Walk Around Parc LaFontaine with Kodak Dualflex

Kodak Dualflex (26)I spent a few hours yesterday enjoying myself in Parc Lafontaine with several of my cameras in tow including the Kodak Dualflex to capture some autumn leaves before they were all gone. I had been bugging Victor all weekend that we really ought to go to Mont Royal or Lafontaine but the weather was against us, yesterday though I was determined to go so I started out from my house late afternoon. I gave myself an hour to spend at the Parc by myself before meeting Victor at the metro for another walk so I could take photos. In my camera bag I had my Polaroid Colorpack, Nikon D7000, Holga and a last minute addition on a whim my Kodak Dualflex. Best of all I had one of my favourite artist K’Naan playing on my ipod.

Kodak Dualflex (62)Kodak Dualflex (47)Kodak Dualflex (5)Kodak Dualflex (11) Kodak Dualflex (46)Kodak Dualflex (50)Kodak Dualflex (54)Kodak Dualflex (96) Kodak Dualflex (92)Kodak Dualflex (82)Kodak Dualflex (94)Kodak Dualflex (91)Kodak Dualflex (81)Kodak Dualflex (79)Kodak Dualflex (74)Kodak Dualflex (68)Kodak Dualflex (70)Kodak Dualflex (67)Kodak Dualflex (65)I was freezing in my sweater but I had so much fun walking around the lake taken photos of the trees in bloom. Most of the shots I captured were using the Kodak Dualflex as a “through the viewfinder” apparatus. I really need to load up my Kodak with actual film soon but it’s so fun doing through the viewfinder photography. I’ve included some fun shots of me where you can actually see the whole Kodak Dualflex but for the rest I’ve cropped them in square format.

Kodak Dualflex (44)Kodak Dualflex (93)Kodak Dualflex (22) Kodak Dualflex (12)
After I meet up with Victor we walked around again and took silly photos of each other throwing leaves that I am making in gifs and will probably be up next week. I also took a few Polaroid shots that didn’t turn out as vivid as I had hoped with the autumn colors around us, I think the combination of cold weather and the sun going down really wasn’t ideal. Look out for those photos in the next few weeks in the meantime my viewfinder shots of the last few days of Fall.


September in Review

september in review

            September is always one of those months for me that goes by really quickly, and I never mind that it does. It’s one of those in between months that is neither Summer nor Fall and it’s just a good transition month. I’ve had a fairly up and down month, mostly just the last two weeks which have been just really strange. Butter has developed some sort of aggression/fear towards both me and Victor which has made it hard to even walk around our house without having to deal with her hissing and preventing access to the part of the house she’s in. The vet has identified that it’s purely behavioural at this point so we are just trying to work with her as best as we can to get her back to her old self. It’s difficult, I have been very emotional as Butter has been with me for all the major years of my life and is more to me than just a cat. I am looking forward though and feel like the last few days have been progress.

One thing that has been with me for weeks and been a great distracting from what’s going at home has been my friend Derek’s mix tape, its fucking killer. If you like melodic and chill music check him out here! He even included a mix of one of Victor’s songs. In other news I’ve started to decorate my bedroom, got it painted this amazing pale teal color with a light blue accent wall. I’ve just completed my new jewelry organizer (DIY of it here) and hung up a few prints. It’s going really well, we just need to finish hanging up prints and get a new bedspread to replace or mix and match ones. For October I want to finish off the living room and maybe get some paint on our dining room that we never use.

For the blog the most exciting news I have is there will more recipes! I loved doing the Popsicle of the Week all summer long so I thought for the next few months I’d try out various recipes and do some of my own classic recipes. I am still deciding if it will be a complete cooking guide to that recipe or more loose (better hurry up and decide the first one will be out on Tuesday). I find in this day and age it’s really better to watch videos if you really want to know how to make something and I am a little too shy to do a video of myself cooking. I have a few more “how to’s” for Vintage Tuesday and Lomography Wednesday coming up this month. I realized it’s been a straight summer of just photos for both days so I thought I’d change it up, although probably will not have any reviews until November. Let me know if there is anything you want to see on the blog or recipe you’d like me to try in the comments or send me an email. I am so excited already for Halloween and falling leaves. October, I am so ready for you!

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Zina Nedelcheva6056854_7560813_b
* this is my new feature for the Fall and I am loving putting it together, there are so many amazing artists to discover!


