Multiple Exposure Vancouver Rocky Mountains

double exposure (1)double exposure (4)double exposure (8)My love for taking multiple exposures grows the more and more I do them. It gives me a chance to see the world in a different way and to me it’s such a unique perceptive on the world. I love seeing what I can do with landscapes, silhouettes and architecture to create and manipulate almost my own vision of the world through my camera (without the use of editing of programs like Photoshop). So I thought I’d show more of what I am working on this just like last year but probably more on a weekly basis and it will  usually be of just one subject so you can see all the different ways I interpret it. This week is a view of the Rocky Mountains and English Bay from downtown Vancouver. I had the luck chance of standing on a balcony with this view, could you image seeing this every morning?

  double exposure (7)double exposure (2)


Double Exposure Wednesday: Vieux-Port

double exposure vieux-montrealCityscapes are such a great way to get the feel of a city and see its history without bias. One of the reasons why I like to capture double exposures of Montreal is because it feels like a new way to capture the city instead of overly used airplane views you see in tourist shops or even the more modern urban landscapes of new. I feel as well that landscape photography is primarily done by men so it’s nice to shoot something not consider covenantal (no stats on that statement but the ‘famous’ ones are predominately male like in most forms of photography).  It also feels nice to capture the Montreal people are familiar with but in a way that might make them question what they even be looking at or taking a second to see a familiar landmark.

double exposure vieux-montreal (3) double exposure vieux-montreal (2)double exposure vieux-montreal (4)double exposure vieux-montreal (10)double exposure vieux-montreal (9)double exposure vieux-montreal (12)