Butter`s on the table.

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We are getting to the 2nd last Butter of the Week, man I will miss it when it’s gone. I don’t know about you but I love looking at Butter’s majestic fluff. She is just too adorable not to take insane amount of photos of (no just me? okay…). I am very excited to have Friday’s be dedicated to weekly photos instead though. It’ll be a great way to keep up with taking daily photos without having the pressure of a 365 Challenge. This week I’ve actually taken a brief break from taking any photos because I’ve been sick for the 5th time this winter and just feel exhausted and in need relaxation. You’ll notice I didn’t post on Wednesday and that’s because I just needed one day off as I’ve spent every day this week lying in bed feeling awful or at work feeling awful. Besides being sick not much has happened except I’ve read all my Fables comics and am dying to get the next two deluxe editions in the mail so I can continue reading the series. I am willing to admit I am obsessed with the comic to the point I don’t know what I’ll do when I run out of deluxe editions to buy (they go up to comic 70 however the series has a lot more comics that haven’t been bundled in this hardcover deluxe editions – even worse after I get the two I just ordered I only have 1 left). So if you know a great online site for reading comic let me know! I am hoping that I manage to get lots of work done to make up for the last week of slacking and maybe even paint a part of the house if I’m feeling up to it this weekend. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoying the first weekend of Spring!

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Morning Rolling with Butter

butter (2)Butter spends at least a good few hours on our coffee table a day (when it’s clean enough) just enjoying the sun coming from our front window. She’s been so cute this month I have far too many photos of her to share. I’m actually thinking about ending Butter’s of the Week starting in April because I have another post idea I want to do and probably shouldn’t be a crazy cat lady and have one day’s post complete dedicated to her furriness. I don’t really think of myself as a crazy cat lady but don’t look through my photography folders… those tell a different story. Not much to tell you about this week, I’ve been really stressed about my work and bills and just random things so I’ve been not sleeping very well and just in general being really down. What do you do when you feel like that? I’m terrible at stress and just melt down a little on my own and don’t sleep. Eventually I get outta my funk. I have plans this weekend for All-You-Can-Eat Sushi and skating so I think it’ll be a good one. We also bought a slow cooker and are really excited to try it out, let me know if you have any great recipes. Have a great weekend!

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The Watcher

butter (2)Butter was watching the snow plow go down the street in front of our apartment. They are really loud so she always runs to the window when she’s hear them coming to see what the fuss is all about. It’s still snowing here but the temperature hasn’t been so bad, and amazingly enough it’s starting to still be light at 5pm!!!! January was really starting to wear on me, it gets dark here in the middle of winter at 3pm every day. The sun is almost set by 5pm which is still pretty bad when I spend all day at the call center but much much better otherwise. I am crossing my fingers there is no snow storm / -30 weather this weekend because I’m going to be in Toronto for 3 days! Last year we went during the worst blizzard they had all year, and the year before that it was the same – blizzard. We even got stuck on the bus on the journey there for 4 extra hours because the highway closed down…it was not fun. I am almost unable to contain my excitement for this trip though. Great food, a hotel to chill in, great friends to go out drinking and partying with, and an excuse to take a million photos what more could I need. I’ve already packed since I am working till midnight tonight and have to wake up at 6am tomorrow to go to the train station. It’s the first time we’ve taken the train and I am so ready to just have a mellow trip not on a crowded and loud bus. Have you been on trains much? I’ve been almost across all of Canada on trains and I really enjoy them.

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Paper Cranes & Butter

paper cranespaper cranes (1)I am so shocked it’s almost the end of January. It’s been a really great month for me so far in terms of being organized and getting all the things I needed done. I am so excited about upcoming projects on the blog. I have so many recipe ideas, DIYs and features that I’ve been planning all this week. I actually made three recipes yesterday, my custom Valentine’s Day recipe called Strawberry Three Way (I love puns for recipe names), chocolate truffles and cinnamon buns. Also I think the reason this month has went so quickly is because at the end of last week I bought train tickets to Toronto and now I am just so excited about going that I want it to happen now, not in 2 weeks. :) My friend Derek and me have a tradition where I visit him every year for his birthday, this is the first time I’ve taken the train there. Normally I’m not as excited but it’s been forever since I’ve seen him and taking the train on top of staying at a hotel I am just bubbling with it now. I get very stir crazy when I stay in the same city for too long, I need at least 4 trips outta town a year (I also need to learn to drive so getting outta the city wouldn’t be so hard). The end of January cannot come soon enough for me but there is just 1 more week. You know what I haven’t done this month, change my hair color! Mmmm ideas for next week. Hope you are having an amazing week.

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Butter Bright Eyes

butter (10)This week has been my Christmas crazy period and boy I am glad that I am done for the year. I am that person around holidays that is just in frantic mode of planning, baking, decorating…doesn’t matter what holiday either! I always like planning ahead though so I am done well before the holiday. I’ve been waiting around for a few presents to arrive in mail so I could wrap them up and get them sent, so it was a relief to have the last one arrive at the start of the week. I’ve also written and stickerized all my Christmas cards and postcards and sent them off so no more trips to the post office for me! All the presents for Victor and Butter are tucked into their stockings so I am all done and just have baking left. My list of recipes for the holidays is pretty long but I am going to do a few this week and then a few next week just to give myself a break.

