Zine of the Month: They Come At Night

They Come at Night is an illustration zine by artist Deth P. Sun of his frequently used cat character whose name remains a mystery.  The 20 paged zine is a pure illustrative story of the adventurer and the things that come out at night. I love this zine and have a few others of Deth’s and enjoy them all equally.  He always has a high quality to his work and it shows in this beautiful zine. The larger format works well with the illustrations and story is cohesive and flows nicely along. His minimal style of illustrations looks great in zine format and it is worth checking any one of his current zines.  Below is a closer look at They Come at Night which you can buy hereand if you’re curious about other things he offered I’ve done a review, here as well.

They Come At Night


Spring / Summer Zine Guide

I did one of these zine guides back in September and wanted to share all the new zines I’ve found since then so here is my Spring/Summer zine guide. Like before I have them broken into categories so if you are only interesting in certain types it’s easy to find. All of the places to buy the zines are linked just click on the photo or the name of any you are interested in to go there.

Photography Zines

Near Final

We Live on an Island

The Ritual of Nothingness

Artist Zines


Aliens Vs. Space Cowgirl

Packaged Zines

The Last Best Place

Parcel Ghost Super

Petpocalypse & Bertha

Collective Zines

Girl Glue Issue #2

Cute Club Volume 4

Bad Zine 9

Sticker Zine

Mini Zines

Grumpy Grl

Girl Groups from the Sixties

Marie Antoinette


Fall Zine Guide

In the last year I’ve started to fall in love with zines and have quite a nice little collection of them. For some reason before they always seemed overly political and the type of thing you grab at a rally or protest. Maybe I had a really antiquated impression of what zines were but it’s been really eye opening the last year to find out that all these artists have been making zines to get their work out there and in an affordable manner (both for the artist and the buyer). I love finding new artists and seeing their work so this discover has been wonderful and it seems there is no short supply of zines out there. I wanted to share some of the zines I found so I created this fall zine guide for some of my favourite…

 Photography Zines


Uncommon Spaces and Everyday Spaces

Japanese Landscapes

Artists Zines

Please Be Brave

Nine Lives


Collective Zines

Fauna vs. Flora


Twigs and Apples Issue 7


Fur Hide and Bone

Packaged Zines

Lost and Found

Heart Pop!

What’s the Time Mrs. Woolf Volume 1-4

Mini Zines

The Tiny Little Book of Bunny Behaviour

Burn Everything

10 Mermaid