Lomography Wednesday: Toronto in Instax Mini

instax mini toronto (4)It’s been forever since my trip to Toronto last month and I’m just getting around to sharing my Instax mini photos from there. Sitting down and spending an hour or two scanning photos is always the part I am least enthused about when it comes to instant photography. However I’m glad I did finally scan these as it was a walk through memory lane last night. I had such a great time hanging out with my friends Derek and Erin. The highlights of the trip beside all the ramen me and Victor consumed was meeting their two brand new kitties and watching them both dj at Detour bar. Most of the photos are from our random walk around Toronto and on Derek’s birthday. My favourite photo outta the bunch is one of Victor with Derek’s best friend Victor, it’s kind of the crazy but they are both obviously Victor’s and both from Chile. So strange. I loved capturing all these shots, can’t wait for my next trip outta town!

instax mini toronto (13)instax mini toronto (17)instax mini toronto (16) instax mini toronto (10) instax mini toronto (12) instax mini toronto (9) instax mini toronto (15) instax mini toronto (11)instax mini toronto (5)instax mini toronto (1)instax mini torontoinstax mini toronto (3)instax mini toronto (6)instax mini toronto (7)instax mini toronto (4)instax mini toronto (2)instax mini toronto (3)I’m loving the cute fun film from Japan for my Instax Mini 90 – can’t wait to grab more for Spring.


Double Exposure: Train Museum

Double exposure toronto (3)This week’s set of double exposures are from my trip to Toronto. They were all taken on the same afternoon in downtown of Union Station, the CN Tower and the weird CN Rail Museum that was covered in snow, plus the handsome Victor (who looks like a hipster in his winter jacket). My favourite and the silliest is the one below where I was trying to make it look like a train was hitting the ‘Watch for Train’s sign…it didn’t quite work out but it makes me laugh. These were all very fun to take and made me think I should probably not be such a hermit and get out there and take photos of the beautiful snow before it melts.

Double exposure toronto (10) Double exposure toronto (6)Double exposure toronto (2)Double exposure toronto (4)Double exposure toronto (8)Double exposure toronto (9)Double exposure toronto (1) Double exposure toronto (7)(this double exposure is hard to tell as it’s just a shot of the snow and then the train, wanted to create a blizzard effect)


52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: Toronto

45/52 Toronto

52 Weeks of self-portrait (2)While I was visiting Toronto this week I thought I should try and do my 52 Weeks self-portrait which was probably not the greatest decision. It seemed the whole time we were there, either there was a snow storm outside or me and Victor were really busy eating and hanging out with friends. I couldn’t even snap one in the hotel because our room bizarrely enough didn’t have a window but instead a view of the hotel’s rock garden….it was like living in a basement suite all over again. Luckily yesterday we found this train museum after I decided I wanted to see the harbor and look at the frozen lake (which we never got to because we were too cold and had no idea where to go). It’s hard to see in this photo but I’m balancing on the last step of an antique train. I thought it was neat that it looked like I was floating above the snow below. As well I love when snowflakes stick to my hair. Hope you had a good weekend, I’m writing this from the train today as we slowly make our way back to Montreal and can’t wait to be home.


“I was addicted to ‘no absolutes’ kinda
But now I am very simple
Other interpretations possible
All this fear was drug induced
Drug induced
Drug induced”

Limblifter ‘Drug Induced’


Toronto Polaroids

slides162My Toronto trip was too short, I already miss it. I never seem to be there long enough to get tired of it. I brought with me 3 packs of Fujifilm instant color film to take shots with my Polaroid Colorpack III and managed to use them all despite being there for only 3 days. I’ve been feeling lately that I really need to branch out and start spending more time with my other non-Polaroid cameras. I have been posting almost non-stop Polaroid content for Vintage Tuesday for the last 3 months, I even bought a new Polaroid camera last month that I am just dying to use (a Polaroid Super Shooter Plus). I think my wallet will thank me if I ease up on the instant photography. It’s just so fun though and instant photography is so tricky so experimenting is a must. I’ve even been thinking about getting a newer instant camera from the Fujifilm Instax Mini series but the one I want that allows for the most manual functions is just shy of $200 and I don’t really have that type of money to invest in another camera where the film is pricey. Regardless though I need to start spending more time with my other cameras. I do have a few shots taken using the viewfinder of the Kodak Duaflex coming up in 2 week and then it will temporarily back to Polaroid as I will be reviewing Flashcubes for Polaroid cameras at the end of March but I promise more diversity in the spring! I’m taking a lot of photos with 620 film cameras but I need some time to develop it at home so hopefully I get to my mountain of film to develop in March. For now some polaroids taken during my trip to Toronto…

polaroidpolaroidslides235polaroidpolaroid polaroidpolaroidpolaroid polaroid polaroid


Toronto Tradition

I have what I call a Toronto Tradition where I go every year to celebrate my friend Derek’s birthday even though it’s the dead of winter. It started 4 years ago when I took my first ever trip there on a whim and I have never missed his birthday since. It’s such an odd time to travel but this year we didn’t get caught in any blizzard so I was thankful for that and we travelled by train which was so much better than by bus. Below are some of the photos I captured during the quick 3 day trip there:

toronto (1)toronto (10)
The trip started at 6am on Saturday after me Victor and me boarded our VIA rail train in Montreal. It was the first time we have taken the train there and it was so nice because they had free wifi. I may have spent the whole trip there on Etsy when I wasn’t taking photos outside the window.

toronto (34)double exposure (24)
I made Victor pose for me as I played around with double exposures. He chose to do the ‘thinking man’.

toronto (91)toronto (87)
We checked into our hotel room in Chinatown that we love so much and settled in for the weekend.

toronto (98) Continue reading %s


Double Exposure: Travelling by Train & Skylines

double exposurelake ontario These double exposures were taken during my train journey from Montreal to Toronto that happened in the beginning of February. Although the train glass was beyond dirty I just had to try and capture the snowy landscapes that we kept passing as well as the view of Lake Ontario.

double exposure (17) double exposure (16)double exposure (30)The below shots are the view from our hotel room during the first day of our trip. Taking photos of the CN Tower feels super cheesy but I love taking city landscapes shots for double exposure shots and it’s kind of hard to miss the tower when in Toronto. Tomorrow I have a bunch of regular photos taken with my Nikon during my trip so make sure to check them out too. It was a really fun trip and although I never take as many photos as I think I will when there it’s still a lot by normal people’s standards I think, lol.

toronto toronto


Igloofest with Holga Tim

holga tim (16)Igloofest is officially over in Montreal and now I have to wait another year to go dancing in freezing temperatures. We only managed to go once which was too bad but I wasn’t able to convince Victor to go out again. The DJs change every year so some years there just isn’t a reason to go that often. I have some crazy memories of Igloofest, so I decided to look back at photos I’ve taken there and found ones from 2012 that I took with my Holga Tim. They are pretty bad, I think this was the first time I ever used the Holga Tim with the flash. I like the abstract ones with the distorted lights. I defiantly need more practice using my Holga Tim with flash, I am usually not a big fan of using flash but it’d be good to learn because it’s nice bring toy cameras to events like these where I’m worried about damaging my Nikon camera holga tim (33)holga tim (41) holga tim (25) holga tim (35) holga tim (29)these were taken the same month on my trip to Toronto in 2012 so I thought I’d share them as well

holga tim (1) holga tim (43)


Lomography Wednesday

Holga Vision

holga, toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photography

A trippy look at the sights of Toronto. I shot these while on a trip to Toronto in 2012 during the spring using the Holga lens attachment for Nikon. The lo-fi effect is wonderful, its makes the digital shots feel like film. I am hope to do a review of the Holga lens next month after I’ve used it more in different situations but thought in the meantime I’d share my favourite shots from my trip. Most of these were taken around the downtown core in the Kensington Market area that I always stay at. I love the vibrant colors of the area and how you can see the CN Tower off in the distance, not to mention it has the best food. I definetly need to take more photos of Toronto, for some reason anytime I go I spend more time drinking and hanging out then snapping away (I blame my Toronto friends for that lol)

holga, toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyholga, toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyholga, toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographytoronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyholga, toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographytoronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographytoronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographytoronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photography toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photography


365 Challenge

365 Challenge – March

On a completely random day I decided I should do one of those 365 projects with my photography. I wanted to take 1 photograph a day for the next year, nothing specific as the topic or camera just a fun thing to do and a good way to explore all the random things I love taking photos of. So I started and so far I’m 3 weeks into it and its going really well. I have managed to post the photos every day and it’s really fun. The biggest problem is just picking just one on days were I am taking a lot. Lol. I decided since I am moving this weekend instead of the photo of the week I would show you my top 5 photos from my 365 project as well as a gallery of all the ones taken in March! So unless I run into any issues on the Friday before the end of each month I will share some of my 365 photography with you.

rainbow cupcake. 365 challenge, citizen erased, citizen erased photography, 36512/365 Rainbow Cupcake photo.

polaroid land camera, 365 challenge, citizen erased, citizen erased photography, 365, polaroid11/365 Taken with my Polaroid Land Camera, my friend visiting from Toronto and Victor

365 challenge, citizen erased, citizen erased photography, 36508/365. Stickers from Karonlin Fexlis that I got in the mail.
365, citizen erased, cupcakes, easter22/365 Cupcakes for coworkes in celebration of Easter

butter, cat, citizen erased, citizen erased photography, 365, 365 challenge02/365 My cat Butter Truck taking a nap. This one is my favourite one so far.

If you want to see my project live in action check out: Citizen Erased Photography 365 Tumblr

Below are all photographs taken in March!


Lomography Wednesday

This week I wanna share my shots using Oktomat from Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto a few years ago. This camera can be really fun to take on vacation, and man its nice to see shots from the summer, I really start to get sick of winter around this time of year. So its nice to look back a summer photos. This camera isn’t always the most steady or clearly but I love its charm and all the various ways you can take photos with it. Its really fun for trips or when I just want ot be silly.

oktomat, citizen erased oktomat citizen erased oktomat, citizen erased