Things That Make Me Smile

things that make me smile (7)What better way to start a Things That Make Me Smile post than our new bikes. Seriously in love with my early birthday present.

things that make me smile (1)My air plant is flowering, so pretty.

things that make me smile (10) things that make me smile (11)Going plant shopping, and these goth fucking flowers.
(more flowers photos from Atwater Marche here)

things that make me smile (13) things that make me smile (14)The succulents that we picked out. I don’t have a good track record with succulents so I hope these don’t end up making me sad. lol.

things that make me smile (15)Butter randomly makes the best unimpressed face.

things that make me smilethings that make me smile (2)Me and Victor wanted to go on farther bike rides so randomly one day we headed to Lachine which is on the south side of Montreal island and biked around the edge. It took us about 3 hours as we stopped a lot and got lost. The weather was poor that day so I didn’t take many photos but I loved these two.

things that make me smile (10)First day at the lake! The water was really cold but that didn’t stop us from spending all our time there swimming.

things that make me smile (20)things that make me smile (1)things that make me smile (2)things that make me smile (6)
Random things I bought in June.

things that make me smile (4)Including these Sailor Moon file folders.

things that make me smile (3) things that make me smile (2)After waiting 3 months my gemstone beads finally arrived and I couldn’t be more delighted. Made so many bracelets already and I haven’t even used half of them.

things that make me smile (9)Mural Festival happened earlier in the month and I was mostly disappointed by it this year. However I did find these amazing stickers from Sandra Chevrier.

things that make me smile (5) things that make me smile (6)Sunsets and Sunrises, made even better when Victor or Butter joins me in watching them.

things that make me smile (17)things that make me smile (19)Finishing a package of origami paper always makes me smile but this rainbow pack of 200 only took 1 week so I was extra delighted. Also my front window setup right now is on point.

things that make me smile (12) Found a baby bird hiding behind flowers while out on a walk.

things that make me smile (10)During the months of June to August every first Friday of the month they have a food cart night at the Olympic Stadium. Some our favourites for going in June was the Polish sausage on a stick (sooo good) and Polish fruit drink.

things that make me smile (11)Homemade epsom bath salts that smell like french vanilla, perfect for tired feet from too much walking.

things that make me smile (1) things that make me smile (8)things that make me smile (9) things that make me smile (4)A bunch of random photos from various walks around the Plateau and other areas of Montreal. That elephant statue by the way is $200 – and I really want it even though who would spend that kind of money on a disco ball elephant? Also the ice cream in the last photo is Korean and suppose to be a shark, it’s really really good so if you can find I highly recommend it.

things that make me smile (8)Lets end this very long Things That Make Me Smile with a self-portrait of myself after dying the tips of my hair purple (the camera tells lies, this is way more purple in person). Being bright and colorful always makes me smile.


Summer of Sunrises

This summer I had a bad work schedule and developed this really bad habit of staying up till past 4am almost every other night – so I decided to document the sunrises from my front window and other locations and called it “Summer of Sunrises” every time I shared a photo. It’s amazing the difference between sunrises day in and day out, I actually didn’t even bother document some because when it rains or is heavily cloudy it’s almost impossible to see even the sun rise, it just gets suddenly light outside. Going back in all my folders to find these I was surprised about how few there actually was in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps next year I will do a more serious summer of sunrise’s documentary…if my sleep allows it. This seems like guilty confession since I’m sure most people my age aren’t awake at 4am, let along multiple times in the same week. It sure was a beautiful summer though, oh and August was a little bare since sunrise started to creep up to past 5am to 6am so I put in a few sunsets.

