Self-Portrait Sunday

citizen erased

Today’s self-portrait was taken at Venice Beach in 2009 during a trip I toke by Greyhound around the West Coast. Its been raining like all hell this week and seriously depressing outside so its nice to look at pictures of the beach. lol. I’m holding one of my multi-media masks in front of my face, this is actually made with a self-portrait of myself as well. My strawberry blong colored hair looks so out of place for me, there was green tips but those didn’t last long on the trip. If you wondering about What I Wore posts I’m going to be doing another one for next week when we get a sunny day here in Montreal. If you want to see more shots of Venice Beach, for Lomography Wednesday I put up a few Holga photos (here). Hope where ever you are it was a good week, and the weather wasn’t all bad.,,I do enjoy thunder and lightening so I am not complaing too much.


Lomogrpahy Wednesday

holga (30), citizen erased photography holga (25), citizen erased photographyTaken during my trip around the West Coast of America for two weeks by bus in 2009, these 3 holga shots were taken in Los Angeles and Portland. The beach shots are Venice Beach, and I wish I had taken more film on my trip because these turned out wonderfully. I love the combination of miles of sky with miles of sand especially from a city that is overcrowded and it feels like you cannot escape people or traffic. The Portland photo is a perfect summary of what Portland is about, I spent a lot of my time there relaxing in the various parks around the hostel, and there is no shortage of nature which I love. I hope you like these!

holga (28), citizen erased photography