Pick of the Week: Soft Market

Pick of the Week: Soft Market

This weekend in Montreal is the second ever, Soft Market featuring a bunch of great local artists and artisans. This one is the Spring edition and I will be there as a seller with some of my colorful and cute bath products I’ve been making in the last few months. So if you see me there, come say hi! I am pretty excited to see how the reception is and I loved going to the last one so I am sure it will be a fun day.  Below I thought I’d share what I picked up at the last Soft Market so you can get an idea of what type of things will be there.

soft market (1)One of the  organizers is artist Starchild Stela, who I haven’t shared on the blog in awhile. I picked up the Bitter Feels zine, her Support Cuties sticker pack, a Cat Calls patch, and a Not Your Babe pin. I love the support stickers the most!  soft market (3) soft market (2) soft market (4) soft market (11)Sarah Bourget is someone I always see at craft fairs and have to resist buying everything she has. Her custom stickers and mini prints are a dream.  soft market (7)soft market (8) soft market (9) soft market (6)
The other organizer of the event is Lovestruck Prints who’s pastel stickers are adorable.soft market (5)
Swarm stickers, a zine by Kyoko and the business card of this great poetry maker Hea Ryung. I was so broke when I went I couldn’t buy a cup but I deeply regret it. soft market (12)Lastly SugarBones’ JustGirlyThings zine and matching pin, the artist wasn’t there but it’s in the same vibe so thought I’d share. 

If you are coming on Saturday, I look forward to meeting you and I’m excited to check out all the artists and do some trades to add to my growing zine and huge sticker collection.


Fall Zine Guide

Back again with another zine guide. This time for the Fall season, whether it’s illustrations, photogaphy or mini zines  I love finding a great zine to pick up and be introduced to a new artist or support an artist I love. All zines ranging from a few dollars to $20 and you can simply click the image or the name to be directed to more information/purchasing. You can also check out my previous guides here: Spring/Summer Zine Guide and Fall Zine Guide 2015.

Photography Zines

Metal Goat #3

400 ISO Patience

Haiku & Holga



Artist Zines

Sticks & Stones

Oh You Yearbook

Fatal Flower Garden


Twin Peaks

Packaged Zines

Elegant Parts, Trains & The Letter

Collective Zines

Sweet Treats

Bow Town

Mini Zines

Tea Grumps

The Six Month Letter & PPP

Town Hall Lawn



Zine of the Month: Starchild Stela

Starchild Stela is a local Montreal artist who does illustrations, paintings, and street art amongst other things. She also happens to make a huge amount of zines including one of my all-time favourites in my collection called Destroy Rape Culture. I decided to feature it today because the zine as you can imagine is all about bringing power back and positive messages. She showcases the message of empowerment with the use of Sailor Moon (one of my favourite animes) and catchy slogans. It’s a great collaboration between the two as Sailor Moon has always been about female empowerment and I am sure a lot of us 90s kids found the manga and animation an inspiration. The zine features illustrations of all the Sailor Scouts and a few of the villains from the series within its 20 black and white pages. I love her twist on Takeushi’s style and can’t recommend this zine enough. If you wish to pick it up or check out any of her other zines you can find it at her distro or her main store. Fair warning, it sells out pretty quickly but she has been keeping it restocked at the moment (and also in sticker form). Sneak peak below if you are interested.

Destroy Rape Culture


Montreal Expozine

This past weekend was Montreal’s Expozine which featured individual artists and small publishers of zines, comics, and the like from Montreal and around Canada. I went on a mission to find some photography zines and see if there any interesting artist zines out there that I hadn’t heard about. Although I didn’t really find what I was looking for, I did walk away with several zines to add to my collection and discovered a few artists I wasn’t aware of before. My experience there over all was a bit mixed as it was wall to wall people so it was very overwhelming and hard to take your time viewing each table. Plus the price difference between each table as well was vast from most DIY style zines for a few dollars all the way to published books over $20. The tables were not curated and with the amount of people crowded around everywhere it was hard to really find what you were seeking. Regardless it was fun peaking at other artist’s work and even meeting them face to face. There was a much larger amount of comics and graphic novels than I accepted and lucky for me (or not so lucky for me) they were pretty much all in French or I might have left penniless. I was able to find a t-shirt and print that Victor wanted for his Anniversary present as well! I thought I’d show you my haul and where to find out more information about the artist.

expozineMy haul.

sailor moon stickers starchild stela (2) sailor moon stickers starchild stelaStarchild Stela’s zine and stickers.

expozine (1) expozine (2)Flyers, mini prints and zines from various artsists like Zuzu Knew, Jon Edwards and Ginettelapalme.

city carriers zine (3) city carriers zine (2)stanley wany (2)stanley wany (1)Tang-Wei Hsu book  ‘City Carriers’ & Stanley Wany prints

raft and mapRaft & Map card and t-shirt

salgood sam (2) salgood sam (3) Full sized and mini prints from Salgood Sam.