Moments of Summer: Polaroid

polaroid (46)

The last set of Polaroids from my amazing trip to Vancouver. These were taken on my second to last day there when I met up with a few friends (and meet some new friends too) to have a piknic at Trout Lake. Trout Lake is such a lovely park right in the middle of Vancouver – I highly suggest going there if you are ever in Vancouver it’s just very relaxing. It was a great time, we had an assortment of snacks thanks to my friend Pang and everyone seemed to have just randomly brought with them goodies for everyone to enjoy. I got to hang out with my brother for the second time that trip. He lives in Calgary and was travelling for the summer and decided to come to Vancouver to see me which was so amazing of him because we don’t see each other enough. We all just sat on the grass and watched all the dogs go by and enjoy each other company and chatted. It really made me miss Vancouver….honestly in that moment I realized how much I missed being around people I love. I tend to forgot how nice it is to be lost in conversation with people… My Polaroid Colorpack wasn’t agree with me much that day and ate a few shots but I love the ones I managed to get and wished I had brought more film. Enjoy!

polaroid (47) polaroid (16) polaroid (43)

Ana was so nice to take a photo with me and my cute friend Pang-Pang (who is so adorable).

I wish my trip to Vancouver was longer!


Instant Crush: Ising Pucky 1

isingpucky026, ising puckyisingpucky020, ising puckyisingpucky029
A sneak peak at some of the Ising Pucky 1 photos I from Vancouver. I’ve never used the Ising before on portrait shots and it appears the focus is just not ideal for portraits at all (lesson learned).  There is two fixed focus distances for the camera and I used the lowest which I thought would be far enough for most portrait shots. I think I will try one more time with more range on the subject but I am happy just using this amazing camera for landscape if I have to. I think the next test to do with this camera is colored film. Despite the lack of focus on the subject’s faces I still cannot help but love these shots.
Thanks so much to my models: Lisa Michelle, Ana Droid and Jessica!

isingpucky035, ising puckyisingpucky055, ising puckyisingpucky057, ising pucky

*if you wanna see more photos taken with the Ising Pucky (here or here)


August in Review

august in review2Did you manage to squeeze in the last moments of summer? I feel like I’ve had a great August. It was nice and relaxing and I managed to get in one last summer adventure with my trip to Prince Edward Island. I feel like I ended the summer last weekend, camping and dipping my feet into the ocean. I still have a stack of photos to share from my adventures in Vancouver and PEI so there will still be lots of sunny summer posts coming your way and Fall things too as I am very excited to go apple picking again this year.  I have new things planned for fall on the blog too so look out for that. One big change you’ll notice next week is I’ve decided to be a bit more creative with my post names. There will be 3 more recipes for popsicles coming your way to ease you into the fall as well. I will be spending my long weekend listening to my summer anthem Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and enjoying the sun (if the weather will agree).

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pink-lemonade-popsicledulce de leche (9)



Vintage Tuesday

I just had to feature more of my Polaroid Colorpack instant shots from Vancouver today even though I did last week too (I spend a lot of time organizing and making sure I don’t repeat camera too much but I couldn’t resist). Seeing my best friend Ana was magical and it was so nice of her parents to let me stay at their place while I was in town. These were taken on my last day just hours before jumping on a plane. The one thing I love about the Colorpack is how simple it is to shoot with, although Ana and her mom were both terrified to take photos with it so what I did was setup the shots and frame it and then have either Ana (for photos of me) or her mom (photos of me and Ana together) click the button. It’s really becoming one of my favourite vintage cameras.

polaroid (12)polaroid (20)polaroid (42) polaroid (34)polaroid (15)polaroid (35)

I am getting better at controlling the distance and judging for myself instead of relying on the metering tool on the camera. I feel like I am really improving, although I still tend to mess up at least 2 shots out of a roll of 10 which frustrates me but this guy tends to jams or I don’t double check settings.  I cannot wait to pick up a modern Fuji instax camera and be able to have it on a tripod and with timer, it’ll make group photos so much easier. I love spending time with Ana and miss her already so much. I want her to visit Montreal so badly, it would be incredible. These photos just put a smile on my face.


