Zine of the Month: Girl Glue

This month’s zine pick is Girl Glue, a collection of work by various female artists put together by Mel Stringer. There is two issues out of Girl Glue to date and some of the artists include have been Wishcandy, Rudy Fig, Lilly Piri, Bec Winnel, Buttons,  Lindsay Campbell, Mab Graves, Natali Koromoto Martinez, Gemma Flack, Hungry Designs and others. Both have 30 pages of content to enjoy, and the production quality and size of both zines is superb. One of the main differences between the two zines is that issue one featured the work of over 50 artists and issue two takes a different format and does 1 or occasionally 2 page profiles on 27 artists.  While I like the larger size of the work featured in the second issue, most of the profiled artists are already respectively well known in their communities and it honestly didn’t contain any artist I wasn’t aware of before which is what I loved about the first issue. I love collective zines for discovering new artists and the second issue came across more as the top artisans of Etsy (which isn’t a bad thing but felt a shift away from the first issue). I do love the colored cover and back page however of the second issue over the colored paper cover of the first. Both recommend to pick up although I don’t know if it’s possible to get the first issue anymore. The newest issue #2 is currently available to purchase through Mel Stringer’s store here.

Girl Glue #1 & #2 by Various Artists


Zine of the Month: Bablien

I debated whether or not to make Bablien the zine of the month for March. Not because it isn’t awesome (because it is) but mostly because it’s not available anymore. Bablien was a zine put together by Catface and Brett Manning with the tag line “a collection of alien babe artworks” that came out in December of last year. Each artist that contributed was given 10 copies that they could sell and I was lucky enough to grab one up before they sold out. I mostly bought it for Victor as he is obsessed with aliens so I was really surprised by how much I loved it. There were nods to X-Files (a few too many), Star Trek and the great comic Saga and each artist brought a unique perspective to the alien babe. My favourites were by Brett Manning, Natali Martinez, and Madelen & Natalie Floss. Other artist featured Wishcandy, L0ll3, Electra Sinclair, Donya Todd and more. It doesn’t appear they will reprint it either which is a shame but it’s such a great zine I couldn’t resist sharing it, and perhaps they will reprint it in the future or put a 2nd edition.

Bablien by Various Artists

I’ll link you to Brett Manning’s tumblr as she has quiet a few comics that you can pick up.


Pick of the Week: May Treasures

So many amazing things I’ve found online lately. Feel so wonderful that there is artists and trades people out there being able to make a living using Etsy and Storenvy. It’s really a wonderful thing and there is just so many treasures around the corner. Feel like if I was ever able to afford even half of these items on here I’d feel like the luckiest girl on the world. lol. Check out May treasures!may treasures

  • Theres No Place Like Home print by dannybrito
    Dannybrito’s art is so simple and cute, love this print
  • Mininature Mushroom Pincushion by FoxtailCreekStudio
    Such a cute gift for a friend who likes sewing (I don’t sew a thing)
  • Feather Watercolor print by RiverLuna
    I love the color combination of these feathers and the tribal feel
  • Baby Hibbo Totem by HandyMaiden
    I want a whole collection of totems, her’s at my favourite and she constantly has new ones. My friend is obsessed with hippos for some reason and this made me think of him.
  • Tiger Moth Hand Carved Stamp by extase
    Love hand carved stamps, there is some really talents people making stamps on Etsy, it’s worth a search if you like stamps.
  • Terrarium Air Plant Doll by EarthSeaWarrior
    So this may be my house by the end of the summer, air plants in doll bodies – best idea ever.
  • Mina & Milala paper dolls by SandraArteagA
    I’d have so many artist paper dolls if I could, she has a whole bunch and other pieces of art. 
  • Glow Xray Cat Patch by CyanFoxDesigns
    Been looking at patches a lot lately and this one is beyond cute. Continue reading %s

Featured Artist: Sashiko “Wishcandy” Yuen

wishcandyFeatured Artists: Sashiko”Wishcandy” Yuen

 This week’s featured artist is Wishcandy / Sashiko Yuen a Californian artist who makes illustrations with such mishmash of influences her work cannot help but feel hyper personalized and stylish. It is easy to see the retro influence in her female depictions from hair styles to fashion but it’s her ability to effortlessly combine this with modern fashion and influences like candy flossed hair colors that really makes her work stand out. She also has a fun kitschy element to her illustrations that really serves to add humor to her work. Pizza parachute anyone? Even though she doesn’t politicalize her work at all you cannot help but feel the body positive energy from her work and her depiction of her strong women is a refreshing change in today’s current art scene. It’s amazing seeing the amount of female artists getting out there and getting recognition and I feel it helps so much to have women depicting women in art instead of men. Her work is just fun and exciting and I really wanted to show it to you before the summer starts. Also I like her touches of gore because I’m the type of person who enjoys a little fake blood every now and then, lol. Below is a selection of her work and links to where to find her.

Wishcandy (website)
Etsy (prints, stickers, brooches..)
Facebook (updates)
Society6 (prints – currently closed)
Tumblr (blog)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Sashiko Yuen.


Pick of the Week: Wishcandy


Pick of the Week: Wishcandy

My pick of the week for this week is the delightful Wishcandy or Sashiko Yuen who makes amazing artwork and sells prints through Society6. She use to run a store on Etsy too that had pins as well as prints but she closed it down for health reasons just before Christmas (which is a shame but hopefully she’ll launch it again when she’s feeling better).  I picked up the two smaller prints from her Etsy store and the large one is from Society6. I just love her work and find her fierce female portraits super cute and delightful.  If you want to find out more about Wish Candy check out her website and her Tumblr!

*Edit: Sorry this edit is a day late but I was in Toronto, she actually reopened her Etsy store on the weekend which is exciting. It may be only temporary so if you see something you like order ASAP. Link here!

wishcandy (1)

a few favourite prints: