Multiple Exposure: Glimpse of Spring

double exposure flowers (4) double exposure flowers (5) double exposure flowers (3)double exposure flowers (8)One of the areas of double exposure and multiple exposure photography that I haven’t explored too much are flowers. For some reason I always feel they do not turned out as well as I expect. There is some really neat and surreal multiple exposure tricks you can do with them (like I’ve done here) but when I shoot with a lot of foreground I am not sure what I don’t’ like but the confusion of the foreground is what I notice most. Below is the singular exposure shot so you see the difference.

double exposure flowers (1) double exposure flowers (2) double exposure flowers (6) double exposure flowers (7)I loved these shots so much and how electric green the leaves were I couldn’t resist sharing a lot of them. See what I mean though that double exposure photos just don’t have as much feeling and strength as it should. 


Lomography Wednesday: Spring in Instant

spring instax mini film (14)Today I’m sharing with you all the instant photography that I took using my Instax Mini 90 this Spring. You might recognize the characters on the film itself if you’ve ever seen Little Twin Star before. I love being able to use themed Instax mini film when I get the chance, it’s just so cute and adorable although probably not very suitable for the photos I ended up taking with it (it was all I had at the time). All of these shots were taken back in May and April from several different trips.  Most of them feature the Vieux-Montreal & Plateau area where I frequently go for bike rides and picnics and show things like the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, Clock tower, Parc Lafontaine and silos. A few double exposures as well which I’m not yet sold on with this camera. I notice the double exposures tend to usually be over exposed no matter what time of day/lighting conditions I am taking the shots in. I still haven’t done my review of the Instax Mini 90 either, hope to finish it by the end of the summer. Anyways, to the photos…

spring instax mini film (17) spring instax mini film (9) spring instax mini film (4)spring instax mini film (1) spring instax mini film (5) spring instax mini film (10)spring instax mini film (21) spring instax mini film (13) spring instax mini film (18) spring instax mini film (22)Oh and just in case you were wondering, I had 1 shot of Hello Kitty leopard Instax mini film left in my camera so this is the one shot of it from the same trip as the one above it. We went for a picnic at the Sir Wilfred Laurier parc with almond croissants from my favourite bakery – yum.


Cherry Blossom Season

Spring always reminds me of cherry blossoms. It was my favourite season when I lived in Vancouver for that very reason. There are blocks in Vancouver you just walk down and see petals everywhere covering all the lawns and road. It’s beyond beautiful, I miss it every Spring as you can barely tell in Montreal when the seasons change (there was actually snow on Tuesday night, SNOW). I loved when I lived in Vancouver walking around with the cherry blossoms and the Japanese magnolia everywhere. I wanted to revisit and thought I’d share with you the last time I was in Vancouver during the cherry blossom season….

flowers (7) flowers (5)flowers (6) flowers (4)flowers (11)flowers (13)flowers (15) flowers (23) flowers (17) flowers (18) flowers (19) flowers (20)flowers (16)flowers (21)flowers (1)flowers (2)


April in Review

citizen erased (11) copy Oh my gosh, I did not even realize it was the end of April. It must have just flown by me, I know I’ve been busy unpacking and moving but my house has been completely unpacked for weeks!  I hope your April was good. Mine has been a mixed bag but the last two weeks have just been really wonderful. Montreal is full on summer mode and seems to have skipped spring completely. I’ve been walking every weekend with Victor around our new neighborhood and that’s really been a great change. I’ve also started doing Yoga, I think I may need to do some more working out before I can handle doing a Yoga class since I’m a little ( a lot) out of shape but it is great to start something new. You may have noticed that this month there was no reviews for Vintage Tuesday or Lomography Wednesday, don’t worry those were just put on hold due to being so busy with the move and will be back in May. So far I do not have many plans for May, just painting the house and taking lots of photos :)

a few of my favourite posts from April:
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I am making a few changes to the blog for May.

  1.  I love fashion and love dressing a little crazy so I wanted to add a What I Wore post to my blog, and why not alternate with Self-Portrait Sunday? I don’t know if this will become a staple so I’m declaring May and June as a trial period, let me know if you like these types of posts, I’d love the feedback. I’m a bit nervous as my self-portraits are all from photo shoots I’ve done or just trying to document my hair color so to me this is completely different. If I look nervous in the first few, you’ll know why. :)
  2. It turns out my favourite post to make Vingtage Tuesday, is much harder to take enough photos for a weekly post with developing film and finding time in the day to convert some of these beauties to work with modern film and clean them. I’ll see how May goes but I am thinking of switching it to be bi-weekly, so if you notice the frequency go down that’s why.
  3. There will no longer be a Picture of the Week. When I first created it was to encourage myself to do more photography on a weekly basis. But in March I started my 365 project on Tumblr and it seems a little repetitive. I will still be doing my monthly updates of the 365 project on my blog once a month on Fridays however check out my Tumblr in between for daily pictures.

I know so many changes but I’ve had a long month of comtemplating and that’s what spring is all about… reorganizing. :) For right now I think Friday is going to be a day of rest for me so instead I’m going to post photos of Butter when I can so I can spend my time on Friday working on my website. Have you ever clicked on my website link? It leads to the most ugly, not even remotely started website that I’ve spent maybe a week doing in September. So….it needs my love and there needs to be more Butter photos (that’s sarcasm as I have like 60GB of Butter photos on my hard drive – no joke)


Self-Portrait Sunday – 1 Year Ago!

citizenerased I was just thinking today about what was happening in my life in April last year. For one it was sunny, and I had just gotten my facial piercings put in (I cant believe I’ve had these guys for a whole year – I still love them so much), and I had apple colored hair and bangs! So much has changed but still I feel like the same person. I’m actually dying my hair this color again next week, I miss the green. I decided to add a silly one of me trying to do a double exposure. The shots all turned out blurry but I still like this one, I look so serious though!
Maybe I can do a year ago post in April every year, that’d be fun.