In the last two months Victor and I have been thrifting a lot more than usual. We’ve been going at least once a week if not more and have started to exploring a bunch of different stores, bazaars, vintage fairs, etcetera instead of our usual flea market and Village de Valeur.  I think part of it has to do with the fact we recently started watching a show called Canadian Pickers which is two guys who go all over Canada in a van and buy antiques (there is 3 seasons you can check out btw, it’s a really interesting show, they mostly focus on advertising and tins but it’s still fun to watch).  Victor has fallen in love with the idea of finding hidden gems and is even debating about opening up an online store to sell vintage items. I’ve always be into thrifting but never explored too much of Montreal scene as I’ve said before on here because it is a lot different than Vancouver’s which I was so use to. Out of us both I seem to be the only person who buys anything though. I’m also one of those people who hates to leave without buying at least one thing. Victor is picky. I will admit I am very random and like a lot of things most people wouldn’t bother with which makes it easier for me to always find something but he seriously loves going to these places and rarely comes with anything. It’s a lot of fun to do together regardless of what we find and have a shared thing we can do together on the weekends or before we go to work. Anyways enough rambling I wanted to show some of our finds from the last 2 months.


thrifting (3) thrifting (12) thrifting (13)I am always on the hunt for photography related items, it is my favourite thing to collect and hunt for. In the last month I’ve been able to pick 2 interesting cameras for $20 each that are still in working order which is amazing. I even found a few rolls of 127 film which are over 40 years old. Now the film probably will not work well but I really want to shoot with it and see what I get.  On top of that I have found a plethora of vintage photography, from 1800s tin types for $3 each to pre 1950’s photography for a quarter. I also found a Polaroid album to hold my vintage photography in and a slide viewer in a stunning blue color. I was so delighted after find the slide viewer because I’ve been looking for one for months and kept finding ugly brown versions of this that were too expensive, this one is cute and only $5. Lastly a simple frame and a Dymo gun that Victor will add to his growing collection of them.

Nerd and Childhood Things

thrifting (9) thrifting (11)thrifting (4)Christmas time is around the corner so why not buy some retro ornaments? The Grinch is my all-time favourite holiday movie, and they were $2. The Star Trek ornament of Spoc wasn’t in the original box but it’s a Hallmark edition from the late 90’s as well. I already have the Star Trek Enterprise from the same series that lights up so I thought why not and maybe I’ll end up with the entire collection so I can make a Star Trek tree someday.  Speaking of Star Trek I picked up another book to add to my budding collection for $1 and a vinyl book combo for $5.  Other nerdy items are Lord of the Rings audio books on tape which is a silly buy but childhood memories and the $5 price tag made them impossible to resist. Also disappointing Dinosaur collector cards that I thought would have cool artwork but sadly are dull. Only wasted a few dollars on them though so not all bad and I’ll probably give away to my friend’s kids. For toys I found a troll doll, a Muppet toy and book, a Fraggle Rock toy to finish off my collection of those (my first complete toy set!) and a rainbow slinky. I did mention I like random things already right?


thrifting (10)thrifting (15)There is one area Victor and me disagree when it comes to thrifting and collecting. He thinks porcelain anything is a waste of money but I can’t resist because they are usually very cheap and if all else you can repurpose them. Saucers and tea cups are especially easy to repurpose, I bought mine to use a decorative dish on my dresser to hold jewelry in, either individually or I might make a tiered tray out of the three. I also got a cabbage sugar dish with a matching spoon because it was undeniably cute even though I am not sure what exactly I will use it for. There are a few of them at this time that I don’t have any intended purpose for like the swan dishes and the seashell salt and pepper shakers but I will. The black elephant though is for Victor’s desk to go in-between his plants.

Odd and Ends

thrifting (8)thrifting (5) thrifting (1)thrifting (6)All the little bits and piece from all our trips: Ukrainian Easter eggs, a Coke Cola wooden sign, 70s containers, tins, pieces of a stop watch (for two separate DIY projects), a naughty newspaper clipping, communist pins,  and the one piece that rules them all – a possible mouse/Pokémon style taxidermy piece. The latter is enthralling to me, I don’t know why I like it because I don’t like taxidermy that much (vintage taxidermy is ethically okay with me but I take great offense to the killing of animals). It’s just so cute and weird, and strange, and very very odd.