July in Review


It’ll be hard to sum up a month when I’ve done so many exciting things but I will try and make a short July in Review. I just got back two days ago from Vancouver, and that trip was a crazy whirlwind of events crammed into 8 short days. It was amazing to be my friend Nicole’s bridesmaid and watch her get married, and get to squish the checks of her two precious twins. I’ve had two friends get married this month and it was a little surreal to be bridesmaid, I do not think that will happen again my lifetime. I will have plenty of photos to share from that event so don’t worry if you like cute babies and wedding. As well I got to see my best friend Ana, who I think of every day and miss. Going years between seeing each other is hard on both of us and it was wonderful to have time to spend with her and stay with her.   And the sushi, guys I miss Vancouver sushi. 4 years of bad sushi cannot be made up for in 8 days. There is so many memories I want to share but don’t worry I’ll got more into detail in next few weeks. July also happened to be the month of my 28th birthday, and my brother’s 15th – always surreal to remember that he was born when I was 13.  It’s been crazy hot in Montreal, it’s always hot and humid here in the summer but the last few weeks have been unimaginable (me and Victor also don’t have air conditioning so it’s been painful). We did make good use of the weather though and spent plenty of weekends going for walks and exploring new parts of Montreal, plus piknics and fireworks when we can. We also found a fish and chips shop right by our house that is amazing and has a great patio for enjoying a blistering hot day. I’ve also changed my hair from blond to light pink with a blond streak at the front and I love it. Very high maintenance but I feel like this is the year for having pastel hair and I’m glad to have started with pink. Although I think my favourite thing in July has been the popsicles, I am obsessed with making popsicles. All the recipes I’ve done I’ve made at least 2 times now. My fridge is stocked to the brim with them, even before my trip I made sure to leave plenty for Victor. It’s been a great relief in the heat to be able to have something cold to snack on, and that fact that they are healthy just means I don’t have to feel guilty after having 3 of them. Now for the last month of summer, time to get out there and do all those things on my summer list that I haven’t done yet!

For the blog there will not be much change as I currently love the format I have now, and I will continue the Popsicle of the Week posts until the end of September because I have so many recipes I want to share. A sneak peak of what’s to come….dolce de leche, as well next week I will show you how I store them. It’s been great having some free day’s in-between posts with Vintage Tuesday and Saturday Review being bi-weekly for the summer. There is one change I am making is not focusing on What I Wore posts. I love creating outfits and showing my style however taking the photo always feels like a task to me when the rest of the blog is very free flowing and natural for me to do. I think it’d be better if I focus on more of my self-portraits so I don’t start feeling like I’m forcing myself to make outfit posts. I’ve started something new that may be taking up more of my time, vlogging. I am starting to actually use my YouTube channel (here if you want to subscribe). It’s going to have more soon as I’m just starting out. I think it will mostly focus on photography like my blog does. That’s my update! (so I may have lied when I said it’d be short summary of July – ooops)

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June in Review

juneinreview June is at an end, and it was really quiet a up and down month for me. I am happy to say I’ve tried out 3 of my cameras the Metro-Flex, Disderi Robot Lens and Kodak Brownie 620 (the photos from the last two will be out this week) and I’ve developed 4 rolls of film at home. I’ve also acquired a old school popsicle mold and have been making homemade recipes for the last 2 weeks, and they have all turned out wonderfully much to my delight and Victor’s. I am happy to announce as well that I will be doing Recipe posts for popsicles with lots of pictures on my blog starting in July and ongoing to August and perhaps even September. I also manged to go for a long walk every week with Victor and have been keeping up with my daily photos for my 365 Challenge (still haven’t missed a day or resorted to taking shots with my phone). The weather though has been getting in my way a lot with it’s own up and down cycle…mostly choosing to be rotten on my days off. I have been working on decorating the new house as well but am quiet disappointed I haven’t manged to paint it all yet. However it has been a great month, and I am very excited for July. I will be turning 28 in a few days and visiting Vancouver for a week at the end of July. As well I  will be attending and being a bridesmaid at my dear friend Nicole’s wedding when I am there.  Vancouver is where most of my friends live, so it’s very exciting to go back and see everyone. I have arranged a few photo shoots as well and will have lots of photography to share with you guys. I am even trying more of my vintage cameras this month and hope to pick a new toy one for my birthday. Hope you had a delightful June.

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Vintage Tuesday

metro-flex (19)

Today’s photos were taken with the Metro-Flex vintage camera from 1940’s. This is one of my new additions to my vintage camera collection and I love having the chance to try it out. I am using 35 film because 127 film is not made anymore except one company that only offers expensive color negative film (black and white was being offered by appears to be discontinued). If you want to know how I converted my 35 film to fit a 127 camera, check out my How To….! I was so excited to try it out that I just toke it with me when I went to the shops, so the subject matter is not very interesting but I wanted to see what kind of shots the camera could produce and try a few things to see what type of results I could get. This is a great thing to do with old cameras, especially if you note down the conditions for each photos like subject distance, light conditions, time of day/weather and compare with the results. The Metro-Flex has no settings so it really trial and error, especially since using my method of conversion I don’t have an indicator marks on the film to see when I’ve reached the correct spot when advancing the film. The shots are neat and I will show you more next time I take it out with me.

metro-flex (12)metro-flex (20)metro-flex (6)metro-flex (7) metro-flex (9)metro-flex (17)