Multiple Exposure: Vancouver Sunset

vancouver sunset (1)For some reasons these Vancouver sunset multiple exposure photographs remind me of the song “To the Moon and Back” by Savage Garden. They were taken last Summer during one of the many sunsets I managed to watch from my dear friend Nicole’s balcony of downtown. It’s interesting to see the progress of color as the sun gets further down. I haven’t seen any really great sunsets yet this year but here’s hoping…

vancouver sunset (2)vancouver sunset (7)vancouver sunset (10) vancouver sunset (11)vancouver sunset (5) vancouver sunset (14)vancouver sunset (13) vancouver sunset (19)vancouver sunset (18)Two different none double exposure shots so you can what the sunset really looked like The one below would have been such an amazing shot with the birds except they aren’t in focus. The last one you can really see the scale of how far away I was. vancouver sunset (15) vancouver sunset (12)


Multiple Exposure Vancouver Rocky Mountains

double exposure (1)double exposure (4)double exposure (8)My love for taking multiple exposures grows the more and more I do them. It gives me a chance to see the world in a different way and to me it’s such a unique perceptive on the world. I love seeing what I can do with landscapes, silhouettes and architecture to create and manipulate almost my own vision of the world through my camera (without the use of editing of programs like Photoshop). So I thought I’d show more of what I am working on this just like last year but probably more on a weekly basis and it will  usually be of just one subject so you can see all the different ways I interpret it. This week is a view of the Rocky Mountains and English Bay from downtown Vancouver. I had the luck chance of standing on a balcony with this view, could you image seeing this every morning?

  double exposure (7)double exposure (2)


Garden Dreaming

summer garden (15)During the summer I had a chance to explore this wonderful urban garden with my intrepid friend Pang. I arrived to her house one blazing afternoon and we decided to go for a walk so she could showed me the community gardens near her place in East Vancouver. The gardens (which I forgot the name of) were beyond expansive, and packed with all sorts of vegetation, flowers, herbs, you name it. It was fun walking around between the beds and discovering what the next one had in store, and parts of the garden seemed to wind around and almost become semi-hidden at times which added this element of discovery and adventure to the whole walk. One of those magical places you marvel at for existing in a city like Vancouver. So I thought it would be a nice break from the grey skies of winter to share the photos I took during the walk, although I did not take many as I was much more interested walking through the place and absorbing it.

summer garden (12) summer garden (6) summer garden (10) summer garden (4) summer garden (2)summer garden (18)summer garden (8)summer garden (7)summer garden (5)summer garden (17)summer garden (9)summer garden (1)summer garden (19)summer garden (14)The last two photos were taken at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden, featuring the ever beautiful Pangu.summer garden (21)summer garden (20)


Double Exposure: Long Beach Sunsets

long beach sunsets (4)Here is my collection of sunset double exposures from Long Beach, Vancouver Island during our one single night there. Besides the above photo I am presenting these in chronological order so you can see the gradual change in hue as the sun gets lower and lower. The sky starting out as a pale orange, pink hue then a more vibrant deep one and eventually pale pink and purple to end the night before nightfall. Beautiful, regardless of the smoke filling the skyline and what better than having three of your best friends along with you to watch (and some alcohol to take the edge off of the steep climb back off the beach). My obsession of photographing multiple exposures during dusk and dawn continues…

long beach sunset double exposure long beach sunsets (2) long beach sunsets (8) long beach sunsets (7) long beach sunsets (10) long beach sunsets (1) long beach sunsets (11)


Double Exposure: Burnaby Sunset

double exposure sunset (2)All the double exposure photographs I am showing were taken during one night of my trip to Vancouver from the brilliant view my friend Nicole has of downtown Vancouver. For at least half of my trip the sky was being blocked out by smoke caused by nearby forest fires so it was really lovely when it cleared up for several reasons including that I could enjoy watching the sun go down from the comfort of her porch. I had never forgotten the amazing sunsets Vancouver has but it was a different experience entirely to view them like this. When I lived there, usually I’d watch them while whizzing past on the Skytrain a random evening. I felt spoiled by the end of the trip. Enjoy the changing skies and hues of the sunset over the period of an hour one night in Burnaby.

double exposure sunset (3)double exposure sunset (6)double exposure sunsetdouble exposure sunset (1)double exposure sunset (5)


Tell me how does it feel when your heart grows cold…

citizen erased photography (1)My beautiful friend Lisa-Michelle’s birthday is this week, she is the best model I have had the experience of shooting so I thought I’d share some old portraits I took of her from 2007? 2008? It feels like yesterday to me even though I know it’s been a long time. I miss shooting her. I mean I get to every time I visit Vancouver which is every 2-3 years but it’s not the same. Before we use to go on adventures and just walk around Vancouver together shooting along the way. Both times I’ve shot her in the last 5 years it felt so rushed, mostly my fault since I try and cram my schedule full when I’m in town visiting.  I also haven’t gotten any more use to other people take photos of me (she’s a photographer too) so I feel like I’m letting her down with my terrible posing and permanent awkwardness.  There is always next time though, I will have a whole collection of her over the years. These to me are some of my favourite portraits, she is just the best.

Citizen Erased Photography (4)Citizen Erased Photography (5)citizen erased photography (3)citizen erased photography (2)Citizen Erased Photography (6)


Cherry Blossom Season

Spring always reminds me of cherry blossoms. It was my favourite season when I lived in Vancouver for that very reason. There are blocks in Vancouver you just walk down and see petals everywhere covering all the lawns and road. It’s beyond beautiful, I miss it every Spring as you can barely tell in Montreal when the seasons change (there was actually snow on Tuesday night, SNOW). I loved when I lived in Vancouver walking around with the cherry blossoms and the Japanese magnolia everywhere. I wanted to revisit and thought I’d share with you the last time I was in Vancouver during the cherry blossom season….

flowers (7) flowers (5)flowers (6) flowers (4)flowers (11)flowers (13)flowers (15) flowers (23) flowers (17) flowers (18) flowers (19) flowers (20)flowers (16)flowers (21)flowers (1)flowers (2)


Through the helter skelter morning…

citizen erased photography (3)citizen erased photography (1)citizen erased photography (4)citizen erased photography (2)
“Looking through a broken diamond
To make the past what it should be
Through the ruins and the weather
Capsized boats in the sea
O deserts down below us
And storms up above
Like a stray dog gone defective
Like a paper tiger in the sun”

Beck “Paper Tiger”

Portraits of my friend Lisa are some of my favourites. She just has this classic look to her that seems to transition so well to photography. All of these are from 2008 if you can believe it. They were shot with one of my oldest digital cameras, the quality is surprising good considering what I was using.  I’ve been looking at a lot of my older photography lately because I am putting up various photographs to my Society6 page to sell for prints. Going through all my photos to find ones I think people will purchase is an odd experience and it also takes a really long time. But it helps when I run across photos that remind me of a really fun afternoon with one of my friends.

citizen erased photography (6)citizen erased photography (5)


Blue Hair Day Dreams

self portrait (1)self portrait (5)self portrait (3)Today for Self Portrait Sunday I just had to do a look back at the last time I had all blue hair. I’ve been looking at old photos from my 2011 trip to Vancouver so I could get a few printed off and was really blown away by not only how short my hair was but the color. These photos were taken in my friend’s backyard during my trip of my before and after look before getting my hair cut. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had short hair sometimes I forget how it looked on me and I can say I’m pretty happy it’s not that length anymore. The color is a mix of Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise and Punky’s Atlantic Blue (with perhaps some Punky Purple as well). Makes me tempted to go back to all blue, I am currently looking for a new color for February. For my complexion though I find blue is really hard to pull off. I also don’t have my facial piercings which is a wierd sight. Below is me being really silly!

self portrait