And to end my haul of Expozine I wanted to highlight a book I couldn’t afford but loved the look of and hope to picking up in the future by Meags Fitzgerald:


Monthly DIY: Resin Sticker Table

Resin Sticker Table monthly diyThis month’s DIY project isn’t exactly Halloween themed but I thought a resin sticker table felt along the same spirit as my favourite holiday.  This is a great and simple project to do to spruce up an old piece of furniture or a thrift store find.  The main reason I wanted to do this project is because my Ikea coffee table after 5 years was getting discolored and Ikea furniture isn’t exactly well known as an ideal surface to repaint so I thought I’d create a giant collage of some of my stickers that were piling up and not being used for anything. Hardly a new idea but I think when you use artist stickers you have so much room to be creative and unique. You can easily create themes as well (Sailor Moon table anyone?) or interesting geometric patterns and since this allows you to use homemade stickers that means you can print your own and create almost anything. The finish for my table will be resin as I fell in love with the glass like finish as well as being waterproof, and easy to clean. If you don’t want to get into resin territory which I understand as resin is a really hard material to get into and kind of scary (just me?), you can have a piece of glass cut to the size of your table and mount it on top, or simple use a sealer like Krylon Clear Coat or a top layer of ModPodge (the last two are not recommended if it’s a heavily used surface).  At the very bottom are all the artists if you are interested on where I picked up my stickers from!

What You’ll Need:monthly diy (1)

  • Table or desk
  • Stickers
  • ModPodge or any type of sealer/glue
  • Craft roller
  • Foam brushes
  • Epoxy resin
  • Blow torch
  • Vinyl gloves
  • Plastic tape
  • 2 x Plastic sheet



$16 for the supplies not including resin and stickers, available at most craft/art stores . I collect stickers so it’s hard to say how much I’ve spent but most artists sell stickers around $1-3 each and books like Sticker Bomb are $20 for a few hundred medium to large stickers. You can print your own as well, stickers sheets for printers can be bought at Dollar stores or office supplies stores for under $10. I’d say for the stickers at least $30-$40. For a resin top including the resin, gloves, plastic sheets and blow torch (if you don’t have one) roughly $50 depending on size of the surface. To calculate how much Envirotex resin you will need to cover a surface, check here. This project is not a cheap one, so if just want a new table you may want to buy. This is more for creating  a permanent display of you sticker collection or creating unique themes that you wouldn’t be able to buy.  Continue reading %s


Jem and the Holograms by Starchild Stela

jem and the holograms graffiti  (58)A month ago  I was able to go along with Montreal artist Starchild Stela to document her creating a Jem graffiti piece.   She’s audition for the Jem and the Holograms live action movie that was announced last month. They currently have a Tumblr page setup for all fan submissions to help create the movie. I’ve actually been browsing the submissions all week for fun and it’s really cool seeing people’s work, I might be a little bias but I think Starchild Stela’s work stands out. She even looks like Jem! I don’t know about you but I can’t remember Jem and the Holograms show at all, I think it’s only of the only 80’s cartoons I don’t have a big soft spot for. Apperently I have a new cartoon show to watch when I’m bored….We met up at the metro and travelled by bus to an abandoned car park to find a wall for the piece. When she found the perfect wall and after she finished setting up, I started taking videos and photos for her to use for her audition. It’s my first time watching a graffiti piece being completed from start to finish and it takes a lot of work.I thought it’d be fun to show you the complete process and some fun after shots. We must have been there for 3 hours, I was so fucking cold by the end of it and my feet were wet. It was definelty worth it but it made me long for summer. I was glad I didn’t fall and hurt myself as almost the whole place was covered in ice  (I slipped a few times while holding my Nikon and was just crossing my fingers that I wasn’t going to fall). I’ve manged to grab lots of interesting shots of the process so today is more about Jem piece but I’ll likely have more in the future of the other graffiti artists who were with us.

I’ll link you to her Store, Tumblr, and Facebook if you want to check out more of her work.

jem and the holograms graffiti  (1) jem and the holograms graffiti  (2) jem and the holograms graffiti  (3) jem and the holograms graffiti  (4) jem and the holograms graffiti  (6) jem and the holograms graffiti  (7) jem and the holograms graffiti  (9)jem and the holograms graffiti  (8)jem and the holograms graffiti  (13)jem and the holograms graffiti  (15)jem and the holograms graffiti  (17)jem and the holograms graffiti  (20)jem and the holograms graffiti  (22)jem and the holograms graffiti  (23)jem and the holograms graffiti  (27)jem and the holograms graffiti  (29)jem and the holograms graffiti  (31)jem and the holograms graffiti  (34)jem and the holograms graffiti  (35)jem and the holograms graffiti  (36)jem and the holograms graffiti  (38)jem and the holograms graffiti  (39)jem and the holograms graffiti  (40)jem and the holograms graffiti  (42)jem and the holograms graffiti  (48)jem and the holograms graffiti  (44)jem and the holograms graffiti  (46)jem and the holograms graffiti  (49)jem and the holograms graffiti  (52)jem and the holograms graffiti  (55)jem and the holograms graffiti  (51)jem and the holograms graffiti  (62)jem and the holograms graffiti  (57)


Pick of the Week: Starchild Stela

stela starchild (7) copyPick of the Week: Starchild Stela

This week’s pick is local Montreal graffiti artist Starchild Stela’s store on Storenvy. I first found out about her work through tumblr (follow her: here) and have been in love with her seriously cute work since. Beside graffiti she also makes prints, stickers, mini zines, postcards, and even has a monthly mail subscription for those of you that enjoy snail mail! I love her anti-rape culture sentiment that is in some of her work as not enough artist go there and it is refreshing to see. Beside that though how can you resist the cuteness? Her stuff is amazing quality and I’ve  bought through her store and in person at craft fairs. A great pick if you are look for stickers to add to your collection or prints for your house!

stela starchild (3) stela starchild (5)

my favourite items from her shop: