Music Inspiration: We Are Wolves

My musical inspiration for April is We Are Wolves, an indie band from Montreal, Canada that not only inspired me spiritually in art but also life. If you’ve ever wondered why a West Coast girl like me ended up in Quebec, well to be honestly I would have never thought of it myself without knowing this band and being intrigued enough to check out their hometown. When I started thinking about what specific record to share I decided to go with their 3rd release Invisible Violence from 2009 as it’s still feels very modern where the first two you can really tell were from that certain time in music history when electro was big and there was tons of other artists on the rock scene with that element to them, a bit more raw and of a certain time. My favourite album is actually their first one but Invisible Violence is such a solid record with so many great addicting songs on it, and it is probably the best gateway to their sound. The mix of multilingual on the record is also the best they’ve done, seamlessly going from English to Spanish in one breath and then into French for almost an entire song. That element of their band and their diverging musical interests has always made them stand out. I could go on but We are Wolves are simply put my favourite band since the moment I first heard them, when they opened up for Bad Religion (I was actually seeing the other opener The (International) Noise Conspiracy not BR). My life was changed that moment, and every time I’ve listened to them since I get chills. They are such a phenomenal band that is still to some extent not that well known outside of Quebec. Which boggles my mind. I can’t even describe what effect they have playing live, it’s just an out of body experience every time and the three original members had such a dynamic together. Much in the same vein as Fischerspooner when it comes to not just being a band with music, but also being living breathing art and incorporating that into their shows. Even if their music doesn’t hook you right away, I’d still say worth checking them out live just to live it once…I could go on and on but I think their music speaks for itself…

we are wolves invisible violence

Listen to Invisible Violence:

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My mixtapes now have their own post but if you missed it check out April Trances mixtape, here!


Monthly Mixtapes: April Trances

April Trances is a electro style mixtape of some of my fondest electonic indie rock bands during my early 20’s. Including this month’s music inspiration We Are Wolves, from Montreal and others like The Knife, Thom Yorke, Fischerspooner, Crystal Castles, iamamiwhoami, and others.
april trances

If Spotify isn’t your thing, I made a playlist on Youtube as well although only a few of them have actual videos. Oh yah the polaroid is of me as a kid in my Sunday dress, clearing feeling myself and my smooth tunes. 


We Are Wolves at Festival Atmosph’air

we are wolves (5)Last Friday I went to go the Festival Atmosph’air that was happening here in Montreal near the Jean Talon Market. It was a street festival with stalls and food carts plus live bands all weekend long. My favourite local band, We are Wolves happened to be playing so I headed down there for a few hours to watch them play and see what was going on. I managed to take some photos of them preforming that I thought I’d share. It was a great show and it was so fun just to dance in the evening breeze before heading downtown for sushi. It’s so fun watching them play as they get so into the music and the newish drummer Pierre-Luc just goes apeshit which I love to watch.

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We Are Wolves at Nuit Blanche

We are Wolves played at the Cinémathèque Québécoise in celebration of Nuit Blanche last last weekend and I had my Nikon camera with me so I managed to get a few photos when I wasn`t dancing around. It was a really good show and they played a lot of their newer songs from their album La Mort Pop Club that I reviewed last year (here). They always have so much theatrics and this show was no different, the only downside was having to wait for an hour and a half from them to start. Me and Victor had a lot of fun despite that, although every time I sang along he gave a bit of the eye – it`s not my fault I know all the lyrics and like to sing along. Lol. Cannot wait to see more We are Wolves shows this year, the benefit of living in the same city as your favourite band I guess.

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Nuit Blanche

nuit blanche (8)Nuit Blanche is a super fun festival we have in Montreal where for 1 winter day and night you can go around to the city to all these museums, café’s, art galleries and more to see artwork, participate in activities, see bands and so much more. I love it even though the last few years I haven’t put much effort into finding activities to do for the whole night up until the 3am cut-off. We actually spent more time checking the Montreal en Lumiere festival that we hadn’t had a chance to see yet instead of seeing art….

nuit blanche (6)nuit blanche (5)nuit blanche (11)We arrived and of course it’s packed with people and snow heavily.

nuit blanche (17) nuit blanche (14)nuit blanche (13)Have no idea what DJ was playing but he was actually pretty good. I love having loud music at festivals espically when the place is packed.

nuit blanche (19) nuit blanche (18)There was a laser show that you stood on a stage for a few minutes and had stuff just come at you, you could just stand beside the stage and see the whole thing anyways.

