Pick of the Week: Cailiflower

califlower stickers (2)Pick of the Week: Cailiflower

Today’s pick is from the adorable and babelicious world of Cailiflower. Through her Storenvy she sells stickers and mini prints of her illustrations so you guessed it, this is another sticker haul like last week! Her series of spooky and alien babes are super cute and I fell in love with her pastel color palette. You can check out her store here for stickers and for more of her work, Instagram.

a closer look at the stickers: 

califlower stickers (6) califlower stickers (3) califlower stickers (5) califlower stickers (4)cailiflower stickers (7)Lastly a mini print.


Pick of the Week: Lisy Corner

lisy corner (1)Pick of the Week: Lisy Corner

This week’s pick is the illustrator Lisy Corner who sells postcards, paper dolls, prints and more on her shop. She is one of those stores who I’ve followed for a long time on Etsy and never bought from before until now. When I saw that she started to make zines I was intrigued and finally picked up a few of her postcards and her Lolita fashion zine “The Tiny Lolita Handbook”. I love the paper doll style illustrations and the colors. My only disappointment was these are more mini prints than postcards as there is absolutely nothing on the back to make them a postcard but they are on good quality paper so I can’t complain too much. The zine is also pretty cute. You can check out her Etsy shop for more of her work.

a closer look at the postcards:

lisy corner (2) lisy corner (3) lisy corner (4) lisy corner (5) lisy corner (6)Lastly her Lolita fashion zine.


My Society6 Store: An Update

It has been a long time since I mentioned anything about my Society6 so I thought I’d take the time today to update you on what’s going on. Currently my storefront through Soceity6 is the only way to get a print of my photography so if you’ve ever been interested on owning a bit of my work I’d love for you to check it out. Plus it’s the holiday season and artwork is always a thoughtful present (even if it’s just for yourself).   My store focuses on my multiple exposure photography whether it’s cityscapes, to sunset beach landscapes and I’ve added a bunch over the last month to it so there is many different photographs to choose from.

Beyond that I  did a company review of Society6 last year as I frequently buy artwork from them so you can check that out for more information on them. Currently any of my prints you buy will have  free shipping and at least once a month there is some kind of sale or promotion through the website. I want to show you some of the newest photographs I`ve added and then some personal favourites as well. Click the photos below to check out it`s pricing info or if you want to see all the photographs at once, go here!

What`s New

Personal Favourites

One last thing I would like to mention is I am taking December off from blogging so this will be my last post for awhile. Right now I am not sure when I will be back as I think I might take January off as well but in Feburary I will definetly be back  doing weekly posts so check back then. The reason for the break, beside just wanting a bit of extra time in my life before and after work is that I talk about working on my photography website and other projects all the time but between work and my personal blog I haven’t really had much time to dedicated to those. Taking time off here will give me more time to work on other things that I am interested in and finally do a few things I just never get around to by the end of the week. You can also find me here, and here on Instagram where I post a photo daily or check out my other social media links at the top.


Pick of the Week: Lapoonder’s Made Hand

Lapoonder Made Hand squid necklace (5)Pick of the Week: Lapoonder’s Made Hand

This week’s pick is artist Ann Levova’s shop Lapoonder’s Made Hand that specializes in clay sculptures and jewelry. I was first introduced to her work through a friend and fell in love with her octopus designs and had to have one of my own. Her shop is hosted on what appears to be a Russian style Etsy platform and is almost entirely in Russian but that didn’t stop me (the site does show what items she has available plus the prices and shipping charges in your currency which is really the most important part). I contacted her through Flickr to see if we could arrange payment another way and she was very nice and responded quickly to any questions I had. Without delay we arranged everything and she sent the necklace to me and I am beyond happy with it. It’s such a perfect design and the necklace chain is very good quality. The octopus pendant is a great size, the Fimo clay is super light, and the details are even more amazing in person. I think this will be my favourite necklace for years to come and I hope to pick up many more designs from her as she’s really talented. I especially love her white Kahului style octopus and pale blue and pink ones as well as her more elaborate necklaces with seashells – they are all so magical. I haven’t had a chance to take photo of me wearing it yet, but here is a closer look at the design details and to see more of her work check out her Flickr.

Lapoonder Made Hand squid necklace (4)Lapoonder Made Hand squid necklace (3)

a few of my favourite items:


My Store!


I am so happy to announce that today is the grand opening of my store front on Storenvy. Just starting out with postcards but want a place to sell my photography prints and craft projects so there will be plenty of things added in the future. It will be a casual place for me to sell the occasional thing if people are interested but currently as I have so many projects in the air and still work full time and run the blog it is really just a casual experiment. So go check it out if you like postcards, and if you buy anything this month it will be gift wrapped for free by me. :)