Butter is in the holiday spirit as well. I was worried with it being the first time with a real tree in the house she’d attack it but she doesn’t seem to mind it at all…however that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been eating all the ribbons on presents (poor Butter keeps throwing it up too). The week has been really nice though, it even snowed a few days which a nice change to gloomy rain. After all the Christmas rush I just want a relaxing weekend of baking and sleep… I’ll be at a craft fair on Sunday though which will be really fun
(if you missed the post details here).

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Hope your week has been good and that if you celebrate any holidays coming up hope you aren’t stress about being organized and getting stuff done. Have a great weekend!


Butter enjoys autumn and pumpkins

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Last week I showed you a Polaroid of Butter and the pumpkins and I realized I had a whole bunch taken around that time so I thought I’d share. She is still getting allowed to be outside but usually only very briefly, it’s been -1 almost all week so she’s much happier to curl up on our rugs. She loves coming out with me when it rains though – so curious even though she’d never dare go out in it. I still haven’t thrown out the carved pumpkins, I feel like throwing them off the edge of the balcony so they fall into the backyard and fertilize the ground but I don’t know if my neighbor’s would have the same opinion – lol. They are really rotten…I think I’ll do that tonight at like midnight so nobody sees me after I get back from the We Are Wolves concert. Speaking of that I am seeing my favourite band in the world tonight (they also happen to live in the same city as me which is pretty cool). I am really excited to go even though I haven’t been sleeping very much this week and am really excited to sleep in on Saturday. I will dance so much, and sing along…loudly and I am tempted to bring my camera so you may see some concert photos but if not I think I’ll just share some of my older photos of them anyways. My best friend Ana when I was in Vancouver gave me a Devo doll to give to Alex the singer as a little inside joke about the first time we meet him so that will be fun. I am just really excited for the weekend, what do you have planned?

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Curious Butter

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The last few moments of Fall are upon us (doesn’t that sound ominous and dark). Butter’s last few moments outside have passed by this week as I can only stand having the door open for 5 minutes before I get the chills. She is still dying to go outside as it’s been squirrel time in our backyard for the last two weeks and they have been driving her crazy. I actually have a video of her trying to chase one down for heaven’s sake. I even heard what a squirrel’s attack sound and it’s pretty hostile sounding. She’s been really good about listening to me when I tell her to stop but she always tries to chase them down the spiral staircase. I know what happens when she gets down a floor – whining about not know how to walk up the spiral staircase – silly kitty and I really wouldn’t want her to hurt a squirrel even if they do like to tease her. Not much else has been happening this week. I am going for Dim Sum for the first time ever on Sunday, going with a few co-workers, very excited. Hoping on Saturday to walk to Mont-Royal again like I did with Victor last weekend, it’s my goal to go there at least 1 more time in the next few weeks and enjoy the autumn trees. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoyed the first week of November!

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Butter of the Week

Butter (3), butter of the weekButter of the Week is back! These were taken on the weekend in Butter’s hideout. I swear the vines on our balconey are out of control, they’ve almost swallowed the chair entirelly. It’s nice for Butter as there is 2 cats now that live in the apartments near us so she has a place to watch the other cats and of course for hunting birds. I thought I’d take a few shots before we have to trim the vines back for fall. Hope you’ve had a great week and if your lucky enough to get weekends off, enjoy! My week has been filled with anixety and I am really hoping this weekend it just really a realeases and I can enjoy myself. I am trying a new popsicle recipe (gin and tonic) and working on some cute DIY ideas. It will be a packed weekend and I’ll get to spend time with Victor after working evenings all week and missing him. Enjoy Butter’s hideout!

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Butter of the Week

mishko Butter Mishko of the Week

Wait that isn’t Butter! It’s actually my best friend Ana’s lovely cat Mishko! He is such a brat and spends his days sleeping on the coffee table as you can see. haven’t seen this guy in 2 years and he hasn’t changed a bit. He has the softest coat of all the cats I know, I don’t why Butter’s is not like this but he feels great. Ana’s parents actually got him a year after I got Butter because they loved hanging out with her so much and wanted their own kitty. I think the honeymoon is over though because he is one major brat now and just terrorize Ana. However we can enjoy his beauty at least. Haha, I think Butter could sense I was writing about another cat and leapt onto my lap and demanded cuddles. She has been ignoring me all day and now decides she wants company and sits on my computer – typical. Have a great weekend and Butter will return next week !



Butter of the Week

butter (19)Today I am in Vancouver still and am very busy so I don’t really have much time to round up what I’ve been doing this week but I know one thing – I am missing Butter so much. So I thought today I’d update you on what some of the plants look now after a few months and of course my fluffy ball of Butter. The plants are loving being in the kitchen, although the vine is getting out of hand and soon I will have to find a shelf to put it on as its grown the floor and beyond. Butter seems no longer impressed to have to share her window space with a plant.  Hope you have an amazing weekend. I am loving it here in Vancouver even though I feel like I’m running around a lot.

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