nuit blanche (21)You could have your face projected onto the side of the building, it was really trippy.

nuit blanche (20)nuit blanche (3) nuit blanche (2)I’ve never done the Milk Run but I’ve always wanted to. The line was too huge though, same for the ferris wheel which I go on every year. The next day we wanted to go back as the Montreal en Lumiere festival had one more day left but we were way too tired and lazy.

nuit blancheMy favorite band, We Are Wolves was playing for free though at the Cinémathèque Québécoise so I dragged him there after checking out the festival area. They room had amazing ballooons attached to the ceiling.

nuit blanche (1)Victor is a little pissed at me because he wanted to go to the Belgo building which we went to on our first Nuit Blanche years ago that had 4 levels of art studios to check out (we were actually a block away from the  Belgo building earlier) and they ended up playing at 12am instead of their supposed time. We ended up waiting around for an hour and a half and they played a full hour set. I looked online while we were waiting and it said the other events will go on to 3am but by the time the concert was over and we had walked there…there was literally no art studios open. :( Let’s just say we were a little bummed about it.

nuit blanche (4)These photos lack any art at all except the last photo which was on a wall at the Belgo building. The We Are Wolves photos that will be on next Thursday post!

Ps. This was actually posted on Friday night at 11pm because I hadn’t finished it by Wednesday night and then I got really drunk with my co-workers have an extra shitty shift at work and was too hung over all of Thursday for blogging)


March in Review

citizen erased

Well March has been a great month for me, a lot of new changes in my life  have come about and they are all very exciting. I am more then ready to take Citizen Erased Photography in the coming of Spring (it’s still feels like winter here in Montreal)

a few of my favourite posts from March:
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Things that happened in March:

  • I started a 365 Challenge on Tumblr
  • I moved from the Plateau to the Village part of Montreal into a wonderful apartment, it feels almost like a new life
  • I started developing my own film (so far I’ve been so busy with moving that I only got the chance to do 1 roll, you can check out the results here, and here!)
  • I changed my hair to be half purple and half blue, which is a brand new design for me.
  • My friends from Toronto came to visit me over St Patrick’s Day weekend, and it was a lot of fun.
  • My favourite band put out a new album, I actually did a review for it, and have been listening to it non-stop.
  • and last but not least, I got a new vintage camera, check her out!

citizen erased

I am so excited to finish unpacking boxes so I can start developing more film and showing off my new apartment and office!


Pick of the Week: We Are Wolves “La Mort Pop Club”

we are wolves (2), la mort pop club, citizen erased photography
We Are Wolves “La Mort Pop Club”

This week’s pick is a little different from the usual. I received my vinyl record “La Mort Pop Club” by We are Wolves in the mail this week and knew I had to feature it. We are Wolves are a local band from Montreal, Quebec who have been around since their 2005 record “Non-Stop Je Te Pile en Deux”; consisting of band members Alexander Ortiz, Vincent Levesque, and Antonin Marquis . Le Mort Pop Club is their 4th album and marks their first record with newest member Pierre-Luc Bégin, after Antonin Marquis left the group in the fall of 2012. We are Wolves to me are best described as an electronic post-punk band, reminiscent of bands of the later 70’s and 80’s like Joy Division and others while being nothing like them all at once. Their previous records featured infectious and hypnotizing songs that make you want to dance and chant along. LMPC is very much along the same lines in this respect, providing plenty of songs you will want to dance to with reckless abandon. The first thing I noticed is that out of their previous albums LMPC probably has does the best job at capturing their live sound which is always more animalistic and raw then the records. There is also a lot more new wave influence this time around, with songs like “Angel” and “Voices”. My favourite songs are “Snake in the Sand” and “Sun” with their urgent vocals and great instrumentals interludes and dark undertones. LMPC has plenty of fresh elements while not losing what people have grown to love about We are Wolves unique sound. LMPC is another great record to add to their collection, and I cannot wait to see them on their new tour next month and experience La Mort Pop Club for the first time, because no matter how great their records are, nothing compares to the energy you get from seeing them live. We Are Wolves live shows are the kind most bands envy to have.

You can check out more about We are Wolves and tour dates on their website.
And pick up the album on Bandcamp.

we are wolves (1), la mort pop club, citizen erased photographywe are wolves (7), la mort pop club, citizen erased photographywe are wolves, la mort pop club, citizen erased photographywe are wolves (6) , la mort pop club, citizen erased photographywe are wolves (9), la mort pop club, citizen erased photographywe are wolves (8), la mort pop club, citizen erased photography