Biking Around the Island

Me and Victor have been exploring and biking around Montreal the moment we bought our new bikes this past spring, even though we haven’t been having the greatest weather here. Going through these somewhat old photos makes me feel nostalgic since we have been taking a bit of break with riding since my bike needed repair. Somehow while in Vancouver my rear tire managed to tear and come off the rim and we haven’t had much spare money around to buy a new tire, and we are also both hopeless at bike repairs. Crossing my fingers we get back into our weekend rides this month so we can enjoy the last bit of year before the snow comes. These were taken during a short ride just past Vieux-Port in June on a rainy day. The best part of the ride was watching the reflections on the canal as we rode and by change spotting a wild fox that was hanging out by a shipping yard amongst the crates.

biking around montreal (2) biking around montreal (3) biking around montreal (4) biking around montreal (5) biking around montreal (8)biking around montreal (7)biking around montreal (9) biking around montreal (12)biking around montreal (14)biking around montreal (13)  biking around montreal (11) biking around montreal (17)biking around montreal (18)biking around montreal (19)biking around montreal (16) biking around montreal (22) biking around montreal (1)


Double Exposure Wednesday: Statue

double exposure vieux montreal (2)double exposure vieux montreal (1)double exposure vieux montreal (4)Today’s double exposures were taken a while back in early spring when me and Victor walked around our favourite area of Vieux-Montreal close to the docks. I am not sure how long this metal ironworks statue has been in place beside the silos since this was the first time we had adventures around the building (photos here). Sitting just outside the fence line on the edge of the small peninsula I think the statue vastly improves the cityscape behind and I just had to capture the sculpture from a few different angles.

double exposure vieux montreal (3)


A Walk To Silos #5 & Vieux-Port

silo 5 vieux montreal (1)Victor and I went on our first proper walk of Spring and visited Vieux-Port last weekend. I’ve taken so many photos of this area before but it’s just one of the most beautiful views you can get living in the downtown Montreal.   I love being near the harbour and having such a nice walk along the river accessible at any time. Something new, we noticed that the abandoned Silo #5 which usually has frequently patrol guards around it was mysteriously empty except a few locals that had gotten inside the fence. We decided to investigate further even though the sun was starting to set and the air was getting a bit chilly as it probably one of the few chances we will ever get. The hole in the fence was easy to find and there was an amazing metal statue constructed to one side of the building which just took my breath away (I love really rough metal statues that can almost be misconstrued as scrape). It was pretty neat just to view the underside of the lines that normally connect the factory to trains. The other side of the silos was not very interesting and the graffiti on it was pretty subpar so I didn’t take too many photos once inside the fance except of the lines. Victor also climbed up the wall of the factory and found a way to get in but because I’m still recovering and since Victor really wasn’t in the mood so we didn’t investigate further and try to get inside. Which is really too bad as I’d love to see the inside and I’m pretty sure the next time we go the security patrols will be back. I feel like climbing this summer – hopefully I get the chance. Here are my photos!

silo 5 vieux montreal (2) silo 5 vieux montreal (4) silo 5 vieux montreal (5) silo 5 vieux montreal (6) silo 5 vieux montreal (3) silo 5 vieux montreal (8) silo 5 vieux montreal (9)silo 5 vieux montreal (33)silo 5 vieux montreal (34) silo 5 vieux montreal (12)silo 5 vieux montreal (10) silo 5 vieux montreal (11) silo 5 vieux montreal (15) silo 5 vieux montreal (17) silo 5 vieux montreal (18)silo 5 vieux montreal (31)silo 5 vieux montreal (20)silo 5 montreal silo 5 vieux montreal (22)silo 5 vieux montreal (24)silo 5 vieux montreal (23)silo 5 vieux montreal (25) silo 5 vieux montreal (26) silo 5 vieux montreal (32)


Double Exposure: Vieux-Montreal

I love walking around Vieux-Port and staring at the St Lawrence River going by. I find it easy to get lost in the moment when I’m near water. The black and white double exposures I feel showcase that lost feeling. No snow in them because they were taken back in November before winter had taken full effect. I haven’t had much time to go down there lately because the docks are especially cold and Montreal can be quiet windy. Side note, over the next few months I want to show some of my older double exposures maybe even some from when I lived in Vancouver as I feel like my technique has really changed over the course of the last few years. Going forward this year I am really excited to continue to work on my multiple exposures and see where it’ll take me.multiple exposure (26) multiple exposure (9) multiple exposure (1)multiple exposure (40) multiple exposure (21)multiple exposure (39)


Vieux-Port Walks

vieux-port (8)Whenever I live in a city too long I was end up finding a new place every few months that I can go to again and again to ‘get away’ from everything. Lately it’s been the Vieux-Port as it’s just a quick walk from my house (which helps when it’s -10 outside). It just calms me down and makes me so happy to be there and it helps that it’s so beautiful right when the sun starts to go down.  It has this other wonderful glow about it when the sun hits the trees and the Clocktower and long shadows are cast.  Not to mention its right by the river, I get homesick for the ocean so often it feels nice to be near it and it’s easy to forget I live on an island. Oh and yes I’m aware I have a rain drop that smudged my lens – sadly not until I was home. Still wanted to share these despite it.

vieux-port (1)vieux-port (2)vieux-port (4)vieux-port (7)vieux-port (12)vieux-port (3)vieux-port (11)vieux-port (16)vieux-port (17)vieux-port (21)vieux-port (24)vieux-port (27)vieux-port (29)vieux-port (31)vieux-port (35)vieux-port (36)vieux-port (39)vieux-port (40)


Double Exposure: Vieux-Port

multiple exposure (17)Today I am sharing more photos from my walk down to the Vieux-Port. These double exposures are of various effects I attempt to create when shooting, whether it’s a cityscape followed by a shot of the waves, or attempting to mirror the image entirely. Possible my favourite are the two shots where I appear to be just casually standing on the water – and not just because I’m wearing neon cloud socks. It was quiet a grey day outside and I found pairing the cityscape shots with a shot of the paved stones and gravel while walking about fit the mood well as it made the shots even more gritty. For the most surreal I find the double exposures with the water reflection of the tress and buildings to be the most successful as they just seem to be nonsense and it’s hard to tell where the double exposure starts and the reflection ends.

multiple exposure (16)multiple exposure (44)multiple exposure (42)multiple exposure multiple exposure (27)multiple exposure (29)multiple exposure (36)multiple exposure (38)multiple exposure (41)


Through the Viewfinder

I’d love to do a series with the Kodak Duaflex called “Through the Viewfinder” where I explore various places around Montreal and elsewhere if possible. I love looking through this camera’s viewfinder in particular over all my other viewfinder style cameras and usually find myself when I bring it with me staring through it while walking around – not even to take photos but just to experience the world through its lens (I know I’m weird). I really want to take movies of what that’s like but it’s a bit hard to do since I’d have to have the Kodak Duaflex on a tripod and also my Nikon D7000 on a tripod…while moving. Otherwise it would just be horrible shaky. Today’s photo are actually free style where I am holding both cameras in opposite hands and that already makes it really tricky when trying to eliminate the glare on the viewfinder. I should probably take more photos and at least try when I replace my broken tripod to see. The photos today were taken during a short walk in the Vieux-Port earlier this month. If you want to see more I’ve done in the past with a tripod and the same camera, here, here, here and here!through the viewfinder (4) through the viewfinder (8) through the viewfinder (7) through the viewfinder (12)through the viewfinder (11) through the viewfinder (16) through the viewfinder (1) through the viewfinder (2)


Starting the New Year…

new year (94)Even though I worked over the holidays I’ve been a bit slow to getting back into the full swing of things so this week I wanted to not worry about today’s post and show you casual photos of how I brought in the new year! It was actually a really amazing moment because it shouldn’t have happened at all. I was scheduled at my call center job until midnight on New Year’s and Victor had planned on coming downtown to meet me at my work. I was going to try and sneak off a few minutes early so I could get a kiss at midnight and bring in the new year with him but thankfully it was quiet enough towards the end that they let people do home early. So instead of that plan I got home just after 11am and we bundled up and walked a few blocks away to the edge of Vieux-Montreal to watch the fireworks with a bottle of poor people champagne. (I love alcoholic sparkling cider and it’s our tradition to have it on any special day)

new year (102)We got there just minutes before midnight and there was a crowd of people around too who had the same idea. Further down by the port there was live bands playing music and it was the official watching spot but our spot was so much better. The countdown started and we got to ring in the New Year together, and wish each other happy anniversary too. It was amazing, although freezing cold. The fireworks didn’t start until a few minutes after midnight and seemed to go on forever so I happy took photos in one hand while drinking in the other.

new year (54)new year (28)Victor was drinking straight from the bottom but I had a wine glass that froze and got ice chunks almost right away all over. We were both freezing by the time the fireworks ended and rushed home to spend the rest of the night being lame. I hadn’t really planned on sharing any photos of that night but some of them turned out really cool. My toast to you for having a great rest of your year!

new year (17)new year (40)


Lomography Wednesday

Diana F+ (9)My first try at the Diana F+ cameras after years of being a Holga girl! I developed these myself as well, first time doing 120 mm film (I did one roll before this one, so technically it was number 2). So many things went wrong with this film I’m having trouble deciding if I like them or not. The guy who I bought the camera from put black tape on the inside of the camera where the film counter is and I didn’t figure it out until I had loaded the film and kept on winding and never seeing the film counter advance. So I had advance the film all the way to the end and then reload it. And last week when I was developing it I made a mistake on my calculations for the fixer and added extra water diluting it incorrect. Plus I’ve never used Kodak 120mm film before, I’m so use to Lomography’s re-branded film and the contrast you achieve with that. So lets just say I cannot tell if this is what end results normally look like.  My first impressions are though that I love my Holga and I love the results I get with it (I haven’t developed my own Holga film yet) and I’m on the fence with Diana F. So we’ll see, definitely it deserve another roll of film to try, and hopefully things will go smoother. lol.

Diana F+ (16)Diana F+ (6)Diana F+ (1)Diana F+ (5)