Through the Viewfinder

I’d love to do a series with the Kodak Duaflex called “Through the Viewfinder” where I explore various places around Montreal and elsewhere if possible. I love looking through this camera’s viewfinder in particular over all my other viewfinder style cameras and usually find myself when I bring it with me staring through it while walking around – not even to take photos but just to experience the world through its lens (I know I’m weird). I really want to take movies of what that’s like but it’s a bit hard to do since I’d have to have the Kodak Duaflex on a tripod and also my Nikon D7000 on a tripod…while moving. Otherwise it would just be horrible shaky. Today’s photo are actually free style where I am holding both cameras in opposite hands and that already makes it really tricky when trying to eliminate the glare on the viewfinder. I should probably take more photos and at least try when I replace my broken tripod to see. The photos today were taken during a short walk in the Vieux-Port earlier this month. If you want to see more I’ve done in the past with a tripod and the same camera, here, here, here and here!through the viewfinder (4) through the viewfinder (8) through the viewfinder (7) through the viewfinder (12)through the viewfinder (11) through the viewfinder (16) through the viewfinder (1) through the viewfinder (2)


Through the Viewfinder Kodak Duaflex: Winter Addition

kodak duaflexI’ve been working on my viewfinder photography lately with my Kodak Duaflex and falling in love with it.  These were taken during a walk to Parc La Fontaine while I watching the skaters on the lake. I’ve actually shown a few photographs taken on the same day without using the viewfinder technique with my Nikon if you want to compare. I just find the viewfinder photos to be more whimsical, yet they still have the sharpness and clarity that you would expect from a DSLR camera image. To me it’s the best of both worlds. I did load the camera up with film to shoot as well but it got jammed (again, this camera has a history of jamming on me) so I was a little disappointment. I’ve been trying to do a set where I take a viewfinder photo and a photo with the camera so I can compare scene for scene between the film photo and the viewfinder photo (thought it’d be a neat idea of the blog). When I got home I tried to fix the film jam without exposing the film but I had no luck and had to wreck a roll of 120mm. So I don’t know when I’ll be willing to reload that camera with film as it is a film eater but I am hoping to do a  photo shoot with someone using the viewfinder method as I think that’d be neat.

kodak duaflex (7) kodak duaflex (9)kodak duaflex (14)kodak duaflex (38)kodak duaflex (72)kodak duaflex (10)kodak duaflex (40)
Another peak behind the scenes where you can see the whole camera.

kodak duaflex (59)


Vintage Tuesday: Kodak Dualflex

Kodak Dualflex II : Through the Viewfinder

Kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographyKodak dualflex, citizen erased photography
Dualflex II is a 620 film pseudo TLR, which has a large viewfinder at the top so you can easy take photos using a digital camera (or even your phone) of the viewfinder yet get the uniqueness of the Kodak lens

duaflexKodak dualflex, citizen erased photography
These shots were taken with my Nikon DSLR camera, while having the Dualflex on a tripod.

Kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographyKodak dualflex, citizen erased photography
This is great because the Dualfex is is 60 year old camera and happens to use 620 film no longer made by any company. There is a way to use film with this camera though, 620 is actually the same size as 120mm film however the spools are a different size. So if you’ve bought one of these camera or want to (or any 620 film camera) you actually can make your own 620 film if you have 2 spools and 120 film…you can also buy expensive ‘620’ film from some online stores but all that means is they’ve done the work for you.  I have two cameras that use this type of film, and actually manged to get 3 spools  in total so I plan on converting 120 film and using the camera soon!

Kodak dualflex, citizen erased photography

And some behind the scenes shots of the Kodak Dualflex II.
Kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographyKodak dualflex, citizen erased photography