May 4th 5:22am, the first pre-summer sunrisesunrise

June 4th 4:02am, from front windowsunrise

June 6th 4:25, from the front window sunrise (2)

June 7th 4:23, from the front windowsunrise

June 19th 3:55, from the front windowsunrise

June 28th 4:00am, from front windowsunrise

July 1st 4:11am, from the front windowsunrise

July 3rd 3:54am & 4:29am, from the front windowsunrise (2) sunrise (3)

July 8th 4:15 & 4:31, from Jacques Cartier Bridge sunrisesunrise (2)

July 13th 4:12, from the front windowsunrise Continue reading %s


Double Exposures: Summer of Sunrises

multiple exposure sunrise (5)I’m a little obsessed with sunrises…I’m sure you’ve guessed that by now. It’s not the healthiest obsession but what obsessions are? I have managed to cultivate a massive collection of not only sunrise photography but also really interesting multiple / double exposures from my early mornings so I thought today I’d show you some. I’ve taken so many in the last 3 months…if you want to know my tips and tricks for striking non-photoshopped double exposures let me know in the comments. Happy to share any camera knowledge I have with you!

multiple exposure sunrise (6)multiple exposure dawn (2)multiple exposure sunrise (9)multiple exposure sunrisemultiple exposure sunrise (1)multiple exposure sunrise (2) double exposure sunrise (5)multiple exposure sunrise (7)multiple exposure sunrise (11)double exposure sunrise (1)double exposure sunrise (1)multiple exposure sunrise (8)multiple exposure sunrise (10) Continue reading %s


Dawn from the Jacques Cartier Bridge…

My birthday was two weeks ago and I decided to spend the morning watching the sunrise from the bridge near my house. The view from my front window is pretty stunning but I thought it’d be even more beautiful from the bridge. Sadly it just wasn’t a good day for the weather all around so the sun rose into clouds – it kind of ruined there being a super pretty sunrise but I had fun anyways listening to Sparta and Bjork swinging my feet over the river below. It’s definitely something I want to do again this summer even though it’s kind of intimidating being alone on a bridge at dawn.

watching the sunrise (32)watching the sunrise (31) watching the sunrise (33) watching the sunrise (36) watching the sunrise (37) watching the sunrise (40) watching the sunrise (41)watching the sunrise (1)watching the sunrise (3)watching the sunrise (15)watching the sunrise (10)watching the sunrise (7)watching the sunrise (8)watching the sunrise (12)watching the sunrise (14)watching the sunrise (16)watching the sunrise (19)watching the sunrise (21)watching the sunrise (23)watching the sunrise (13)watching the sunrise (25)watching the sunrise (26)watching the sunrise (27)watching the sunrise (28)watching the sunrise (29)I biked there at 4:20am as the end of the bridge is a pretty short ride from my house and setup on the middle of the bridge with my IPOD and a slew of camera around me and took off my shoes. I just sat there with my feet dangling in the wind taking photos and watching the sky until after 5:30am (sunrise was at 5:15am but the sun didn’t get out of the clouds till way after). Beside an early morning commuter and a drunken guy walking home after a rough night towards the end it was super peaceful and I could just get lost in the moment.  It was pretty terrifying on the way home though because I didn’t ride my bike onto the bridge but I did going off and it was FAST. I took a short video but had to stop since it was just way too fast and I need to concentrate (have you ever ridden on walkway on a bridge? It shakes so much and is too narrow for my liking). I collapsed when I got home which wasn’t a bad choice since it rained for most of the day and it was a Tuesday so pretty boring. I’m sure someone reading this will think I’m nuts, lol but it’s exactly how I wanted to start the next year of my life (except of course my feet in the ocean which is the best thing ever but couldn’t happen this year).


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

15/52 Recharging

52 weeks of self-portraits (2)This week’s self-portrait for my 52 Weeks project is very different from what I had intended. Being on vacation for a solid week I thought for sure I’d be able to find time to spend to do a proper photo-shoot and had envisioned one of my more unusual ideas coming into play…..I may not seem like it but I’m really a go with the flow type of person and if there was one thing my body has been telling me all week, it was that I needed to recharge. With the stress of turning 29 and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and working hard on my passions…I just really needed a break. This photo makes me smile because it was taken on my birthday at 4am sitting on the bridge by my house, and not only am I experiencing one of my longest fears (bridges and heights) but I was watching the sunrise listening to amazing music and doing my favourite thing in the world – taking photographs. The one thing that could have made my birthday anymore special was a day at the beach because I love water (mostly I love the ocean but we don’t have that here in Montreal). Sadly it wasn’t in the cards but yesterday I did go and it was amazing and so refreshing. Some things just make you feel whole again!


“Through the warmthest
Cord of care
Your love was sent to me

I’m not sure
What to do with it
Or where to put it

I’m so close to tears
And so close to
Simply calling you up
I’m simply suggesting

We go to the hidden place
That we go to the hidden place
We go to the hidden place
We go to a hidden place”

Bjork “Hidden Place”
*I listened to her album Vespertine the whole time I was taking this photos. Such a beautiful song, check it out here!

mermaidHere is a photo of me sitting in the water at the beach pretending to be a mermaid just in case you wanted to see my new hair color (it’s the same but with more of the darker pink and turquoise)


This Week in Photos

This week has been another great week of summer, it feels like so many different things are coming together recently in my life. The energy I’ve had the last few days has also been really intoxicating, I guess I should have started to work out again sooner. It’s actually over a year since I last worked out and it feels really good to be getting back into it. I’m starting out just casually playing tennis and going for bike rides with Victor to ease myself back into it. We also have plans to start going to our local pool when it gets hotter on free days (have no idea why it’s so easy to find free days at Montreal pools but impossible to find a free tennis court – qu’est ce que le fuck?) I want to be healthier and for me that doesn’t come very naturally at all, going to have to work hard at it. I also just setup my summer hammock in the main room in the house, it’s so good naps. The motion sickness is definitely real though, hoping my brain just get used to it because I want to spend a lot of my summer chilling in it. June is looking up to be a pretty interesting month in my life which is great because my work schedule is awful so I need focus on the positives. Like this weekend I want to buy a cute sport outfit and buy a few more plants ignore the fact I’ll be spending most of it at work, lol. Here are some of the shots I’ve taken this week…

this week in photosPink clouds, my first sunrise of this week.

this week in photos (11)While on a walk in Parc LaFontaine we saw this mini sail boat motoring around. We kept trying to find who was controlling it but couldn’t find anyone on the shoreline with a controller.

this week in photos (13)
Silly Sundays, Butter stratching the chair and licking her nose.

this week in photos (4)this week in photos (3)this week in photos (5)this week in photos (1)
This weekend Victor bought a tennis racket so we went to play tennis for the first time. We both are at similar levels so it’s really fun to play against each other. We biked to a free court in a different borough than ours and on the way there found an old site for a factory where they had decided to keep the walls of but convert the rest into stores and parking lots. The huge wall was held up on both sides with this metal framework and it was really cool to me.

this week in photos (9)this week in photos (8)this week in photos (10)Pretty clouds. I also told Victor to do crazy arms for the silhouette shot, weirdo.

this week in photos (14)2nd sunrise of the week on Monday. I really need to fix my sleep schedule. I had work twice this week at 8am – it was rough.

this week in photos (15)On Tuesday I took photos upcoming post about the Metro-Flex vintage camera. So pretty.

this week in photos (17) this week in photos (16)Blowing bubbles for Butter on Tuesday as well. She hates them so much, I should record her one day trying to attack them. Sometimes she makes the craziest sounds at them.

I thought I’d have more for you but it’s been raining everyday since Tuesday this week and I’ve been busy at work. Have a great weekend!


Double Exposure: Montreal Sunrise

montreal sunrise (17)A few weeks ago after The Game of Thrones season premier I ‘accidently’ didn’t go to bed all night because I started to marathon the older season and I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise over the Jacques Cartier Bridge. It was the first glimpse of light that actually made me realize it was 6am and I had in fact been so deeply engrossed in series that I had forgotten to go to bed. It was amazing though watching the sun rise over the bridge from my front window. I am always super thankful that I have such a nice view, sure most of my view is the ugly old buildings across the street but the top half is church and bridge peaks and it really nice. I’ve really been exploring double exposures since starting this weekly post at the beginning of the year and I am absolutely loving it. It feels like such an accomplishment to create a perfect double exposure using a camera instead of Photoshop. I prefer using camera tricks instead. It mimics very much those classic landscape photos where the scenery if reflecting on the body of water back to it – which I love so much.

montreal sunrise (14) montreal sunrise (15)montreal sunrise (11)montreal sunrise (10)montreal sunrise (16)montreal sunrise (18)montreal sunrise (4) montreal sunrise (12)montreal sunrise (13)



This Week in Photos

This Week in Photos is brought to you by my cold and the inside of my house….lol. Seriously though, I’ve been sick for over a week with the cold and still haven’t recovered. When you have a sore throat and work at call center – there is pretty much no way of recovering quickly. Did I mention its look like shit outside?  Not a fan of Montreal when it rains – so gloomy. So I had a boring week but lucky for me my faovurite band We Are Wolves are playing tonight and at least I recieved plenty of things in the mail this week!

this week in photos (1)I was shopping for ramen bowels and saw a cheap chinese calligraphy pen so I decided to buy it. I’m not interested in learning calligraphy mostly because I cannot draw to save my life. But it’s fun to play around with ink once and while. Tried it out and pretty happy with it – my swiggles are terrible, no?

pussywillowsMy pussywillow branches started to bloom more this week. Butter apperently has been trying to eat them as I found a few of them sprinkled around my kitchen.

wedding inviteMy good friend Lisa-Michelle sent me a wedding invitation this week. I was so delighted and isn’t it lovely? Everyone is starting to get married now, that’s when you realize you’re close to 30, lol.

this week in photos (4)I love WWF, just a good charity. I really want to collect all the animal plushies they offer when you adobt an animal through them. (link here)

this week in photosStayed up till 5am on Friday when I was feeling too sick to sleep…sunrises are at least awesome.

this week in photos (2)Snail mail this week! My friend Katarina sent me a late Easter postcard from Germany and I got my commie camera from Russia. Also this Salior Moon patch which is adorable.

lady lovely locks card gameMore snail mail that came, an amazing purchase on Ebay for only $1. Lady Lovely Lock’s playing cards. I am on a mission to start collection as much 80’s cartoon nostalgic items.

Of course Butter decided to sit on my other mail while I was taking a photo of it. Got the cutest pacakage from Worried Eyes and fun cactus brooches for the Summer!

this week in photos (2) this week in photos (1)

Hope you have an amazing weekend and it’s not dreary there like Montreal.  I am feeling much better so I hope to spend mine outside with Victor. We have plans to go buy plants at Marche Atwater to add to our growing inside garden. I also have a review for the Holga adapter lens coming up in a few weeks that I want to do test shots for it. Lots of plans so no rain would be ideal *cross fingers*


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

04/52 Sunrise Watcher

52 weeks of self-portraitsI didn’t think I’d run into a speed bump so early in my 52 Weeks of Self-Portrait project. It’s pretty hard to concentrate of taking a self-portrait when I’ve been sick all week. I spent 2 days straight just lying in bed missing work and now that I’m on my feet I feel even worse than before and haven’t gotten much better. Not to mention it’s been raining outside so this photo is kind of a happy accident. On Thursday when I couldn’t sleep I ended up watching the sunrise before finally collapsing into bed. I wanted to take a double exposure of myself and the sunrise. Not the most interesting self-portrait, I know. Bear with me?


“Six arms and one leg but not alone, standing in the light but yet unseen, wings like a fish, tail like a bird.
Strange words in the dark, and elephants on the wall
On the other side of the field I heard a rumour
Feels like two, feels like three, feels like something in the tree”

Minilogue ‘Six Arms and One Leg’