to see old friends from my time living in Vancouver.

peterborough roadtrip (1)Firstly though DOG! It was so great spending the morning at Sarah’s apartment with dogs around to attack me and try and lick my face constantly.  I grew up with a dog so I miss having them around – it’s such a different vibe to owning a cat.

peterborough roadtrip (3) peterborough roadtrip (9) peterborough roadtrip (8) peterborough roadtrip (6) peterborough roadtrip (4)We headed out of town and drove past the Ontario countryside. We even ended up stopping by this antique store that was in a church. Some how I didn’t end up taking any photos the church or the inside which was really silly but I did take photos of the cool flowers outside. If you know what causes the holes in the leaves leave me a comment below since I’m very curious to know.

peterborough roadtrip (14)peterborough roadtrip (11)peterborough roadtrip (10)peterborough roadtrip (16)We found a really cute entrance to the beach in Port Hope just when the rain started to let up for a bit. I had to take my shoes and go into the water even though it was really cold.

peterborough roadtrip (13)peterborough roadtrip (17)peterborough roadtrip (21)peterborough roadtrip (27)We all ended up finding something on the beach we wanted to keep. Sarah found a wizard’s wand which was probably the coolest thing in my opinion. It was a stick that had been beaten by the water so much it had removed all the bark and smoothed out and created waves. I ended up find this mostly intact bird skull that lucky had all the flesh removed. I’m not really a bone or taxidermy person but I love bird skulls so I was really excited to bring it home. Zara found so much, she took sand from the beach and found all this small bones to bring home – she was scavenging the whole time we were there.

peterborough roadtrip (22)peterborough roadtrip (19) peterborough roadtrip (28) peterborough roadtrip (29)peterborough roadtrip (31)I loved the weathered driftwood that was all over the beach. The circular branches coming out of the sand in the first shot were roots from one of the trees on the edge of the beach. We also kept finding dead birds and this whole fish on the beach the more we walked. It was kind of creepy after a while considering we could see a factory just down the road from where we were.

peterborough roadtrip (18) peterborough roadtrip (23) peterborough roadtrip (26) peterborough roadtrip (25) peterborough roadtrip (24) Continue reading %s


Pick of the Week: Hungry Designs “Revist”

hungry designs (3)

Pick of the Week: Hungry Designs “Revisted”

Hungry Designs is this week pick of the week and for a 2nd time as I just love this Etsy shop by Amanda Whitelaw. I though what better than around Halloween too as her work is heavily inspired by characters and there is plenty of the undead. Her shop is mostly brooches but she has coasters, prints, necklaces, wall mounts, pillows and more on there too. She a huge favourite of mine for brooches and since my last pick of the week of her work I bought as many more I wanted to show you guys. Her stuff is amazing and worth picking up even though it’ll be hard to just pick one. She frequently has sales too so follow her on tumblr (she also shows up coming designs and her trips to fairs in Australia)! My poor jackalope brooch broke when being shipped because the postman stuffed it into my small slot for mail so that’s why it looks a little messed up because I had to super glue its horns back together so don’t pay that any attention. Below are more photos more of the brooches I’ve picked up and a necklace. My favourite is the necklace and the My Little Pony inspired brooch.

hungry designshungry designs (3)hungry designscitizen erased photography (6)hungry designs (2)hungry designs (1)

Here are some of my favourite items: