Pick of the Week: Liza Corbett

liza corbett

Pick of the Week: Liza Corbett

This week’s pick is the Etsy store “The Summer-Land” by artist Liza Corbett who sells otherworldly original illustrations & sketches, prints, dolls, and embroidery. If I remember correctly I first found her work while trying to find artists who make paper dolls and I fell in love with her fabric dolls. I have never seen an artist before that takes original illustrations and transferred them onto canvas and then made the canvas into a pillow style doll. I absolutely love the idea and wish I could have a whole collection her dolls around my house. Since then I’ve been following her store and when I was looking last month to see if there was anything new I fell in love with this original sketch that I just had to have. I am a big sucker for the right color combination and honestly although it’s a sketch I find it very magical. I was on my rent paycheck and had my Toronto trip coming up so I asked if she could reserve it for a few weeks and she was happy to do so and was so great about it. I also although it was super difficult to decide picked up one of the dolls (hopefully the first in many I will acquire). She packed the sketch with such care I was so surprised the amount of effort and detail she went to make sure it arrived safe (it was in an art tube and in a massive box which was great) and everything was wrapped up in ribbon which really made me smile as it felt like a present. She also very kindly gave me a few pins and mini-prints. Honestly her work is breathtaking and I love the unashamed morbidness of the pieces. Her work feels very genuine and doesn’t rely on the motifs that have become popular in art in the last few years. I really hope I start seeing her work around more and perhaps even an exhibit in Montreal (I can dream, can’t I?). Below are photos of what I picked up and for more information about Liza Corbett check out her website!

liza corbett (3)The original sketch I bought, I haven’t decided where to hang it in my office yet so it’s on the empty wall. It  doesn’t look very large since the wall is blank but it’s 18×24 in which makes it the largest piece of artwork I own.

liza corbett (4) A closer look at the sketch and the amazing colors.

liza corbett (5)The stuffed doll called Louisa V – An Excursionist.

liza corbett (1)I have my doll on the art wall for right now. I love how well it goes with the other pieces.

liza corbett (2)The mini prints she gave me and pins, I cannot wait to frame/wear these. She wrote a really nice note on the back of the one on the right (love that about Etsy store owners).

a few of my favourite items from her shop:


Review: Twinkles by Miss Van

miss van twinkles (2)
Miss Van “Twinkles

Miss Van’s first book “Twinkles” is a 88 paged hard covered book featuring her paintings from the art show of the same name as well as others.   Miss Van or Vanessa Alice Bensimon started out as a graffiti artist in France before moving into paintings around 2004. Her feminine characters have taken a departure from the cartoonish quality of her street art into more mature and refined area and the colors this time around seem to be more dark and intense but as always they remain the focus of her work. “Twinkles” is filled with her known coy and mischievous feminine figures as well as exploring the themes of masks, animals, and the circus/cabaret.   The work is presented in the book almost always on its own with some spanning across both pages and a few side by side. I love the order of her work and how it moves you along to the different ideas she is exploring, dipping in to the brighter paintings before bring you back into the moodier pieces. However the physical layout doesn’t work as much as it could, the paintings spanning across to pages frequently are left with the usual awkward placement of the focus being concealed in the spine of the book. And as most paintings are left simply on one side, I grew a little weary of the bright white page beside it taking me out of her tone. I think they would have been better off doubling up the pages as it works wonderfully when they do and kept me more immersed. They added information of each work to the page with name, year, and material – always a nice touch. The quality of the book is very good and I always enjoy books on the large scale, measuring at 25cm by 32cm. There is a brief intro in the beginning of the book that servers are highlighting the progression of her work and add more context to the paintings. I would have liked to have had something written in her own words instead. All in all “Twinkles” shows a move in her work to a darker tone and it does a great job of showing the reader her work from around that time (2010). This is book for the fan of her later painting work, much like her newer book “Wild at Heart”. It must be said that it is still a great book to pick up even if you are more a fan of her graffiti or earlier brighter colorful paintings. Her work absolutely captures my attention and I am pleased to have added this to my collection.


Pick of the Week: Karolin Felix “Revisited”

karolin felix (4)Pick of the Week: Karolin Felix

Karolin Felix’s shop on Etsy features original artwork and accessories for Blythe Dolls, for information check out my first Pick of the Week for her.  I loved the stamp stickers I got from her the first time so I ordered more and wanted to show you guys. Her work is so lovely, and I love that she’s inspired by Blythe dolls. I’ve long been fascinated with Blythe dolls although I’ve never had the chance to customize one of my own, seeing her stuff definitely inspires me to start. If you want to check out more of her artwork, check out her website!

karolin felix (2)More stamp stickers, how can you not love these mini pieces of art?

karolin felix (5)karolinfelix
This is a paper doll postcard, you could either use it as a postcard or cut and make into a doll, and it comes with the pins. It toke me about 20minutes to cute out and pin, you have to be very careful but it’s super lovely.

karolin felixHow it got sent, she included a free postcard along with it which is lovely

You can check out these items and more at her store: here.