Puzzles & Boardgames

thrifting (19) thrifting (18) thrifting (17)thrifting (16) thrifting (20)I started collecting vintage My Little Pony puzzles last summer and it sparked all these memories of making puzzles as a kid with my grandmother. So anytime I go to thrifting I am always on the lookout because I’d love to complete my collection someday. One thing I’ve noticed is when you have your eye on one particular type of item you notice everything else around it, in this case puzzles and board games. Most of these I imagine we will resell but right now I am just having fun bring them home and completing the puzzles. I look for 80s puzzles, odd ones that glow in the dark, sparkle, or have an interesting gimmick. We also might have found a store that sells board games and puzzles for a few bucks which helps. The one exception is the Star Trek puzzle which I bought for $10 after bargaining it down. The best find out of this lot is the games Pass the Pig and Clue, I still can’t believe that I found on same trip my favourite camping game and the 1960s version of my favourite board game.

What have you found lately thrifting?


Vintage Tuesday: Dream Vintage Cameras

Sharing some of my dream vintage cameras with you guys today. When I do my yearly wish list of toy camera there is always the realm of I could go out and buy them if I really wanted. These vintage cameras I am sharing today are my DREAM vintage cameras because either they are really rare or I’d have to sell a kidney to buy even one of them let alone more than that.  So don’t be suprised if some of these cameras are $1,000+. As someone who has an extensive collection of cameras I am always looking for types I don’t have, and what else I can try experimenting with. I occasionally spend an evening just searching on Etsy for vintage cameras. I love looking at them and researching them, and find ones that fit a category that I don’t currently own (Rangefinders). So this post is just me nerding out about cameras I may never own but I hope one day dropping $2,000 on a camera would be possible (I don’t see that ever happen unless it’s a DSLR).
Will include links below each if you want to know more information about each model.

Hasselblad Medium Format 500C/CM

Hasselblad cameras are classics and still made today. I just love the modular element to them and this is probably one of the few cameras on this list I will probably actually own. [more info]

 Polaroid 180

The Polaroid 180 is totally different from most vintage Polaroids you are probably use to. It not only has a metal body, and a glass lens but it also has a fully manually aperture and shutter speed control. This is another one that I will likely save up for in next few years. [more info & more]


A twin reflex camera used by many professional photographers back in the day, owning one is like owning a piece of history.  [more info]

Crown Graflex Graphic

I love the Crown because of it’s size and my love for all folding type cameras. Not to mention my love for instant film. It’s very unique! [more info]

Leica M3

Rangefinder! I don’t have any of this type of camera and this is suppose to be one of the best.   [more info]

Rochester Optical Peerless

From the 1800s and a real beauty.  [more info]

Polaroid 600 Coca Cola Special / Lego Land / Barbie

Okay so these are hipster picks but who could resist these designs. Honestly these camera just look like fun and the film is still being made by the Impossible Project. [more info]

Stereo Tenax

A camera that doesn’t take film but instead plates. Wonder if it’s possible to still take photos with it. [more info]

Kiev 88

The Kiev is a lower end copy of Hasselblad cameras but it’s still a worthwhile camera if you don’t have $1000 to spend. [more info]

Kodak No. 2 Folding Cartridge Hawkeye Model

The Hawkeye camera came in several unqiue shades at a time when most cameras were black. In fact the colors still sticks out to this day. However the camera is no different from most folding cameras which makes it a hard sell as it’s rare colors makes them very expensive.  [more info]

Kodak Bantam Special

Another rangefinder camera, this one is mostly for the beauty. I love all the art deco cameras that were created with help from designers of the time.  [more info]

Ise Edelweiss Deluxe

There is very little information on this camera but it’s excess length makes it truely unique.

(I do not own any of these original images, all were taken from google so if your image is featured and you want me to remove it please let me know by email)


Vintage Tuesday: Agfa PD16 Clipper

agfa pd16 clipper (2)Agfa PF16 Clipper

I wanted to get back in my Vintage Tuesday by showing you my 2nd newest acquisition the Agfa PD16 Clipper that I picked up on Etsy in the spring. This camera was first introduced in 1928 by Agfa and made in New York State. The Agfa company had just recently been acquired by Ansco when this camera came out so you can find the exact same model of this camera under the name Ansco Clipper.  It’s a metal and plastic folding medium format camera that uses now discontinued 616 film and has a fixed focus of over 6 feet to infinity. The shutter is a red metal lever to the right of the lens and it has the shutter speed of 1/60 second and has a bulb mode for infinite exposure.  Although considered a folding camera, this camera is pretty unique and actually had a lens that pulls out by pressing in the metal tabs on the middle of the camera to slide out the lens and extend the front of the camera. The unique part of that is instead of bellows it just a metal square.
agfa pd16 clipper (3)agfa pd16 clipper (4)
The above two photos show you what the camera looks like once extended out. As well you can see the metal tap in the 2nd photo at the top of the lens that turns the shutter into bulb mode, simply pull up. The top of the camera is plastic and has 1 knob to wind the film. It also has a typical viewfinder over the top of the lens and a little stand to hold the camera lens when extended plus a hand strap on the left side of the camera that conveniently covers the switch to open up the back of the camera.  Other than that the camera has no other functionality or specifics but I’d like to note its pretty light camera to hold and would be easy to travel with due to its compactness and weight. I haven’t taken photos with this camera yet as I need to convert 120 film onto a 616 metal spool and have had trouble doing so but I’m really excited to try it out as it’s one of my oldest cameras.

agfa pd16 clipper (5)agfa pd16 clipper (1)agfa pd16 clipperThe last shot is kinda of random but I brought my Agfa Clipper on a bike ride because I wanted to take these photos somewhere more interesting than my back porch but it got too dark too fast. I love this shot of me holding it above the river though.


Vintage Tuesday: Metro-Flex & Brownie Fiesta Kodak

metro-flex amd brownieToday I am going to take a closer look at two of my newest vintage cameras the Metro-Flex and the Kodak Brownie Fiesta that I like to call my ‘minis’ because they are just so darn small and compact.

Brownie Fiesta Camera

The Brownie Fiesta is a 127 film camera made in the 1960s by the Eastman Kodak Company all over the world. It’s a plastic fixed focus camera of f/11 and the shutter speed of 1/40second. There are a few variations of this camera either as a later model or due from the country manufacturing it. I have the original model made between 1962 and 1965 with the plastic silver face plate, viewfinder and hand strap but without flash capability. I chose this version because of unique shape and the shiny front texture. It’s also the smallest vintage camera I have currently in my collection, fitting in the palm of my hand and made with super lightweight plastic. There are so many different Kodak Brownies but this one has a lot of charm, I haven’t had the chance to use it yet but hope to soon.

kodak fiesta camera (3) kodak fiesta camera (4)


The Metro-Flex camera is a Bakelite pseudo reflex camera made in the 1940s by the Metropolitan Industries Company. This American camera uses 127 film and creates half frame exposures. There isn’t much information about this camera available nowadays except that it has a close resemblance to the Clix-O-Flex (made by the same company) and that there are only three styles of the camera available. I chose to get the version with the textured Bakelite because I just love the uniqueness of it over the other two styles which were very typical of camera during that time. This camera has absolutely no setting options except bulb mode (which they call TIME) and it is also capable of double exposures. I love that it’s a half frame camera as well however it’s hard to tell because I have only used 35 film inside mine. The 127 film is no longer being made but using 127 film spools the camera can work with 35 film or cut down 120 film. I am curious to know what the images would look like on the original film type, if you want to see my photographs taken with this camera click here!

metro-flex (1) metro-flex metro-flex (3)metro-flex (4)
My viewfinder is very cloudy, example photo below of what it’s like to look through it. Don’t know if it’s an issue with the inside of the glass being dirty or the normal view of the viewfinder.

metro-flex (5)


Pick of the Week: HolgaHojan

vintage cameras

Pick of the Week: HolgaHojan

HolgaHojan is my pick of the week this week because it’s a great Etsy store to find vintage cameras at reasonable prices. I’ve bought 4 cameras from them over the years and will likely buy more from them in the future. They have great stock and every month get different cameras to add to their store. The one thing that really stands out about their store is they clearly know about the cameras they are selling and write very detailed information about the specific camera as well as its current conditioned. All the cameras I have received have been exactly what I was excepting and they do clean all the cameras they sell. Once more they usually sell the cameras with the original manual and sometimes accessories like flashes, bags, and film. The more popular cameras do usually run at a higher price but most are very reasonable priced especially if they are more common. Above are the cameras I bought with them, both Polaroid’s were higher priced but came with flashcubes, original manual and the Colorpack II came with a leather camera case as well. The Brownie Fiesta came with the original box which was such a treat as it was less than $30. I really recommend HolgaHojan as I have never been disappointed and vintage cameras are all they do so you will always find a big selection and for us people who just cannot find cameras at garage sales or thrift stores they are great for adding the odd camera to the collection.

polaroid colorpack polaroid land camerabrownie fiesta

A few of my favourite cameras for sale right now:



August in Review

august in review2Did you manage to squeeze in the last moments of summer? I feel like I’ve had a great August. It was nice and relaxing and I managed to get in one last summer adventure with my trip to Prince Edward Island. I feel like I ended the summer last weekend, camping and dipping my feet into the ocean. I still have a stack of photos to share from my adventures in Vancouver and PEI so there will still be lots of sunny summer posts coming your way and Fall things too as I am very excited to go apple picking again this year.  I have new things planned for fall on the blog too so look out for that. One big change you’ll notice next week is I’ve decided to be a bit more creative with my post names. There will be 3 more recipes for popsicles coming your way to ease you into the fall as well. I will be spending my long weekend listening to my summer anthem Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and enjoying the sun (if the weather will agree).

a few select posts from August:

Quebec City: Holga Lens for Nikon
Wedding Bouquets: Holga close up lenswedding-bouquet-68-800x530Self-Portrait Sunday: The thing that leaves you in the darkness is herDSC_0617-Copy-e1376828397275Vintage Tuesday: Best Friendspolaroid-42Talula and her moustachesDSC_3424-e1376461966399Saturday Review: Mark Ryden Postcardsmark-ryden-e1376105457674Popsicle of the Week
pink-lemonade-popsicledulce de leche (9)



Vintage Tuesday

polaroid (1)  Polaroid Colorpack II

I wanted to show some of my instant film that I shot with the Polaroid Colorpack II while in Vancouver. All of the shots were taken at Wreck Beach. If you aren’t from Vancouver, Wreck Beach is my favourite place to hang out while there. It’s a great beach and just happens to be a nude beach on top of that (nobody I knew got naked however but that’s why the beach is so cool, everyone is welcome) I had a blast, being able to swim in the ocean is always a good time. Not to mention we brought peach cider coolers to enjoy and I got pretty tipsy. We enjoyed food too and had a mini piknic with fresh fruits and sandwiches care of my brother Corbin. We watched the sunset and just really relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. It’s one of the few places I miss living in Montreal and being able to spend the day there with some friends made my trip. Hope you enjoy the silly shots that follow. The one of me in the ocean swimming and in front of the sunset were captured by my brother!

polaroid (30) polaroid (27) polaroid (22) polaroid (7) polaroid (5) polaroid (10) polaroid (8) polaroid (26) polaroid (31) polaroid (19)


July in Review


It’ll be hard to sum up a month when I’ve done so many exciting things but I will try and make a short July in Review. I just got back two days ago from Vancouver, and that trip was a crazy whirlwind of events crammed into 8 short days. It was amazing to be my friend Nicole’s bridesmaid and watch her get married, and get to squish the checks of her two precious twins. I’ve had two friends get married this month and it was a little surreal to be bridesmaid, I do not think that will happen again my lifetime. I will have plenty of photos to share from that event so don’t worry if you like cute babies and wedding. As well I got to see my best friend Ana, who I think of every day and miss. Going years between seeing each other is hard on both of us and it was wonderful to have time to spend with her and stay with her.   And the sushi, guys I miss Vancouver sushi. 4 years of bad sushi cannot be made up for in 8 days. There is so many memories I want to share but don’t worry I’ll got more into detail in next few weeks. July also happened to be the month of my 28th birthday, and my brother’s 15th – always surreal to remember that he was born when I was 13.  It’s been crazy hot in Montreal, it’s always hot and humid here in the summer but the last few weeks have been unimaginable (me and Victor also don’t have air conditioning so it’s been painful). We did make good use of the weather though and spent plenty of weekends going for walks and exploring new parts of Montreal, plus piknics and fireworks when we can. We also found a fish and chips shop right by our house that is amazing and has a great patio for enjoying a blistering hot day. I’ve also changed my hair from blond to light pink with a blond streak at the front and I love it. Very high maintenance but I feel like this is the year for having pastel hair and I’m glad to have started with pink. Although I think my favourite thing in July has been the popsicles, I am obsessed with making popsicles. All the recipes I’ve done I’ve made at least 2 times now. My fridge is stocked to the brim with them, even before my trip I made sure to leave plenty for Victor. It’s been a great relief in the heat to be able to have something cold to snack on, and that fact that they are healthy just means I don’t have to feel guilty after having 3 of them. Now for the last month of summer, time to get out there and do all those things on my summer list that I haven’t done yet!

