Pick of the Week: Lomography Special Sales

sprocket rocket (2)

Pick of the Week: Lomography Special Sales

Today’s pick is Lomography special sales area of their website which offers heavily discounted cameras and more. I didn’t even know this existed until the beginning of the summer and it’s been one of my favourite shops to browse at since. The deal is that for a discounted price that can vary from 15% to 75% you can get either cameras or accessories that were used in stores as samples, have damaged or open boxes and other items like magazine and books that they are trying to move stock for. This is a great way to pick up a camera you’ve really wanted at a much better price or picking up other fun items. They also promise that the camera comes with the manual and all the extras so you aren’t missing out on anything the full price camera has. Besides cameras they have accessories like flashes or lens for various cameras and the other items like Lomography books, magazines and photo albums. The one thing I have yet to see in this area is film which is too bad. However, it’s a gold mine for amazing cameras and they seem to update the website multiple times a week so if a camera you want isn’t listed there is strong possibility it’ll become available in a short amount of time. I missed out on picking up one of the cameras I really wanted before when I was browsing and waited less than a week for it to be relisted. Also there always seems to be multiple pages of sales which means the choice is varied and it’s just not one or two specific camera or designs at a time.  The main reason why I love the special sale area though is that it really helps offset the cost of Lomography cameras which are usually more expensive then need be (probably to offset the cost of all those extras they include with the cameras – which I think are useless) and also for people outside of US it helps with shipping and export fees. The two cameras that I purchased from there were both roughly 40% off and saved me $70 total so I end up with 2 cameras for the price of 1. On top of that shipping was $15 and I had to pay a $20 import fee when the package arrived because even though the cameras were ordered through their Canadian website they ship out of New York (that was the only thing I don’t like about my purchase so beware of those charges). Overall I am really happy with my cameras and honestly don’t think there is any reason to buy a full priced camera if you don’t have to. I know not everything will come in the same condition as mine did but I wanted to show you what my experience was like with the two I purchased. Below is a photo of the cameras as they came:

lomography sample sale (1) lomography sample sale (2)

As you can see with my Sprocket Rocket the box is entirely in tack and in very good condition. Beside there being dust on the top of the box and being slightly bent everything was pretty much mint condition. I doubt the camera ever left the box. For my La Sardina camera you can tell the box is pretty man handled and the side the box is beat up a bit. Honestly for this camera as well when I was opening it, it didn’t really appear like the camera ever left the box. As they mention the cameras came with everything they would have if I had bought it brand new. None of the books instead were even bent or damages. So from my experience I managed to get 2 cameras for half off the regular price just because the box just  dusty in one case and slightly mangled on the other. It’s a great deal and perfect for if you are buying the camera for yourself and you don’t care about the outward appearance of the box. I may have gotten really lucky so please do let me know in the comments if your experience was different but I highly recommend taking this route for you next Lomography camera purchase. Check it out here!


My Toy Camera Collection

lomography toy camera collection

My Toy Camera Collection

Holga 120 CFN

toy camera (14)My first ever toy camera, I bought it at a local photography store back in 2007. It is the dearest one to my heart, you can check out photos I’ve taken with this guy: here, here, here, here , here and here! I don’t have a review but I do have a profile of this camera, here!

Holga Tim (purple edition)

toy camera (8)This is also probably one of my favourite cameras, it goes with me everywhere. I bought this for myself as a Christmas present and it’s design really makes other people smile. Wish I could own one in every color, lol. You can see my review of it here! I also have photos of it here, here, here and here!

Diana F+ (Hudson Bay edition)

toy camera (2)One of my newer toy cameras, I bought it off of Kijiji used for only $50 which is pretty amazing for the Diana camera with the flash. Didn’t have a say in the design but I really dig it…still haven’t really fallen in love with the camera overall. Feel like I’m a Holga girl and not a Diana one, lol. I have photos I’ve taken with it here!


toy camera (11)Bought this two years ago after realizing how painful it would be to get my Super8 camera film developed. The LomoKino is really neat and a great alternative to people who want to create video with film. It doesn’t take much to finish a roll though but I found it really fun to try. Going to be making more mini-movies with it this summer. You can check out one I did last year at Piknic Electronik, here!

Disderi Robot 3

toy camera (7)Love, love, love this camera. One of the biggest surprises, I mean for $10 and from Ebay you don’t expect much but this camera is delightful. Always with me to take silly photos while on vacation. I’ve done a review of it, here. Photo taken with it here, here, here, and here and here!

Holgaroid (Holga 120 GFN with Polaroid attachment)

toy camera (15)Probably one of the most frustrating cameras I’ve ever owned and also one of the most expensive. I bought the camera and the Holga Polaroid back together used for $100 (although it’s a good deal since the attachment itself is $100 and at the time wasn’t being made anymore). If you want more information I have my review, here and photos here!


toy camera (5)Another frustrating camera, but it does have a special place in my heart since it was my 2nd toy camera and a birthday present I bought for myself 4 years ago. It a neat idea for a camera but I wish it was better built and implemented. I have a review, here and a profile of it, here. Photos are here, here, here, here and here!

Diana Mini (Love is in the Air edition)

toy camera (10)Another used camera off of Kijiji for less than 50% of the normal price, and honestly it’s one of my favourite designs for Diana Mini’s. I haven’t used it much since the sizing of the frames are so strange and I just know the local film developers wouldn’t print it off correctly. Have 2 rolls in my fridge all ready to be printed when I start doing color developement.

Spinner 360

toy camera (13)The only toy camera I bought while on vacation, this guy is from the old Toronto Lomography store ( I think? I might be making that up but I remember looking at these at the store). I was really excited for this camera but again because of the special size of the negatives I wanted to home develop the film and my first ‘test’ roll in black and white made me realize this camera is made for color. You can check out my test roll, here!

Juice Box

toy camera (3)Another cheap Ebay camera, this one happens to be my newest one! I tracked it down because I’ve seen them floating around for the last few years and it looked like they might stop selling thems oon. They come in so many different juice boxes and milk teas designs. I really wanted the peach one but it’s really hard to find. Waiting to develop the 2 rolls I’ve taken with it.


toy camera (6)Purchased on Amazon when I was buying books and it flashed up as an add on for only $12. I can’t wait to show you photos I’ve taken with the Split-Cam. I’ve only taken one roll with it last summer and another roll this weekend but my next Lomography Wednesday post in 2 weeks will actually be from this neat camera.

Disderi Robot 4

toy camera (4)Bought this at the same time as the Disderi Robot 3 camera since they were so cheap. It’s hard to remember this guy when it’s a standard 4 lens toy camera and the 3 lens version of it is so much neater. Hope to run it through it’s paces at some point. $10 cameras from Ebay are hard to resist.

Nishika N9000

toy camera (12)I bought this camera for a photo project I’m doing with Victor last summer when I thought making gifs was going to be my newest obession. We are collecting photos for it slowly so I image I will mostly be using it for the project and not sharing many but look out!

SuperSampler  (Silver edition)

toy camera (9)Picked up mine from Kijiji used for only $20 and still haven’t gotten around to taking photos with it…it also has a roll of film that was left in it from the original owner that I have no idea what to do with.

Sooter 35

toy camera (16)This is a toy and vintage camera that I received when my grandmother died. Never been able to get the flash working but it’s a cool edition to the collection. I’ve done a review of it here!

Holga Micro-110

toy camera (1)No idea why I haven’t tested this little guy it, I’ve had it since Lomography started producing 110 film again and I found it for under $10 on Ebay. I’ve had a roll of 110 film for it in my fridge for over a year too just ready to go. I just feel like I should bring it somewhere where the spy element of it’s size is useful.

So that’s it, my toy camera collection! I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. There are just so many cameras available these days and it seems lately the prices from the Lomography ones keep going higher and higher in the last few years. Although as you can see most of the Lomography cameras (ie the expensive ones) were bought used and the rest are mostly cheap Asian market cameras that honestly do an awesome job. So if you think I have piles of money to buy cameras – I really don’t.  I think the most important aspect of toy cameras is their affordability. It’s better to spend the money on development and film – not the camera. Besides missing a few key cameras like Fujifilm Instax, and larger format Holga cameras I probably have at least one of every type of ‘trick’ available which is kind of neat. If you really want to see photos from one of the cameras I currently don’t have posts for let me know in the comments. Except the last camera I’ve actually taken photos with all the cameras but simply haven’t had a chance to develop the film for them yet. So it’ll be a good kick in the butt and I’ll know what ones people are interested in seeing :)


2014 Lomography Project: 100 Strangers / People & Places

For the new year I really wanted to push myself even further than my 365 Challenge and find a great way to incorporate my sense of adventure into my film and lomography photography. So I had a look around online for project similar to the 365 Project and found two that I just absolutely fell in love with. So I decided to take the leap and start them in the beginning of the year so I can see how far I’ve come by the time 2015 hits. Below I’ll briefly explain the projects and show you where I got the inspiration from in case you want to look into starting one of your own. Projects like the 365 and these are a great way to play around with your film photography and get practice with spefic cameras instead of waiting around for a party or a summer day to dig it up. Below I will explain each one and where I got the inspiration from in case you want to join me!

100 Strangers

100 Strangers is exactly what it sounds like, take 100 portrait photos of 100 separate people that you’ve never spoke to or met before. Scary sounding, right? The idea of walking up to strangers doesn’t scare me that much even though I am a super anxious person and usually avoid it but I think actually doing it will be really tough. However combining it with silly film cameras and I think it’d probably be a bit of fun, people are always staring at me when I take photos with my vintage and toy cameras anyways so I may as well talk to them…right? Okay I haven’t started yet and it’s almost the end of January – better get moving. This one will be film and digital but I am hoping to capture most of my strangers on film. I will be sharing this one probably 4 random points in the year to update you on how many strangers I’ve captured.

Inspiration: I found out about this in a lot of different blogs as an alternative to 365 projects and thought right away was intrigued. There are plenty of groups on Flickr for it and it’s easy to find people amazing 100 Strangers projects. The only blog I read was this one and it was great read and informative. Some really amazing photographer do this project so I am excited to try it out. My own twist is doing it with film and with a variety of cameras which should make it interesting.

People & Places

People and Places is also again exactly what it sounds like. I found this project while looking up information about double exposure….I never actually thought of rewinding film before to make double exposures. How did this not occur to me? I mean I am sure in my high school photo class I was taught about this method but honestly I’ve always had a toy camera or a digital camera that was capable of double exposures so I am so use to that.  Rewinding film and exposing it all over again is an amazing idea. There are so many possibilities this opens up, like sending the roll to a friend to expose again or even sending it to a stranger. With this in mind I thought I need limitation, but rerolling film and double exposing it again was the main idea. So if I only shoot places so it’s easier to get through the film and then perhaps on the rerolled film shoot only people, that way I can play around with different cameras and maybe add even more random elements to the equation while still guaranteeing a likely successful photos (people against nature or buildings usually make for the best double exposures). I hope to do at least 1 roll a month but I don’t know if I can hold myself to that so we will see how it goes. The best thing is I can do this at the same time as my 100 strangers.

Well as soon I had my eyes opened to double exposing the same roll of film I found this amazing tumbler called People vs. Places where one photographer takes photos of only people and then sends the film to his colleague who then double exposes the film shooting only places. Their work sometimes ends with such beautiful results!



The Toy Cameras I Want To Add To My Camera Shelf This Year

Every year I tend to pick up a few toy cameras to add to my collection. Last year seemed to be the year of vintage and toy cameras, and my collection is almost doubled in size. I’ve spent a lot of time finding used toy cameras that were half priced or less and in perfect condition which was amazing. Searching online classifieds is something I highly suggest if you live in a city because sooooo many people get a toy camera and a few months later realize they will never use it or it’s an expensive hobby and sell their mint condition camera for far less than it would cost you buy it brand new plus it’s local so no shipping or tax. I think I may want to only get one or two new cameras this year because I haven’t used all of the cameras in my collection or had time to really experiment with the ones I’ve tried a few times. I really pride myself on actually having a collection that is used and not just collecting dust or for looks…but regardless that doesn’t mean I don’t want other cameras any less. Lol. So here is a look as a few toy cameras on my wish list!

I tried to get Victor to buy me one any of these cameras for Christmas and he just refused because he says I have a camera that does the same thing already (not true). I think the Fuji camera is my most wanted but it’s brand new and unworthy of it’s asking price however I may buy the lower price model Mini 50 Piano Black at some point perhaps. Of course at the end of next year I suspect I will probably have only bought 1 or 2 of these cameras but a girl can dream. How about you, any toy cameras you have your eye on?


Holga 120CFN and Me

holga (2)Self Portrait Sunday: Holga 120CFN and Me

Today for my series about me and my cameras I wanted to show my Holga CFN 120. The Holga was the first toy camera I ever owned and it has travelled with me all over the States and Canada faithfully by my side for over 5 years. It will always be my favourite toy camera and it has a special place in my heart as through it I discovered the joys of multiple exposures. Although not all smooth sailing as my version is actually the faulty model so even though I have the color flash attached to the body, my flash has never worked since I bought it which means I always missed out on the color flash option people love about Holga cameras. Regardless of only being able to use it in the daylight I have always been enamored with it and cracking the code of this gem. I remember when I first got it I was too poor to even get film developed so a lot of my early film usually ended up sitting around the house for years so it was an adventure when I finally did. I even bought Victor the special Anniversary addition that glows in the dark for our first Christmas together as he always loved my photos of it. I actually just got back into my Holga and realized that out of all my toy cameras it’s the one I’ve always been the happiest with the results. So I’ve been taking it on walks with me for the last 2 months and been happily getting back into the swing of things. I hope to show you lots of Holga photos in the new year, until then more shots of me and my Holga on one of our newest walks!

If you want to view photos I’ve taken with it check out my Lomography Tuesday posts: here, here, here, here and here!

holga (4) holga holga (3)


Lomography Wednesday How To: Finding Film

how to...When I first started getting into film photography one of the hardest things was finding the film I needed. More and more these days stores that would normally carry film no longer have any stock, let alone carry specialized film like 120 or instant. A lot of camera stores as well have been losing business over the last decade so they tend to mark up film that is already expensive to begin with. It’s a really big hump that can prevent people from getting into film photography or giving up due to the cost. So I thought I’d share where I get mine and why I think it’s a great place as I was in this position about 2 years ago myself and was getting super frustrated with finding affordable film. This guide is for people in Canada and United States as I currently live in Canada and I am only aware of North American stores. However the online stores I reference are based out of New York City and do offer international shipping. Continue reading %s


Lomogoraphy Wednesday

I’ve really been missing my friends. In a month it will mark 4 years since I moved from Vancouver to Montreal and even though I don’t regret it and have meet the most amazing people here its really tough sometimes being on the other side of the country from my best friend (and all my other friends too). I’ve only had the change to visit once since moving out here 2 years ago and was looking through the photos of that trip and thought I’d just have to share. I had only brought with me my DSLR and my Oktomat camera. I was trying to find cools ways to take sequence shots so in my friend’s backyard after a party I held I lined up everybody and tried to basically go down the line as fast as I could.  Here are the results, they are really funny even if they aren’t the best photos ever (I actually stopped taking a lot of photos after this trip because I realized how poor the results were).

Oktomat (1) Oktomat (6)Oktomat (5) Oktomat (7) Oktomat (9) Oktomat (12)My friends are so funny. I can’t actually believe they actually manged to pose that many times for me. I actually toke photos of them flipping their hair up with my DSLR, and they are even more hilarious. Hope your having a great Wednesday. It’s really made me happy looking back at these.