Saturday Review: “Lost Constellations” by Tara McPherson


 “Lost Constellations” – by Tara McPherson


Lost Constellations is the 2nd book featuring Tara McPherson art, its hard covered, 8.5″ x 11″ with 112 pages. This book showcases her art from 2009 and her first book Lonely Heart in 2006. I love her unique sense of fun, and its great that she shows you all elements of her art career, showing you the paintings and the posters that come from it as well as her sculpture work and comics. This is the middle book in her series, so far she’s put out one every 3 years, 2006, 2009 and 2012. She goes pop surrealism painting on a variety of materials  as well as silk screening posters for contemporary rock bands. Her color pallet is very unique to her and her style and I love the imaginary she uses in her work. She is one of my favourite contemporary artist, and she seems like a very down to earth artist who is not full of themselves or her success. I am always genuinely surprised that more people do not know of her, considering musicians seek her out to do posters for their concerts. There is some downside to Lost Constellation as its not covering a long period of time the work featured is sometimes repetitive. Its more a complete look at what she’s been doing instead of showcasing just her best pieces. She alternates from full pages pieces to showing one side sketch drawing with the other one being the painting completed. I like this style and she uses it for all of her three books, however on Lost Constellations it feels a bit more repetitive and the same old same old; I did not get this feeling with her other two books. Perhaps having less pages would make it seem a bit tighter and less formulaic. It is really nice to see her sketch work, especially on the posters she does for bands but when it happens on almost every page it almost gives an impression to me like there wasn’t enough complete pieces to show. Her vibrant art, works best when its side by side another painting, and not a black and white sketch. However its genuinely nice to see her before sketches, it just doesn’t work as well in Lost Constellations as it does in the other two books. I really enjoyed it and if you are a fan of hers, its a must have, however if you are new to her art I suggest buying her one of her other books first to get into her world.


*for a compelte look at Lost Constellations click below, and more of her art check out: Tara McPherson


Saturday Review: Henry Darger “The Sound and the Fury”

henrydarger, henry darger, citizen erased Henry Darger “The Sound and the Fury

 This art book of about outsider artist Henry Darger and is 70 pages long, containing art from the art show “The Sound and the Fury” that toke place in France. This book contains 15 pages of text about the show and introducing Henry Darger’s art, as it was original published in French the book contains English translations below the French. This seems unnecessary and there is not much information contained in there anyone not familiar with Darger wouldn’t be aware of anyways. The book however does a good job at showing the scale of Darger’s work which having seen in person in New York City can sometimes span the whole length of a room.  And it gives variety to the art he made. As Darger is an outsider artist and had died before anyone had even seen his art, there is not many books of his art. This book is affordable and has pieces of his work that will make you smile, and is really the only affordable option. Most of his work has not made the translation into art book form, unless in its entirety and extreme rare expensive publication. I’d advised anyone to look for a museum in your area or a trip away to really experience his work, as its breathtaking. If you really want to have a view at some of his art inside your house, this book will be fine, however for anyone new to Henry Darger it is not a good introduction or really captivates what his art is about.

*if you want to know more about Henry Darger watch the documentary “In The Realms of the Unreal”


 To view pages of “The Sound and the Fury” click below:



Pick of the Week: Worms Worms Worms


Wormswormsworms is a shop created by Ally Burke showcasing her artwork. I love her postcards and stickers. These are the ones I bought in the summer to keep and send to my best friend. I ordered an original print and more stickers a few days ago and I’m so excited to get. If you love unique art check her out, and her tumblr is amazing too. I really hope she makes more postcards because they are so unique.

Favourite items at her shop:





Saturday Review : James Jean “Rebus”

rebusjamesjeanJames Jean: Rebus

Rebus, is an art book by James Jean showcasing his art work from 2001 to 2011 and 255 pages. For a lover of James Jean this is a must, and for anyone who wants to find a great contemporary artist I would suggest picking up this book. The artwork is shown on almost every page except a few heading pages dividing the years and a lot of thought has been put behind the proportional and amount of space the specific artwork takes on the pages. There are many cases where the artwork takes up both pages, however some work this leaves the character of the painting in the crease which is the only downside of Rebus that I found.  It goes in chronically order and gives the same amount of pages to each section of years meaning there is no time frame of his work skimmed over. It not only shows his paintings but his drawings, products, and gallery openings. The best thing about this book is that its all about the artwork, sometimes art book are too heavily weighed down by words and don’t showcase the art. Rebus does not have this issue, and is a great size, in my collection its the largest in terms of height and width. You couldn’t go wrong ordering Rebus and of all the James Jean products its my favourite.

Click below to check out photos of various pages of Rebus: