Things That Make Me Smile

The last Things That Make Me Smile post until 2016! As I always say this is one of my favourite posts to put together and this one was no different.  November has been very quiet for me so there is not a lot of photos this month but December will be the usual bit of chaos making sure I get everything mailed to Vancouver on time for my friends to enjoy their presents, and celebrating not only my best friend’s birthday but also Victor’s. Right now I am currently working hard to get my holiday cards ready to mail out and just recently setup my Christmas tree.  Not to mention it’ll soon be me and Victor’s 6th anniversary and we are currently planning on getting tattooed together. We are just finalizing everything for it now and I am pretty excited about doing it although a bit nervous as I haven’t gotten tattooed in years. Lots of planning it seems, anyways this month’s selection of things that make me smile…

things that make me smile (6) things that make me smile (7) things that make me smile (4)This year’s Christmas cards are really cute. I usually don’t go for juvenile style cards but I get to color them and they pop up? What is not to love about them?

lindsay campbel (2)lindsay campbel (1)Lindsay Campbell has a set of the cutest stickers I’ve seen in awhile, I can’t help but be cheered up when looking at them. Link to her store!

things that make me smile (8) things that make me smile (3)My coffee table has turned into coloring central. This is actually the first time I am using my Copic markers, which is proably a waste of really expensive markers but since my friend Zara gave them I haven’t had a reason to use them (as I can’t draw).

things that make me smile (2)I convinced Victor to buy crazy socks, after 6 years of being together I’ve finally rubbed off on him. I don’t know if it was the posh Top Shop that convinced him but he bought pepper and pineapple socks while I bought ice cream ones.

things that make me smile (1) things that make me smile (2)Who could resist a Twin Peaks zine?

things that make me smile (28)A Santa troll, from my troll collection (really need to do a post on being reunited with my childhood trolls). I had a bunch of My Little Ponies and troll dolls that were themed for every holiday.

things that make me smile james jeanMy signed limited edition James Jean Xenograph art book , I almost didn’t buy it.

things that make me smile hmFinding awesome Halloween goodies even after it’s over from H&M. Glow in the dark too just makes me day. I’ve been amassing quite a bit of their sweaters over the last year, I didn’t even really own many before last winter.

things that make me smile (29) things that make me smile (30)Getting together all the little bits and pieces I need for my chandelier.

things that make me smile (11) things that make me smile (10)When it’s your best friend’s birthday, you go all out.

things that make me smile (31)things that make me smile (32) things that make me smile (21)Some last moments of autumn, the vines on my balcony are all twigs now. Not to mention my little vintage container of Gin Pills that we found thrifting in October.

inkkas (10)I love this photo of Victor and his Inkka shoes, I just did a review on them on Monday.

And that is the last Things that Make Me Smile of the year, hope you enjoyed!


Fall Zine Guide

Back again with another zine guide. This time for the Fall season, whether it’s illustrations, photogaphy or mini zines  I love finding a great zine to pick up and be introduced to a new artist or support an artist I love. All zines ranging from a few dollars to $20 and you can simply click the image or the name to be directed to more information/purchasing. You can also check out my previous guides here: Spring/Summer Zine Guide and Fall Zine Guide 2015.

Photography Zines

Metal Goat #3

400 ISO Patience

Haiku & Holga



Artist Zines

Sticks & Stones

Oh You Yearbook

Fatal Flower Garden


Twin Peaks

Packaged Zines

Elegant Parts, Trains & The Letter

Collective Zines

Sweet Treats

Bow Town

Mini Zines

Tea Grumps

The Six Month Letter & PPP

Town Hall Lawn



Pick of the Week: Kateslittlestore

kate rowland, citizen erased

Pick of the Week: KatesLittleShop

This shop by Kelly Rowland makes me laugh so much, this lovely duo are brooches. Its a quote from Twin Peaks so it may seem really strange to you, lol. I love Twin Peaks though, I didn’t even think there was anyone out there with my appreciation of this early 90’s TV show. Her shop is full of fun stuff about Twin Peaks and other references. I love the way I got this in the mail, the twin peaks sticker is divine.

My favourites:

katerowland katerowlandkaterowland katerowland