This Week in Photos

This week in photos brought to you by bad weather and weirdly placed holidays! I guess you are probably sick of my commenting on how much it’s been raining here and if you are in Canada you’re probably sick of the weather too. You’d never guess from my photos though because I’ve managed to stay inside like hermit on all the rainy days working on my DIY project, lol. This week there was the Quebec holiday St. Jean Baptiste Day which meant we got Tuesday off, and next week it’s Canada Day…on Tuesday so weirdly placed holidays for all. I’m lucky I had two weeks of photos to show you guys so no rainy photos for you, instead bike adventures and more…

this week in photosStarting to explore doing more with my hair beside just straight down. My first top bun was pretty successful and it stayed up even after 1 hour of swimming at the pool. Me and Victor did our first swim of summer at the local rec center, we hope to go once a week to exercise. I’ll have to take photo there sometime – the pool is indoors but surrounded by glass – it’s pretty.

this week in photosthis week in photos (3)Replanted all my new plants, love re-potting plants even though my balcony is so tiny I have to sit in the kitchen to do it. Got dirt everywhere which was not fun to clean up. Also played around with what to do with my new air plants – can’t wait to show you what I ended up with.

this week in photos (2)
After a month vacation from hanging art, I’m back at it and really want to get everything I have framed on the walls. I need to finish decorating the house especially since I’ve already started looking at other apartments.

pick of the weekMy front room is really coming together, instead of just being Butter’s place to lay everywhere and have her toys all over the floor it’s now my chill hammock area. I spend a good 30min. on my hammock each day, it’s so relaxing.  Best early birthday present to myself.

this week in photos (4)Sorting all my paper cranes for June’s DIY project, as soon as I did this Butter came over and napped on them, of course. Really excited to share this month’s DIY project tomorrow!

this week in photos (6)If you ever wondered what my front window looked like during the day and not during a sunrise.

this week in photos (2)So excited my fridge is fixed and I can start making popsicles to fill the freezer for the summer heat.

this week in photos (4)this week in photos Bike rides! Any sunny day I’m off we’ve been travelling by bike. I should do a “What’s in my bike basket” sometime this summer, right now it has water, Split-Cam, Polaroid Colorpack IV and developed polaroids.

this week in photos (2)this week in photos (1) this week in photos (3)A few sneak peak photos from our adventure to the Canada Malting Silos. Scouting out the place in attempt to find an enterance – didn’t find any but I’m hoping a few more tries and I might get access. We were able to peak inside through one of the welding doors and it looked amazing. Next week on Thursday I’ll be sharing all my shots from the outside.

this week in photos (4)Cloudy sunrise, the last few sunrises I’ve seen in the last two weeks have been underwhelming. The weather here is pretty shit most days so that’d hardly suprising (can you tell all this rain is making me bitter?).

this week in photosWhat a good way to end then with a cute photo of Butter hiding behind the garden. She gets so antsy in the morning when I’m running to work and she just wants to go outside and lay about watching birds.

Hope you have an amazing weekend, I only have a few days left of work before starting  a week long vacation. I’m getting so amped for it.


This Week in Photos

This week has been another great week of summer, it feels like so many different things are coming together recently in my life. The energy I’ve had the last few days has also been really intoxicating, I guess I should have started to work out again sooner. It’s actually over a year since I last worked out and it feels really good to be getting back into it. I’m starting out just casually playing tennis and going for bike rides with Victor to ease myself back into it. We also have plans to start going to our local pool when it gets hotter on free days (have no idea why it’s so easy to find free days at Montreal pools but impossible to find a free tennis court – qu’est ce que le fuck?) I want to be healthier and for me that doesn’t come very naturally at all, going to have to work hard at it. I also just setup my summer hammock in the main room in the house, it’s so good naps. The motion sickness is definitely real though, hoping my brain just get used to it because I want to spend a lot of my summer chilling in it. June is looking up to be a pretty interesting month in my life which is great because my work schedule is awful so I need focus on the positives. Like this weekend I want to buy a cute sport outfit and buy a few more plants ignore the fact I’ll be spending most of it at work, lol. Here are some of the shots I’ve taken this week…

this week in photosPink clouds, my first sunrise of this week.

this week in photos (11)While on a walk in Parc LaFontaine we saw this mini sail boat motoring around. We kept trying to find who was controlling it but couldn’t find anyone on the shoreline with a controller.

this week in photos (13)
Silly Sundays, Butter stratching the chair and licking her nose.

this week in photos (4)this week in photos (3)this week in photos (5)this week in photos (1)
This weekend Victor bought a tennis racket so we went to play tennis for the first time. We both are at similar levels so it’s really fun to play against each other. We biked to a free court in a different borough than ours and on the way there found an old site for a factory where they had decided to keep the walls of but convert the rest into stores and parking lots. The huge wall was held up on both sides with this metal framework and it was really cool to me.

this week in photos (9)this week in photos (8)this week in photos (10)Pretty clouds. I also told Victor to do crazy arms for the silhouette shot, weirdo.

this week in photos (14)2nd sunrise of the week on Monday. I really need to fix my sleep schedule. I had work twice this week at 8am – it was rough.

this week in photos (15)On Tuesday I took photos upcoming post about the Metro-Flex vintage camera. So pretty.

this week in photos (17) this week in photos (16)Blowing bubbles for Butter on Tuesday as well. She hates them so much, I should record her one day trying to attack them. Sometimes she makes the craziest sounds at them.

I thought I’d have more for you but it’s been raining everyday since Tuesday this week and I’ve been busy at work. Have a great weekend!


This Week in Photos

I’m still recovering from Mutek on the weekend if you can believe it. It’s been a very mellow week but I’m excited to finally have a few days off to catch up on my sleep and maybe do a bit of exploring around Montreal. I had my bike repaired at the start of the week so I’m excited to get outside go for a long ride. It’s good that this week’s post is a mix from the last two weeks because it’s been raining here a lot and I’ve been staying indoors. I’ve actually finished painting the main room of my house a nice pale pinky peach color. Still don’t know if I’m in love with it as much as my living room and bedroom colors. The big issue is that it looks very different when the lights are on, changing from pale peach to a vibrant pink tone. It’s also the one room in my house where we always have the lights on so I’m waiting to decorate the walls with various prints and photography and see if it feels a bit chiller. Mutek was amazing btw and I’m already excited for next year already. If you want to hear more about my thoughts on the event I shared a lot on Sunday’s post – here. I didn’t take my Nikon camera with me to dance so there are not a lot of photos but I just had to share two from my phone. Anyways I’m probably rambling. Here is what I’ve been up to!

this week in photos (2)I feel like all summer ‘This Week in Photos’ should start with a sunrise. I coined this the Summer of Sunrises because of how many times I’ve spent my morning watching the sun rise in the last few weeks.

this week in photos (4) Does it make me a hipster if I like turbans and flower crowns? Excited to wear these all summer long. Will have a review of them in 2 weeks,  they are by Beauxoxo.

this week in photosButter has been stuck inside for most of the week since there is construction outside our house and there have been a few storms (she gets really scared and hides under the bed). It’s a good thing she can at least chill on the kitchen window.

this week in photos (1)With the rain comes the pretty clouds.

this week in photos (2)this week in photos (3)This is vintage fair Old Wig that I was talking about 2 weeks ago. It happens a few times a year over a weekend.  Me, Victor and my friend Jenny decided to check it out together.

this week in photosThis it all I bought, which I was surprised by but there was no vintage cameras or other items that I just had to have. I may have asked Victor to buy me a vintage globe, or two, or three….not luck, lol. They have different stores each time so I guess that’s why it was as good as when we went in November. I was really happy to find a set of salt and pepper shakers though since I’ve been wanting a pair of cute ones for awhile. Everything was only $10. Jenny also got the cutest milkshake maker. All three of us let pretty quickly after arriving but we went out for diner and drinks so it wasn’t a complete wash.

this week in photos (2)More sunrises, I love the clouds with the sunrise.

this week in photos (6)Me and Victor last Friday before heading out to our first show of Mutek to see Max Cooper.

villalobos (2)villalobos (1)
This is from Saturday night when I took a photo on my phone of the theatre just before Villalobos started and another one on Sunday morning when we left the theatre. It’s always mind blowing after a night of dancing to be greeted by the sun.

this week in photos (10)this week in photos (11)this week in photos (9)On Sunday we went to our first Piknic Electronik of the year. It wasn’t as good as last year’s Piknic for Mutek or the year’s before but it was still fun. The vibe has really changed, I think at least…but maybe that’s just because my friends who use to come with us aren’t in Montreal anymore.

this week in photos (12)this week in photos (7)
Villalobos was awesome, more chill than the night before. He played old school Beck and ATB which was really hilarious to me. I felt so dead after his set though we didn’t stay for long.

this week in photos (5)End of Mutek, time to hang up our weekend passes and the put the schedule away. Me and Victor enjoy hanging up our event passes as reminders, I’m sure these will end up in his office.

this week in photos (4) this week in photos (5)I have no idea why this apartment building has all these Tin-Tin cardboard cutouts on the side of it but it was a good laugh find it randomly while on a walk.

this week in photos (1) this week in photos (5)My Golden Half Hello Kitty camera came in the mail! Already put the film in and shot a few photos on the weekend.

this week in photos (3) Rain, rain, go away.

this week in photos (4)this week in photos (6)

Thought Butter would be the perfect end to today’s post. She really loves hidding behind the plants and watching our back garden. Hope you have an amazing weekend!


This Week in Photos

This week has gone by so quickly, that always happens when there is a holiday on Monday I find. I don’t even know if that’s exciting for me considering I work all weekend. It’s rare I work weekends so I will not grumble too much. I do have big plans for tonight. Me, Victor and my friend Jenny are heading to the Oldwig Vintage Sale which is happening all weekend. Last time I picked up so many great items so I’m really excited to see what they have this year. Don’t know if I’ll pick anything up but I want to get some dishes maybe. There is also the opening of Montreal’s Urban Acrobatic Park on Saturday as well which should be fun to go to. I’m thinking of heading there after work on Saturday and see if they are doing anything exciting. No sure if that will happen since I work up until the hour of the event. I will definitely be going there at some point this summer to actually climb around. I’m scared shitless of heights but sometimes you just have to try plus it’s the first park of its type on North America so that’s cool. Anyways onto the photos…

this week in photosOn Friday I may have stayed up till 5am. While I was checking to see if the sunrise was coming I noticed my phone created a double reflection in the window which I though was pretty neat.  Went to bed before the sun rose.

this week in photos (2)I love my street, by the weekend they had finished hanging all the pink balls which mean St. Catherine street is officially closed for the next 3 months and I get to walk in the middle of the road and eat on restaurant terraces. Here is one of the workers starting to hang some on the corner by my house.

this week in photos (6)this week in photos (4) We went for a walk (or got lost depending on who you ask) on Saturday.

this week in photos (7) this week in photos (8)We also went to have our first piknic of the season in Parc LaFontaine on Saturday. It was a bit cold but still so relaxing.

this week in photos (10)On Sunday we went to buy plants at Marche Atwater.

this week in photos (11)I took a lot of photos of the flowers while there, this double exposure is really fun.

this week in photos (12)We ate really yummy food while at Marche Atwater and I tried ginger beer for the first time. Gotta say I don’t understand the hype, it’s okay but not amazing.

this week in photos (13)I loved my outfit for that day – sometimes I wish I found What I Wore posts fun to make because I love the outfits I put together.

this week in photos (14) this week in photos (15)Re-potted plants that have grown to big for their old ones and potted all the new plants when I got home on Sunday. Try and find Butter in both these shots.

this week in photos (9)On Monday I didn’t take any photos except this one of the sunset – 5am and me are really good friends even though I keep trying to break up with them.

this week in photos (16)this week in photos (1)Tuesday before heading to work, I worked on a few posts and snapped Butter enjoying the sun coming in from the living room window. I’m glad she decided to come out of her hiding spot underneath the couch – there was a dog in the backyard barking all morning that scared her.

wishcandy (2)Wishcandy postcards came in the mail on Thursday which was really exciting because it was a pretty dreary day outside.

this week in photosHaving a chill Friday reading my Girl Glue zine that arrived yesterday. It’s rainy outside so I’m not doing much and just enjoying myself before working all weekend. Hope you guys have a good one.


This Week in Photos

This week in photos is really turning into a mish-mash of photos I have on my computer at the end of the week…I mean that’s the point but still. It reminds me of my 365 Challenge, and that makes me miss my 365 Challenge and not all at the same time. It’s nice being able to have a day to put up casual photos. My work released my schedule at the beginning of the week so I know my schedule now till mid-July – and it’s so terrible I can’t even image how I’m going to manage to go on any adventures this summer. Apparently my work wants me to spend all summer working till midnight and working more weekends. I’ve mentioned it before but midnight shifts are the worst because they just mess with my schedule and makes my job feel like it’s taking up my whole life. I’m hoping to organize myself a lot the next few weeks and get a whole bunch of recipe posts done for the summer so I have more time to focus on adventures and taking photos and less on getting posts done. Organization! Let me know in the comments if you have any summer plans.

this week in photos (3)This week started out right with amazing homemade breakfast on the Saturday and Sunday. I was telling Victor that I really wanted to go out for brunch last weekend and then decided instead of spending month at a restaurant we may as well buy all the ingredients to make it ourselves…this was a luxury. We barely ate anything else all weekend.

this week in photos (2)Mother’s Day on Sunday. I don’t have a very good relationship with my mother so it’s a day I am usually just waiting for it to be over. I bought this cute flower for Victor to give to him mom though because it looked so pretty at the store.

this week in photosthis week in photos (4)Coming home from Victor’s moms the sky looked so pretty, just had to grab a photo.

this week in photos (1) Presents! All for my best friend Ana. We send each other care packages every few months or so once we’ve collected enough stuff for each other. I can’t believe some days it’s been 5 years since I’ve lived in the same city as her.

white chocolate pineapple popsicles (8)Made my first popsicles of the seaon since it’s getting really hot and guess what….they were awful. White chocolate yogurt and pineapple do not mix. lol

stela starchildArtist Stela Starchild sent me a snail mail package that arrived on Tuesday, have to take photos of it. So cute.

this week in photos (3)Starting taking photos of my toy camera collection on Thursday, upcoming post for later in the month.

this week in photos (4)The vines in our balconey are starting to ‘leaf’. Wonder if they will try to take over like last year.

I honestly was going to take a few more photos for this week’s post today as it seemed a little empty but it’s literally being raining all day so instead I’m going to wish you a great weekend (if you are in Canada it’s a long weekend!).


This Week in Photos

This week in photos is a real mish mash, starting with Butter since she hasn’t made many appearances since I stopped doing weekly photos of her (do you miss that? I miss it but I could look at photos of her fluffy face forever). Also me and Victor had a mini adventure in the middle of the week and it got me really excited for the summer. I’m starting a list of all these locations we have to revisit in the next few months and places I want to check out. I’m always really excited the few weeks when Montreal isn’t raining but still has that cold breeze and before it’s hella humid and it’s so warm you don’t even want to move. That’s the perfect time to be outside. The vitamin D also feels amazing, going to bike and walk all summer!

butterButter has been hating this rainy weather just as much as me, the rise in temperature has made her more and more anxious to go outside so she’s spending lots of time looking out the windows.

lord of the rings collection (2) I picked up a new Lord of the Rings box set this week. Aren’t the covers gorgeous? These are the 70th Anniversary additions and I picked them up because I wanted to a set of paper back with large font plus this one included The Hobbit as well. And these guys were only $14. My fav is the  Hobbit cover – I’ve seen it before and always loved it.

lord of the rings collection (1)A look at my J.R.R Tolkien collection. It’s totally normal to have 3 versions of the same book right? The other box set I’ve had since High School and it has the classic artwork covers but the font is tiny. I also have LOTR and the Hobbit in hard-cover plus a collection of various other stories. What’s amazing is that 1 of my other books is actually from the same series of artwork as my new box set! Very excited to get more of that one series as it’d be neat to have the complete black series. Might as well have two versions of every J.R.R Tolkien book right?

camera collectionI wanted to move my camera stand over closer to my desk so I had to take all the cameras off and decided to take a photo of them all while they were on the floor.

montreal exploring (2)this week in photosmontreal exploringThis is the first official long walk of Spring! It felt great to have two days this week with nice weather in a row. Victor skipped out of work on Wednesday and me and him were able to go for an almost 5 hour walk around Vieux-Montreal. I have a whole post planned with photos from our walk next Thursday but wanted to share a few. My poor feet hurt so much, I don’t think either of us suspected we’d go as far as we did but I kept finding places I wanted to check out. Victor brought home a bike path map a few weeks ago and I’ve been looking at it and trying to plan places to check out this summer. I want to spend a lot of time outside and riding around on our bikes (need to get mine fixed).

new dressI was able to wear summer shoes and my new butterfly dress from Asos on our walk!

loll3 (7)A few things from the artist LoLL3 came in the mail this week. The mug and a few of those stickers are actually a friend’s birthday present that I am mailing to her this week.

self portraitself-portrait
Me taking silly self-portraits of myself. My hair keeps getting more and more yellow. One of my co-workers told me that I look like a highlighter. lol. Accurate. It’s not what I wanted but I actually quite like it because it’s really unique. I just wish it matched any of the clothing I own, lol.

oragmi street artSaw a lady making an origami installation on a cement pole, she apparently does a lot of street art using origami which I always find fascinating (check it out here)

holga lens for nikonLoved this Holga lens shot I took this week, had to share. I find it cute when couple coordinate.

dinosaur chocolatesOn Thursday I made dinosaur chocolates for Victor as they are so yummy. I beat they won’t survive the weekend. Going to be a tutorial on how I make them next Saturday in case you want to know my technique.

butter (2)butter (3)
Finally it’s starting to warm up in Montreal and we’ve been able to let Butter enjoy our balcony a bit. By the end of this week she went from staring out the window to meowing at the door in the morning waiting for me to open it. It’ll be our second summer at this house so I have to more careful with her since she gets more and more adventurous outside when she’s familiar with a house.

It’s already back to rain here just in time for weekend but I am getting more and more ready for summer and feel optimistic. Hope you have an amazing weekend!

EDIT: I took this photo at 5:30am this morning (having a real issue going to bed before 4am these days) and didn’t have enough time to add it before going to work this morning. Enjoy the sunrise from my front window.sunrise


This Week in Photos: Easter Addition

easter window decalsI had a wonderful week (mostly thanks to only working 3 days) and have already started my long Easter weekend. It’s been a good week, although I’ve made myself super busy. However I think as soon I’ve sorted out my hair it’ll be pure relaxation (I’m switching to a new color, check out Sunday’s self-portrait post to see the new color). Tonight in fact I am going to see Minilogue – if you don’t know who they are check out their Soundcloud – one of my favourite DJ duos and it’s their last tour together. I’m going to dance a lot and enjoy the rest of the weekend hanging out with Victor. I also managed to track down some pussywillows yesterday and have the most amazing Easter tree – they put a really big smile on my face. I’ve never had an Easter tree while I’ve been living in Montreal, mostly due to be hella broke most of the time so it feels really good to have one now. It’s really blinged out too and I took far too many photos of it so it’ll be at the very bottom hidden under a link. :)

silk easter eggs (14) silk easter eggs (25)Taken on Saturday after finishing my DIY for silk tie eggs. These didn’t turn out as great as I hoped but I love them anyways.

butterButter’s first steps outside after a long winter. Not Easter related but my little ball of fur is too cute to pass up.

hello kitty easter egg temporary tattoo easter eggs (9)My favourite of my temporary tattoo easter eggs with notes going around the whole egg.

temporary tattoo easter eggs (3)A look at the rest of the Hello Kitty tattoo easter eggs, DIY is here!

bye bye hairBye wonderful hair! I will miss your coral tones.

easter (15)I only bought 1 bag of Lindor easter eggs to fill up my little plastic egg containers since Victor didn’t want to have lots of chocolate and I usually buy tons the day after so I get discounts.

easter postcardThe last of all Easter postcards. Now that my Easter postcards are done, I am already planning what ones I will send for the Summer.

easter (4) easter (3)My mini Easter shrine I setup of all my random bunnies and various eggs decor. The bunny piggy bank statue btw was given to my by my baby brother almost 10 years so and I treasure it so much. Also the large plastic eggs light up and flash 4 colors – it’s amazing.

easter (1)I found the cutest bowls last night at Dollarama and now want to buy more so I can switch all my eggs into them.

easterEaster nails!

easter (10) easter (11)Easter window decals and pussywillows (and yes I own window decals for every season and holiday – they are really fun to play around with)

easter (14)My Easter tree prior to decoration. The florist I found was selling branchs that had almost no bloomed pussywillows or sticks of bloomed pussywillows so I combines a few together and was really happy with the over all results. When I was a kid we drove out to the farm area of Edmonton and actually sawed down a large branch. Mine is like a baby tree.

easter (24)Butter like usual is super curious about the tree.

easter (37)My finished tree
(if your wondering why this photos looks kinda dull it’s because it’s super cloudy outside)

Lots more photos of the tree below
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This Week in Photos

I’ve started to become a bit of night owl in the last month. I guess that what happens when you are working midnight shifts at work – I think I need to start activily fixing my sleep schedule so I have more chances to go out and take photos. I’ve been staying up till 4am each day and waking up at 1pm….not excatly the best schedule. Today’s post is a little light on photos but next week will be jammed back as I have to run around a lot this weekend finding all the odds and ends for my big Easter weekend.

sunriseThis lovely sunrise is brought to you because by Game of Thrones. Accidently watched back to back episodes and didn’t realize it was 6am….I didn’t sleep but did get some amazing shots.

citizen erased photographyAn outtake from my 52 Weeks of Self-Portraits, deciding which one was really tough. I wasn’t in the mood at all to start my project as my face was very red from an allergic reaction but in the end I decided to start with an au natural photo would be a great beginning.

this week in photos (3)Worked on making a whole bunch of my temporary tattoo Easter eggs for my Monthly DIY project.

this week in photos (1)I bought this little window bed for Butter for Christmas and since it’s been sunny all week I set it up for her. Trying to get her to try it with treats. She’ll jump to it for treats but never stays…

this week in photos (2)More Spring postcards for my friends who live around Canada.

easter troll earringsMy vintage Easter troll earrings came in the mail!!

my little pony (3)Two of my favourite collections, everytime me and my friends make Easter eggs I always keep them so I can display them. Looking at them always reminds me of how much fun we had making them.

Hope you have a great weekend! I will be making a ton of Easter eggs this weekend and hopefully finding some pussywillow branches at a florist to make my own Easter tree!


This Week in Photos

Very excited for the first ever “This Week in Photos”. I want to keep taking daily photos without all the pressure of a 365 Challenge as seriously that exhausted me. Since I stopped in the beginning of March I’ve felt like I’m on vacation from photography. Which has been great but I really want to get back into it. I also need to encouraging myself to actually post all the random shots I end up taking throughout my week.  I love a good random shot of my daily life but it usually just sits on my computer and never sees the light of day for oh a good year or two so this is perfect. Oh speaking of random photos I’m working slowly at my Society6 store to add a bunch of various photographs so if you want to check out the prints I have available – click here! Just a warning as well – there will be a lot of Easter photos in the weeks to come. Starting at the beginning of April I go full out old school German and obsess about Easter. It’s a weird family tradition, it means decorations, rabbit ears, Easter tree (yup there’s a tree) and lots of eggs.

montreal graffitistarchild stelaA sneak peack at my weekend photoshoot. Already posted my instant photos from that day on Tuesday! More to come next week.

stela starchildAmazing stickers and mini zine present from Starchild Stela.

easter eggTested out a DIY idea with one of my hollow eggs I have just laying around a box
(see I warned you, I’m a weird German person)

hanging wall (3) hanging wall (2)I rearranged and added some new zines and mini prints to my hanging wall. The instant of me and Victor from Montreal En Lumiere festival makes me smile.

easter bunniesCute bunnies I picked up from Dollarama to hid around my plants like Beatrix Potter.

art printMy art print from Society6 of Muxxi‘s artwork arrived this week.

postcardsStarting to send out my Spring postcards.

value village (2)Went to Value Village to look for silk ties for my Easter DIY.

silk tiesSilk ties are so expensive, I layed down all the ones I liked to choose a few. I spent $30 on 5 which I wasn’t expecting…apperently used silk ties are sups expensive for some reason.

my little pony (2)I bought this My Little Pony at Value Village for $2 and while waiting for the bus to go home took a few pictures. I love when people just stare at me while I take photos like I’m hella crazy.

Hope you have an amazing weekend.  I am going to be knee deep in my Easter DIY projects I think or at least blowing out eggs in preparation. Maybe even get around to painting the enterance to our apartment…I say that every week don’t I? I feel like if I keep saying it maybe it’ll come true….