Double Exposures: Snow Goth?

I usually don’t share the left-over photos from my weekly self-portrait project but I really wanted to share these double exposures. I find them really fun, and my outfit and make up really reminds me of my early 20’s (even though the sweater is so 90’s). The one of me with the spider eyes was really the one I wanted to make my 52 Weeks shot but it felt too similar to other ones I had done recently. I always try and curate my project week to week so sometimes ‘better’ photos don’t get selected. I love how even double exposures that don’t turn out 100% what you wanted are still fun to look at.

double exposure goth (5)double exposure goth (3)double exposure goth (2)double exposure goth (7)double exposure goth (1)double exposure goth (4)


52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: My Other Half

40/52 My Other Half

52 weeks of self-portraits victor

This week’s self-portrait has a guest! Victor who feels so much like an extension of me at this point it seems silly not to include him in this project for at least once photo (I guess I technically did in one of October’s self-portraits but this one he is actually awake for).  I’m not very good, at least not anymore about capturing photos of us together. I remember for our first anniversary I put together a little photo book of portraits of us together and then again on our 2nd anniversary and realized how smaller it was the 2nd time. The 3rd year I just gave up as there were so few photos to choose from and decided not to do it. Still haven’t either (probably should do that for the last 3 years even if they are half the size of the first two books). The books were so good as well to see what we did in the year because there are all types of memories stored in them, whether it was what we wore for Halloween, parties with friends, or discovering a new city together. It’s strange how shared experiences go such a long way to forming bonds and making relationships even stronger. We’ve been by each other’s side for 5 years straight, and lived together for almost all 5 years too. Beside a week trip to Toronto, a few days here and there road tripping with Zara and a trip to Vancouver (which he joined me on after a week) we’ve almost never been apart since we meet on New Year’s 5 years ago. Two peas in a pod. So since it was our anniversary this week I wanted to share a photo of us. Taken today after a hell of an ice storm just standing in our backyard in our comfy H&M pants no need for anything more….


Vieux-Port Walks

vieux-port (8)Whenever I live in a city too long I was end up finding a new place every few months that I can go to again and again to ‘get away’ from everything. Lately it’s been the Vieux-Port as it’s just a quick walk from my house (which helps when it’s -10 outside). It just calms me down and makes me so happy to be there and it helps that it’s so beautiful right when the sun starts to go down.  It has this other wonderful glow about it when the sun hits the trees and the Clocktower and long shadows are cast.  Not to mention its right by the river, I get homesick for the ocean so often it feels nice to be near it and it’s easy to forget I live on an island. Oh and yes I’m aware I have a rain drop that smudged my lens – sadly not until I was home. Still wanted to share these despite it.

vieux-port (1)vieux-port (2)vieux-port (4)vieux-port (7)vieux-port (12)vieux-port (3)vieux-port (11)vieux-port (16)vieux-port (17)vieux-port (21)vieux-port (24)vieux-port (27)vieux-port (29)vieux-port (31)vieux-port (35)vieux-port (36)vieux-port (39)vieux-port (40)


Extra Train Shots

train shots (15)Okay so I lied last week when I said there wouldn’t be any more snow photos, but in all fairness there is actually still snow in Montreal. Much to my disdain as the yo-yo’ing of the weather has given me a permanent cold and I’ve been feeling unwell for weeks. But today I’d rather focus on happier days like my trip to Toronto at the start of February. I had a few shots left from the train ride up to Toronto and wanted to share them. Sadly the train’s windows were pretty dirty so all the photos have this smog quality to them but I just love the ones of Lake Ontario so much I couldn’t resist showing them. I was actually planned this big trip to one of the small towns that we drove past on the train a few weeks ago. I was hoping to go for my birthday weekend in July and just spend a few days with my feet in the sand and swimming in Lake Ontario as I’ve never swam or visited any of the Great Lakes. Sadly it turned out it’s the type of place families make a tradition of going to every year so this awesome motel I wanted to stay at on the beach side was literally booked for everyday for the whole summer already – ALREADY. That’s crazy to me. It was perfect too because we could have taken the train directly there and it was so small you could pretty much just walk everywhere. I’m tempted to book for next summer but Victor’s convinced me that it’s nuts. Hope you enjoy my train window shots!