For the blog there will not be much change as I currently love the format I have now, and I will continue the Popsicle of the Week posts until the end of September because I have so many recipes I want to share. A sneak peak of what’s to come….dolce de leche, as well next week I will show you how I store them. It’s been great having some free day’s in-between posts with Vintage Tuesday and Saturday Review being bi-weekly for the summer. There is one change I am making is not focusing on What I Wore posts. I love creating outfits and showing my style however taking the photo always feels like a task to me when the rest of the blog is very free flowing and natural for me to do. I think it’d be better if I focus on more of my self-portraits so I don’t start feeling like I’m forcing myself to make outfit posts. I’ve started something new that may be taking up more of my time, vlogging. I am starting to actually use my YouTube channel (here if you want to subscribe). It’s going to have more soon as I’m just starting out. I think it will mostly focus on photography like my blog does. That’s my update! (so I may have lied when I said it’d be short summary of July – ooops)

a few of my favourite posts from July:

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Popsicles of the Week
raseberry popsicles
popsicle of the week


Butter of the Week

polaroid colorpack (18) (1280x1009)Butter of the Week today is in theme with Vintage Tuesday`s Polaroid portrait shots. I’ve only taken a few shots of my cat with the Polaroid Colorpack as I don`t use the flash with the camera and Butter is an inside cat. I always crank the light setting but there is still not enough light for a really good shot but I love them none the less. It doesn`t help that she moves way too much, her eyes are always ghosts like which is freaky. I hope to grab a good one of her in the summer when she goes outside a bit more. Hope you like these, have a great weekend!

polaroid (8)polaroid (5)



May in Review

mayinreviewMay has been an interesting month for me, I’ve been working really hard on the blog and even found some time to start work on my website. It’s been a hard month for take photography though as it’s been raining on most of the days off I get from my day job. I really enjoyed it though and have really started to feel the positive forces from moving to my new house. My house hasn’t change much this month but I am hoping by mid-June to have all the little projects I want to do finished. I have a big plan for rainbow cupcakes next week as well that I am hoping will turn out amazing. I hope you all had a great May and that you are excited for June because I have a feeling it will be amazing.

a few of my favourite posts from May:
Oktomat Review:
oktomat-1024x678 365 Challenge for May
365-mayLomography Wednesday: LA & Portlandholga-30 El Paso, Texas
DIY: Converting 127 Cameras
127-camera-1024x613What I Wore: Rockabilly
whatiwore-4-1024x678Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil
Vintage Tuesday

Things that happened in May:

  • Saw my favourite band and it was an amazing show!
  • I continued to decorate my new house and manged to paint my living room a lovely purple (I love it). We plan on painting every room except the kitchen and the bathroom. I hope to finish in June.
  • Started my first herb garden and bought a few small plants for the house. I did a post about it here
  • My first What I Wore, there was a good response and I have more planned for June.
  • Did a photo shoot with my co-worker Jenny, the end results are here.
  •  I got two new vintage cameras: Brownie Fiesta and Metro-Flex
  • Made my hair half blue and half green which I love, but it’s super faded now so in June there will be a new color!


I love working on improving this blog to make sure it has posts that I enjoy doing and that will be interesting to read. So with this in mind I’ll be doing Saturday Review’s bi-weekly instead of weekly to insure great content with all my posts. I’ve started to notice that my art book collection is drying up and I love doing books I personally own/love and am happy to share, so I don’t want to start reviewing books beyond that criteria. I always intended for Saturday Review to cover more than art books so I will continue to incorporate those into Saturday Review (for right now I do one post a month that is not an art book and I think I will keep it that way). I am also currently speaking with my good friend Ana about her reviewing a few of her books as she has a wonderful collection and it’d be great to have her opinions on here. Being able to do the post bi-weekly means I can spend more time on my photography and that I don’t have to worry about running out of books.