Monthly DIY: Resin Sticker Table

Resin Sticker Table monthly diyThis month’s DIY project isn’t exactly Halloween themed but I thought a resin sticker table felt along the same spirit as my favourite holiday.  This is a great and simple project to do to spruce up an old piece of furniture or a thrift store find.  The main reason I wanted to do this project is because my Ikea coffee table after 5 years was getting discolored and Ikea furniture isn’t exactly well known as an ideal surface to repaint so I thought I’d create a giant collage of some of my stickers that were piling up and not being used for anything. Hardly a new idea but I think when you use artist stickers you have so much room to be creative and unique. You can easily create themes as well (Sailor Moon table anyone?) or interesting geometric patterns and since this allows you to use homemade stickers that means you can print your own and create almost anything. The finish for my table will be resin as I fell in love with the glass like finish as well as being waterproof, and easy to clean. If you don’t want to get into resin territory which I understand as resin is a really hard material to get into and kind of scary (just me?), you can have a piece of glass cut to the size of your table and mount it on top, or simple use a sealer like Krylon Clear Coat or a top layer of ModPodge (the last two are not recommended if it’s a heavily used surface).  At the very bottom are all the artists if you are interested on where I picked up my stickers from!

What You’ll Need:monthly diy (1)

  • Table or desk
  • Stickers
  • ModPodge or any type of sealer/glue
  • Craft roller
  • Foam brushes
  • Epoxy resin
  • Blow torch
  • Vinyl gloves
  • Plastic tape
  • 2 x Plastic sheet



$16 for the supplies not including resin and stickers, available at most craft/art stores . I collect stickers so it’s hard to say how much I’ve spent but most artists sell stickers around $1-3 each and books like Sticker Bomb are $20 for a few hundred medium to large stickers. You can print your own as well, stickers sheets for printers can be bought at Dollar stores or office supplies stores for under $10. I’d say for the stickers at least $30-$40. For a resin top including the resin, gloves, plastic sheets and blow torch (if you don’t have one) roughly $50 depending on size of the surface. To calculate how much Envirotex resin you will need to cover a surface, check here. This project is not a cheap one, so if just want a new table you may want to buy. This is more for creating  a permanent display of you sticker collection or creating unique themes that you wouldn’t be able to buy.  Continue reading %s


Saturday Review “Stickerbomb”

Every Saturday I will be reviewing art books, and everything inbetween.
This Saturday I thought I’d start with my favourite thing in the world…stickers. lol.



This is a series of sticker books put out by Studio Rarekwai, retailing around $15 each and with 250 stickers in each. The hook is stickers made by artists, and boy do they not kid. The stickers in these books are amazing and the talent contained in them is mind blowing. These books are not limited to ‘street artists’ and the range is vast in the artwork. The books are well put together and great quality, each page as well is individual, no double-sided pages in any of the books meaning you can cut stickers out and have no fear of wrecking the back side. There is no way to go through the whole book and not find something you like. The alternative of course is that there is stuff you don’t like at all, which is fine. Unless you don’t like art at all you will probably enjoy these stickers. In terms of which book does it better the answer is clear to me. Stickerbomb2 is superior, being the follow up to the first one you can see the artists are better, the range is better, and the stickers are better. I love nearly everything in Stickerbomb2, where there are a lot in the first book I laminated to myself are “give away stickers” to friends where in the predecessor I would be a little heartbroken to give away. My favourite though goes to Stickbomb Monsters….the stickers are just exceptional and centred around the idea of monsters (can you really go wrong with monsters?) nearly everything is a feast for the eyes. The one downside to Stickerbomb Monster and why it isn’t the best, is that although it contains the same amount of stickers, its half the size. So if you want to start with one, go for Stickerbomb2, unless you love monsters.

If you’re a sticker collector, or want to do a project like cover you bathroom/table/wall in stickers, or you just want to sticker bomb your city these books will serve you well. For a better look at each individual book there is galleries below for each.