Multiple Exposure Vancouver Rocky Mountains

double exposure (1)double exposure (4)double exposure (8)My love for taking multiple exposures grows the more and more I do them. It gives me a chance to see the world in a different way and to me it’s such a unique perceptive on the world. I love seeing what I can do with landscapes, silhouettes and architecture to create and manipulate almost my own vision of the world through my camera (without the use of editing of programs like Photoshop). So I thought I’d show more of what I am working on this just like last year but probably more on a weekly basis and it will  usually be of just one subject so you can see all the different ways I interpret it. This week is a view of the Rocky Mountains and English Bay from downtown Vancouver. I had the luck chance of standing on a balcony with this view, could you image seeing this every morning?

  double exposure (7)double exposure (2)


Pick of the Week: Jason Villeneuve

Pick of the Week: Jason Villeneuve

Today I wanted to share with you the work of painter Jason Villeneuve who sells a selection of his paintings through his Etsy store. Villeneuve predominantly sells abstract ocean landscapes although recently has been selling mountain landscapes as well. I’ve been missing the ocean so much over the last few months I was really drawn into picking up more of his work. He is even based out of Vancouver Island where I grew up so I imagine many of the Pacific Ocean landscapes he paints might be sights I’ve seen before. He paints a variety of locations however so his work is not just solely from there, this year he seems to have doing a lot of landscapes featuring icebergs which I’ve enjoyed as well. I have purchased twice from him before and the shipping is always very quick and well done and he is easy to communicate with if you have any questions. The price of the paintings range substantial in consideration of materials and size of each piece but I love that he offers very affordable paintings. I have one piece on actual mounted canvas, and one of canvas board but most of the ones I’ve picked up are acrylic paint on archival paper which he sells individually or in sets. I haven’t picked out where I want to hang there nor had the chance to frame them but I will show pictures of some of the paintings I have and some of their temporary locations so you can get a good idea of his work. If you love abstract landscapes definitely check his website and store!

jason villeneuve (10)jason villeneuvejason villeneuve (3) jason villeneuve (4) jason villeneuve (6)jason villeneuve (7) jason villeneuve (9)

a few of my favourite paintings from his store:


Missing the Sunshine and Vancouver

Well the brief week of warm weather and almost completely melted snow didn’t last. It’s freezing again but that means I can go to winter festivals and play in the snow so I am not complaining. I love the various events and festivals that happen in January and February – it’s a great time to be in Montreal. Although it be nice if there was snow and it wasn’t -30 outside. So I thought instead of making myself cold looking at photos of snow I’d share some more Vancouver photos like yesterday. My Birthday Party that we had on Wreck Beach (seriously my favourite place in Vancouver) was such a fun time and the day was just perfect.  Seeing my friends was really special, I miss them so much. Oh and the ocean – seriously I miss the ocean like a long lost friend (island kid for life).

beach (8)It started with us picking up sushi to go and starting the drive to Wreck Beach in Tammy’s car.

beach (9)beach (10)The beach crew!

beach (11)Ana chilling and drawing.

beach (12)My brother and Brent both looking super tanned and eatting some sandwitches.

beach (13)Ana looks so beautiful in this shot, I had to include it even though there is lots of blurry nakes people behind her, lol. Wreck Beach is a nudist beach btw.

beach (14)Catching some rays!

beach (15)Kisses from the pretty Pang.

beach (16)beach (17) beach (18)We decided to bury Ana in the sand.

swimmingMe, Tammy and Pang swimming.

beach (20)The sun starting to set.

beach (21) beach (22)beach (23) beach (24)Pang, Jenn and Me taking jumping photos.

beach (19)I made some gifs of Pang jumping and spinning and then Jenn with Brent doing a creepy walk into the ocean.


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