train shotstrain shots (1) train shots (2) train shots (3) train shots (4) train shots (5) train shots (7) train shots (8) train shots (10) train shots (12) train shots (14) train shots (16) train shots (17) train shots (18) train shots (19)


Fête des Neiges

fete des neiges (4)Fête des Neiges happened at the beginning of February which was forever ago but I kept putting off sorting through my massive folder of photos. I honestly didn’t even think these would still be relevant this late in March but yup there is still a few feet of snow on the ground and its -10 in Montreal. It’s a fun festival and there was a lot of things to do…most of them are for little kids but me and Victor still enjoyed going to have a walk around. Thought I’d share our fun weekend day freezing our ass off and celebrating snow!

fete des neiges (2)fete des neiges (3)fete des neiges (1)
I loved this snowman and his awesome feathers.

fete des neiges (6)The first thing we headed to when we arrived was the temporary skating rink.

fete des neiges (5)fete des neiges (9)fete des neiges (13) fete des neiges (12)fete des neiges (7)fete des neiges (10)Victor doesn’t skate so I only went around a few times so he wasn’t too bored. I keep telling him he needs to buy skates and learn but no luck this year.
fete des neiges (14)fete des neiges (17)fete des neiges (34) fete des neiges (18) fete des neiges (22)A few of the other activities they had.

fete des neiges (21) fete des neiges (24)fete des neiges (23) fete des neiges (26) fete des neiges (27)fete des neiges (33)fete des neiges (31) fete des neiges (30)fete des neiges (32)I loved the ice house they made that looked like Legos.

fete des neiges (28)fete des neiges (29)I manged to convince Victor to watch the guy making ice sculptures with a chainsaw.

fete des neiges (40)fete des neiges (35)fete des neiges (42) Continue reading %s


Through the Viewfinder Kodak Duaflex: Winter Addition

kodak duaflexI’ve been working on my viewfinder photography lately with my Kodak Duaflex and falling in love with it.  These were taken during a walk to Parc La Fontaine while I watching the skaters on the lake. I’ve actually shown a few photographs taken on the same day without using the viewfinder technique with my Nikon if you want to compare. I just find the viewfinder photos to be more whimsical, yet they still have the sharpness and clarity that you would expect from a DSLR camera image. To me it’s the best of both worlds. I did load the camera up with film to shoot as well but it got jammed (again, this camera has a history of jamming on me) so I was a little disappointment. I’ve been trying to do a set where I take a viewfinder photo and a photo with the camera so I can compare scene for scene between the film photo and the viewfinder photo (thought it’d be a neat idea of the blog). When I got home I tried to fix the film jam without exposing the film but I had no luck and had to wreck a roll of 120mm. So I don’t know when I’ll be willing to reload that camera with film as it is a film eater but I am hoping to do a  photo shoot with someone using the viewfinder method as I think that’d be neat.

kodak duaflex (7) kodak duaflex (9)kodak duaflex (14)kodak duaflex (38)kodak duaflex (72)kodak duaflex (10)kodak duaflex (40)
Another peak behind the scenes where you can see the whole camera.

kodak duaflex (59)


Double Exposure: Travelling by Train & Skylines

double exposurelake ontario These double exposures were taken during my train journey from Montreal to Toronto that happened in the beginning of February. Although the train glass was beyond dirty I just had to try and capture the snowy landscapes that we kept passing as well as the view of Lake Ontario.

double exposure (17) double exposure (16)double exposure (30)The below shots are the view from our hotel room during the first day of our trip. Taking photos of the CN Tower feels super cheesy but I love taking city landscapes shots for double exposure shots and it’s kind of hard to miss the tower when in Toronto. Tomorrow I have a bunch of regular photos taken with my Nikon during my trip so make sure to check them out too. It was a really fun trip and although I never take as many photos as I think I will when there it’s still a lot by normal people’s standards I think, lol.

toronto toronto


Ising Pucky and Me

self portrait ising pucky (21)self portrait ising pucky (6)self portrait ising pucky (9)

Self-Portrait Sunday: Ising Pucky and Me

The Ising Pucky I camera was made in Germany around the 1950’s, with a cast aluminium body and a pseudo TLR style viewfinder. It takes 120 film and comes with a custom leather case.  My Ising Pucky I is my favourite vintage camera although not technically my first it’s the camera that inspired me to look into vintage cameras more.  The best fact about my Ising Pucky though is that it’s from Chile.  It still surprises me that this gem found its way into my life. The long journey from Chile to my house in Montreal started with my boyfriend’s best friend’s sister (Victor is Chilean and until 5 years ago lived there). She found the camera in her grandmother’s attic and decided to sell it because she didn’t think it could be used to take photos anymore. I of course found out about it through Facebook and fell in love. So we wired money from Canada to Victor’s dad who lived near to her fashion store so he could go and buy it from her. After that it was in his house for several months until he sent the camera to us by post for a Christmas present. When it arrived I was delighted to find out it used 120 film and was in working condition. It will always be my favourite camera even though it doesn’t take double exposure photos and I still haven’t managed to get it to take a good portrait but it’s exciting to me and I cannot wait to take some color photos with it this summer. I love taking black and white shots during the winter months. These were taken yesterday as I braved the snow. This is what it’s like when you live in Montreal when you are a photographer, 4 months of the year you have to deal with these conditions.

If you want to view photos I’ve taken with it check out my Vintage Tuesday posts: here, here, here, and here!

self portrait ising pucky (8)I had to add the one of me holding the snow because I am a goof.


Winter Walk

bokeh lightsMontreal looks so wonderful under a good layer of snow. I hope it snows again soon because right now downtown just looks dirty and depressing in the dim winter lighting. I find it a lot more magical when there is at least a few inches of snow to crunch under my feet and go for a good winter walk (even if I have to walk super slow to avoid all the ice so I don’t slip and hit my head). I think Quebec as a Province looks its best in the winter. But anyways enough rambling aside, I really enjoy these photos from me and Victor’s walk a few weeks ago to our favourite Jewish diner. The sun was just starting to set towards the end and the snow with the vieux buildings and the street lights just really work nicely together. I am hoping to get into a forest and take some proper winter photos soon but in the meantime while I figure out how to get to a forest enjoy my urban splendor.

portrait bokeh lightsportraitbokeh lightswinter walk (8) winter walk (10)winter walk (40)winter walk (18) portrait winter walk (19) winter walk (20) portraitwinter walk (25)bokeh lights winter walk (24)winter walk (27)winter walk (28)Oh and it was also the day we said goodbye to our Christmas tree. I don’t know when Christmas trees are suppose to be taken down but we threw ours away in the first week of January and I am still seeing them when I walk around.

christmas tree



Snow Time with Ising Pucky

isingpucky075 (993x1024)Last year in March there was one last snow storm that covered everything in snow before spring officially started.  Snow storms happen to be my favourite weather. There is nothing like being cozy at home and watching the world get covered in whiteness. It creates a bit of silent and stillness that you just don’t have living in the city any other time. These were taken the day during the big snow fall from my window that faced the street and from the sidewalk in front of my house. I stood outside holding a towel over top of the camera and the tripod the whole time I was taking photos to protect them from getting wet. I probably look quiet the sight to the lady walking down the street. I love black and white film photography when it’s snowy because the contrast works perfectly. I am hoping when I run out of 120 film to pick up a different brand as I notice the film is very grainy and I don’t think it’s my home developing techniques but perhaps. This is the last black and white film I had the chance of developing since I ran out of chemicals. I did buy some over the Christmas period and I actually just went recently on a bit of walk with the Ising Pucky so I should have shots from this year to share next month!  This weekend I will have more about my Ising Pucky camera so look out!

ising pucky (6) ising pucky (15)ising pucky (9)ising pucky (17)ising pucky (12)